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The use of adhesives on windshield

Different Ways To Protect The Windshield

Introduction Windshields are designed to safeguard a driver from extreme weather conditions

The following slides talk of ways to protect a windshield from cracks and maintain its longevity

Protect Windshield From HeatAs temperature rises, it is necessary to park your car under a shade or in a garage

Use a windshield sunshade to cover both the windshields, it helps to reduce the heat

These portable sunshades can be easily carried, folded, and stored under a seat

Protect It From Sudden Impacts Continuous exposure to jolts reduces the life expectancy of the windshield

These jolts usually occur when sudden breaks are applied or doors are slammed

If there are any existing small cracks in the windshield, they may expand due to such activities

Keep Distance From Other Drivers

Another simple way to avoid glass damage, is to maintain ample amount of distance from other vehicles

Such precautions also help avoid collisions

Avoid Gravel RoadsIt is possible that one might damage their windshield while driving on a road full of potholes or gravels

These gravels may hit your windshield and cause harm to the driver

If you notice excessive gravels or potholes on the road, slow down and keep a safe distance from other cars to protect your windshield

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