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Diffusion & Osmosis. Objective 2.03 Movement of materials into and out of cells. Passive Transport. Passive Transport : Movement within the cell that does not cost the cell any energy (ATP). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Diffusion & Osmosis

Diffusion & OsmosisObjective 2.03Movement of materials into and out of cells.Passive TransportPassive Transport: Movement within the cell that does not cost the cell any energy (ATP).Diffusion: The movement of particles from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.Diffusion is free for the cell.When the equilibrium is reached, the cell is in homeostasis.

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Passive TransportFacilitated Diffusion: a.k.a. Helped diffusion. The large protein channels help bring larger molecules that cant squeeze through the cell membrane into the cell. This process is free to the cell and does not require the cell to use energy ATP.

Facilitated Diffusion ClipTransport ProteinsThere are 2 types of transport proteins:Channel Proteins = cannot change shape (a)Carrier Proteins = can change shape (b)

Passive TransportOsmosis: The diffusion of water across a semi permeable membrane. This process if free for the cell also. Does NOT cost the cell energy (ATP).HypertonicIsotonic Hypotonic(Cell Shrinks) ( Dynamic Equilibrium) (Cell Swells)65% SaltSolution10% Salt Solution 90% Salt Solution20% SaltSolution 50% Salt Solution50% SaltSolutionCells in Solutions

Bursts Shrivels Turgor Pressure Plasmolysis-cell membrane pushes cell membrane pulling on cell wall away from cell wallActive TransportActive Transport: Cells force molecules AGAINST the concentration gradient.This process costs the cell energy (ATP)!Protein Chanels and Pumps are used to move these molecules.