digital badges. overview i. brief introduction to move up! ii. what are digital badges...

Download DIGITAL BADGES. Overview I. Brief introduction to Move UP! II. What are digital badges ? III. How & why are digital badges being used? IV

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  • Overview I. Brief introduction to Move UP! II. What are digital badges ? III. How & why are digital badges being used? IV. Discussion: How could digital badges be used in your program or in our region? V. Resources will be available on the Move UP! Website
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  • Move UPs mission is to increase the number of adults in the Capital Region of CT who are ready for college, career and self-sufficiency, by developing a high-quality, well-coordinated adult literacy system with multiple pathways to educational attainment and jobs that pay sustainable wages.
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  • Adult Education Job Training Programs Community Colleges CBOs Breaking Down Silos
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  • To build a more-coordinated adult literacy system that provides career pathways for individuals and a talent pipeline for employers
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  • A Coordinated Adult Literacy System Has cross-agency partnerships Has standardized or coordinated intake and assessment tools and protocols Develops programs that are connected to key employers, in growing sectors, with high-demand jobs, and are accelerated, modularized, contextualized, and lead to industry-recognized credentials. Programs at every level prepare participants and connect them with the next step on the pathway.
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  • A Coordinated Adult Literacy System Could have a shared data system that: Standardizes basic intake information across programs Can match program data with wage data during and after program completion Captures data for common outcomes and measurements Represents student learning & accomplishments Digital Badges or Micro-credentials Stackable Credentials
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  • Move UP! Initiatives & Interests Measurements & Data baseline data on adult literacy for the region & RBA report card. Communications & Awareness student stories project, PSAs, editorials, brochures, posters, etc Professional Development round tables and sharing of emerging trends and best practices; Contextualized Learning Institute. Career Pathways hiring of Pathways Navigator Adult Literacy Policy Cabinet Remedial Education (tier 3 students) Two-generational Strategies for school and workforce readiness
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  • What is a Digital Badge? Think Girls ScoutsNow think job training & education
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  • What is a Digital Badge?
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  • Digital Badges Digital tokens or icons that appear on a web page or other on-line platform Credentials that represent skills, interests, and achievements earned by an individual through specific projects, programs, classes, or other activities. Portable, stackable, micro-credentials Linked to information about its validity, authenticity, source, and value, including the earner, criteria, evidence of mastery, & date of completion.
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  • Digital Badging Ecosystem Issuers organizations who create credentials to demonstrate mastery of skills and achievements that are of value or importance to the issuer. Earners individuals who are learning and want to demonstrate a complete picture of theirs skills and accomplishments Consumers can be individuals, education providers, employers or other groups that have a need for, or interest in, people with the skills and achievements represented by a badge.
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  • Why Digital Badges? Places a focus on individual students and their accomplishments Great way for youth and low-level adult learners to show progress and mastery of significant but granular skills. Can reflect educational, work, and life experiences beyond the classroom Enables professional communities to identify new competencies Could be used as a tool with career pathways
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  • How are Digital Badges Different? Represents a shift from traditional books and lecture pedagogy to a model with multiple knowledge streams Competency-based Recognizes soft skills, as well as technical skills and educational achievements Can reflect educational, work, and life experiences beyond the classroom Links skill development with employer needs.
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  • How are Digital Badges Being Used? Professional Development Recognized on-going learning that could include service, leadership, or content-area expertise Display on website like Linked In Summer Youth Employment Higher Education Badges for Vets After-School Programs Community Education
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  • Open Badge Infrastructure Developed by Mozilla Foundation Badges are stored in a digital backpack Standards for issuing badges Metadata behind the badge links back to the issuer Verifies or validates criteria for earning Demonstration of competencies Reflects date earned and expiration (if applicable)
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  • How does digital badging fit with the mission and goals of Move UP! Professional Development Could develop and issue badges for competencies related to contextualized instruction Micro-credentials for ABE students or ELLs who are not yet ready for IBEST or contextualized learning programs Vision for a regional system: Adult education centers, community-based organizations, community colleges, job training programs, public libraries, and EMPLOYERS could all be part of the badge ecosystem Badges could be developed based on data-driven needs, growth trends
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  • Questions for the Group: Do you see any potential usefulness for digital badges in your program? Could digital badges help us address the skills gap in our region? Are there other questions about digital badges you would like to explore?
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