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  1. 1. I. About DigiDrill II. Aggregation Options A. MWD DataLogger B. Data Aggregator III. Command Center A. Functionality B. Display Examples C. WITSML Connections and 3rd Party Software D. Livelog Administration IV. Monitoring Service & Livelog V. IT Integration VI. Summary and Benefits VII. Contacting DigiDrill 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 2 Contents
  2. 2. In Business since 2005 Worlds Leading Provider of MWD Logging Systems Leading Hardware and software provider in upstream Oil and Gas Industry U.S. Company Headquartered in Houston, Texas Development Team, Co-Location Server Bank, and Operations in Dallas, Texas Currently operating in every major field in the United States Currently over 1300 rigs worldwide are utilizing Digidrill products 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 3 About DigiDrill
  3. 3. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 4 Aggregation Options - Field Two Options Currently for Data Aggregation Data Logger MWD/LWD Logging Suite WITS Aggregator Data from MWD, Rig Sensors (EDR), and MudLogging MWD Log / Trajectory MudLogger Rig Sensor OR DataLogger MWD Logging Software Aggregator OR Rig Internet Cell Phone Internet
  4. 4. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 5 Aggregation Server to Office Server / Data Store Co-Location Dallas, Texas Rig Site Basic Mobile Logs DigiDrill Monitoring 3rd Party Applications Customizable Office Displays
  5. 5. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 6 Command Center Dashboard Map based overview of your wells drilling status Realtime snap shot of curve and directional parameters Realtime Displays Create fully customizable logs with limitless tracks and curves per track Chat functionality enables users to communicate any where in the world Export custom PDF and LAS files Tool face, surveys, and log plots are viewed in realtime Bulk Reporting Ability to create Planned Vs. Actual, Daily Logs, Survey Reports, etc.. One Click Auto Compiler to Email or Share logs from System with other users
  6. 6. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 7 Command Center Security All data is backed up on a secure server co-location in Dallas, Texas All data fully encrypted from wellsite to server User access and control given to company custodian, who can add/remove users from any individual well. HTTPS available Data Monitored Can be setup on Company internal network Archival Well data stays on the server for 6 months Afterwards data archival CD available upon request
  7. 7. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 8 Command Center Google Style Map w/Roads Rig Sites Color Coordinated by Activity Snap Shot of last data received, version and last sync Well Details, Current Status/Activity Double Click Well to bring up Realtime Displays
  8. 8. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 9 Command Center Customizable Gauges with Alarms Fully Customizable Logs Add as many tracks & curves as needed Survey Data and ability to export to Excel Steering Rose Bud with GTF / MTF and last 4 values received Chat allows for people to talk that have access to displays
  9. 9. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 10 Command Center Switch between Vertical or Horizontal Log Plots
  10. 10. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 11 Command Center Planned Vs. Actual Displays Tabular Survey Data Chart Plan View Section View Easily Import Planned Data throughout Drilling Phase
  11. 11. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 12 Command Center Curve Properties Rename Curves Scaling Start and End Depth Wrapping Color and Line Weight Apply Formulas Change Data Gap Apply Customizable Smoothing
  12. 12. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 13 Command Center Fully Customizable Alarms Audio Default Sound or Custom Apply Calculations to Alarms Visual Notification Outlook Style Pop-Up Email and/or SMS Available Upon Request
  13. 13. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 14 Command Center Full Screen Log Plot or View With Gauges Transparency Functionality for Quick Correlation
  14. 14. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 15 Command Center Schlumberger Petrel Halliburton Landmark ROGII Geosteering Paradigm Applications BHL Boresight Geosteering Smart 4D Historian Software Many more
  15. 15. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 16 Monitoring Service Last data sent times visible in Command Center dashboard 24 hour help line ready to assist at anytime of day All data backed up and redundant in case of data loss State-of-the-art servers and co-location server banks minimize delay to your data All Operations located in Dallas, Texas and ran by U.S. Employees
  16. 16. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 17 Livelog Purpose Snap Shot of log data in viewer Manages User and Company Accounts Export PDF and LAS files License Management Reports Download Software and Release Notes
  17. 17. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 18 Operations - Self Managed or Managed Service / Monitoring Options 1. Managed Service a. DigiDrill Monitors Wells from Dallas, Texas Operations b. Remote Displays available through Command Center c. Hosted on DigiDrill Dallas Co-Location Servers d. Integrate with your Internal Corporate DB 2. Self Managed Service a. Your Operations / RTOC Monitors Wells b. Hosted on Your Server or DigiDrill Co-Location Server c. Training and Support Available d. Integrate with your Internal Corporate DB 24 Hour Help and Support Line is Always Available!
