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The Next Generation of Business Engagement


  • 1.Social Media Marketing The Next Generation of Business EngagementDave Evans December 16th, Orange County45

2. The Business of Social Media Social Business Social Components Collaboration Work Society Real-time Updates Tags and Filters Technology Copyright, 2009 Dachis GroupSocial Business Design is the intentional creation of dynamic andsocially calibrated systems, process, and culture. Its goal is helpingorganizations improve value exchange among constituents.-- Peter Kim, Dachis Group 3. Social Business: Indium Thought Leadership Blog Platform: Blog Marketing Cost Reduction 25% Savings on Tradeshows[Being a Thought Leader] is beingconsidered the best, mostauthoritative, trusted source. It meansbeing the organization that othersMUST HAVE involved with a project.And it all leads to increasedsales, profits, and image or it simplydidnt matter.-- Rick Short, Indium 4. Social Business: Amex Customer Community Platform: Oracle +1 million monthly uniquevisitorsThe legal department can be helpful. Weinvolve them early and often. Whenanything is new, questions are asked.--Jason Rudman, AMEX Open Forum 5. Social Business: Ford Supplier Portal Platform: Covisint Facilitates business partner and supplier collaorationThe Ford Supplier Portal allows Ford and its suppliers toshare information in a secure environment 6. Social Business: Coke Social Activity Platform: Social Networks Create participative activities Eliminate use of microsites Replace with social sites 7. Social Business: Cisco Created by Cisco fornetworking professionalswho work with Ciscotechnology: More than 200,000+ registered members Provides learning resources, job openings and networking for members 8. SOCIAL MEDIAIN BUSINESS40 9. The Purchase Funnel be awareconsider buybrand awarenesskeyword relative media spending 10. The Feedback Cyclemarketer-generated consumer-generated(Think funnel) (Think megaphone) be aware talk consider form opinion buyuse word-of-mouthSocial content, networks, and interactionsbrand awarenesskeyword relative media spending 11. The Old Organization Operations MarketingX Departmental segregation aka silos. 12. The New Organization Operations MarketingThe challenges that CMOs are tasked with are often moreoperational than marketing. This has direct impact on thedesign of a social media and social business program. 13. Case: Home Depot Home Depot CMO Turnover What Drives Traffic? Its in stock I can find it The Associates The marketing results (e.g., traffic and sales) at Home Depot are as much the result of Operations decisions as Marketing. 14. Mary Beth Kemp/ Forrester Playing to Wrong Tune Connect the Dots Disparate to Holistic Prepare for Innovation Take the reins of the brand experience and ensure that all of the touch points in the company -- operations, retail, sales teams, the call center -- adhere to and promote that brand experience consistently. 15. Case: Brooklyn Museum TV andRadioMagazinesIntegrated Social MediaCampaignsDirect OnlineMail Advertising 16. ENGAGEMENT ANDCOLLABORATION35 17. Advertiser Engagement += 18. Customer Engagement 19. Fan Engagement 20. Redefining Engagement More than consumption EvangelizationPurchase Starts with curationTrial Creation is part of itCollaboration Collaboration defines it. CreationCurationConsumption 21. Markets are Conversationsmarketer-generated consumer-generated (Think funnel)(Think megaphone) word-of-mouth 22. Example: Boingo/ Support Twitter is a Customer Support Channel. Service process combines telephone and Twitter-based resources; the result is public credit to Boingo for resolution. 