  18. 18. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 19 IT Integration Web Services to simplify Data Transfers between current business applications Highly secure HTTPS, No Public IP, No open ports required, and Encrypted. Share data across multiple data bases and divisions Feed analytical applications with up to the second realtime data and catch historical changes Store data in local infrastructure Willing to integrate with your current server and workstation environment. Take Control of YOUR Data!
  19. 19. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 20 Summary Geo-Steering PlannedVs.Actual ExportPDFLogsandLAS RealMmeDepthandTime Data ChatfuncMonalitywith MWDCrew Safety LessFieldPersonal SmartAlarms HighFrequencyTimeData Geology PlannedVs.Actual DownholeRealMmeDepth andTimeData CustomCalculaMons AccurateTrajectory Drilling HighFrequencyTimeData CustomCalculaMons AccurateTrajectory ChatfuncMonalitywith MWDCrew CompleMons AccurateTrajectory BeXerWellPlacement RealMmeDepthData PlannedVs.Actual
  20. 20. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 21 Summary WITSML Connection available from Server for all enabled 3rd Party Application (Interact, Landmark, SES, ROGII, etc..) Accurate surveys and data directly from Vendors (MWD) Highly secure HTTPS, No Public IP, No open ports required Highly customizable visualizations and logs Developments came directly from customers/clients Data available for 6 months after well TD, then archival options available U.S. Operations, Servers, and Company. Your data and well information never leave the country.
  21. 21. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 22 Day Tracker Future Development Benets AcMvityTrackingforNPTAnalysisandopMmizaMon HistoricaldataanalysisatyourngerMpsinonedatabase KPIReports SafetyReports AssetManagement Company/VendorManagement PersonnelManagement PerformanceForecasMng BenchmarkAnalysis FailureStaMcs ExportdirectlytoExcel
  22. 22. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 23 Contacts James Spencer Account Manager Office: (866) 455-6894 Mobile: (281) 682-1377 jspencer@digidrill.com Digital Drilling Data Systems, LLC 5929 W. Sam Houston Parkway N., Suite 808 Houston, Texas 77041 Office: (866) 455-6894 www.digidrill.com sales@digidrill.com We thank you for your time and the opportunity to meet. Let us know if you have any questions. About DigiDrill Contents Aggregation Command Center Livelog Day Tracker Monitoring Summary Contact
  23. 23. DISCLAIMER ThispresentaMonisthepropertyofDigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLCand isstrictlycondenMal.ItcontainsinformaMonintendedonlyfortheperson towhomitistransmiXed.WithreceiptofthisinformaMon,recipient acknowledgesandagreesthat:(i)thisdocumentisnotintendedtobe distributed,andifdistributedinadvertently,willbereturnedtothe Companyassoonaspossible;(ii)therecipientwillnotcopy,fax, reproduce,divulge,ordistributethiscondenMalinformaMon,inwholeor inpart,withouttheexpresswriXenconsentoftheCompany;(iii)allofthe informaMonhereinwillbetreatedascondenMalmaterialwithnoless carethanthataordedtoitsowncondenMalmaterial. 4/27/15 DigitalDrillingDataSystems,LLC 24