23. Case: Starbucks Business Objectives: Brand Recovery Approach Used: Ideation, Re-orientation What Was Done: Stopped the Line My Starbucks Idea Results vs. Objectives 100 innovations since 2008This is not about training. This is about the love and compassion andcommitment that we all need to have for the customer. --Howard Schultz, Founder, CEO, Starbucks 24. Case: StarbucksSince 2008, Starbucks has implemented 100My Ideas innovations 25. Case: Threadless Business Objectives: New T-shirt Business Approach Used: Customer Contests What Was Done: Customer Curation Results vs. Objectives Customer-driven design builds direct product value Profitable online business since launch about ten years ago. 26. Case: The Good Guide Lifestyles, Causes, Passions: How do you connect ata deep level and buildlife-time ambassadors? How does your brandunderstand andparticipate in theseplatforms? 27. Case: Dell Customer Support Customers stood upfor DELL DELL connected withcustomers, createdtools to driveadvocacy; Built on LithiumTechnologiesdiscussion forumsplatform, DellSupport reducedcosts and improvedsupport experience. 28. Case: Dell IdeaStorm Solicits ideasdirectly fromcustomers. 29. Case: Dell Employee Storm Employee communitythat facilitatescollaboration andresponse to customerissues 30. Case: Dell CustomerCommunities Built around lifestyle ofmobile Indirectly promotes Dellhardware. Built around lifestyle ofsmall biz owners, ratherthan Dell. Operated by Dell SmallBiz team. 31. Case: Dell SMB Business Page Facebook SocialMedia for SmallBusiness: Conveyswhat DELL has learntto its Small Businesscustomers. Connects to DELLsSlideshare and relatedcontent. 32. Case: Dell Dell Go Green Consumer generated content contest where consumers submit ideas to redesign, reuse of recycle hardware. 33. Case: Dell SMB Twitter +5 million followers +$3,000,000 sales Dell Outlet +$5,000,000 sales Dell Small Biz Offers 34. Case: Dell EmployeeCollaboration Platform: Lithium Complements Idea Storm Employee Storm has generated 2,700 ideas and seen visits from 22% of Dells employees. Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research 35. Case: Dell Business Objectives: Customer Innovation Approach Used: Ideation What Was Done: IdeaStorm Results vs. Objectives Linux preinstalled(Promoted on Digg) Extension: Knowledgeshared with SMB viaFacebook 36. Case: Nokia Nokia Ideas: Direct solicitation of new ideas Sponsorship of interns/fellows Ongoing innovation program 37. BUILDING A SOCIAL BUSINESS20 38. Active Listening Raw Data Google Alerts Conversational Data Alterian SM2 Netbase Radian6 BlogPulse Cymfony Collective Intellect Diagnostic Data Net Promoter Score 39. Active Listening: RespondingTake reasonable action to fix issueand let customer know action takenPositiveNegative Yes Yes NoAssess theDoes customer Do you want Evaluate theneed/deserve more to respond?messagepurposeinfo?YesYesAre the NoUnhappyGently correct the No Response facts Customer? factscorrect? No Yes NoYesAre the No Can you addDedicated facts value?Complainer?correct? NoYesIs theExplain what is beingRespond in Thank theComedianYesproblemdone to correct the kind & share person Want-to-Be? being fixed? issueSource: USAF, modified by Altimeter GroupYesNo Let poststand and monitor 40. Active Listening: Tracking BudURL: Trackshortened URLsacross Social Web Infinigraph: Trackall the way throughto conversion Buzzstream:Identify andconnect withinfluencers 41. Case: The Network Hub 42. Active Listening: Reacting Look for the little thingsthat matter to yourcustomers Do them well These are the thingstheyll talk about. 43. Case: Dominos Rebuilt their Pizza Re-visited holdouts Used the video as thebasis for campaign 44. Building Your Team Brand management onthe social web meanscollaboration withcustomers: Legal issues Operations issues Supply Chain More Social technologynecessarily involvesthe entire business. 45. Transparency and Disclosure Belkin Prowler Walmart DELL 46. Social Computing Policies Who can post What is offlimits Process fordisclosure 47. SUMMARYBEST PRACTICES5 48. Tips and Best Practices Listen, Respond Encourage Collaboration Measure Everything (Dont) Ignore Change (Dont) Use Social Media Alone Build a Team Customers Employees Partners and Suppliers Implement Policies Practice Transparency 49. THANK YOUQuestions and Answers0