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<ul><li><p>Flush Out the Wrong Fuel from the Tank </p><p>You have filled in Diesel in Petrol tank, have you? Well, dont worry! This seems to </p><p>be a common mistake in UK in the recent times. You would find people not </p><p>knowing the fuel that actually goes into their tanks or, being in a hurry to get </p><p>somewhere most of the times. So, unknowingly they fill out the tank with the </p><p>wrong fuel. </p><p>Diesel in petrol tank is way far better than filling out petrol in a diesel tank. Petrol </p><p>combusts faster and burns out easily. The diesel tank is mostly lubricated and, </p><p>filling petrol in such a tank could be disastrous. You could cause the burning and </p><p>finally damaging the engine for good by filling out petrol. In case of diesel in </p><p>petrol tank, life becomes a lot easier. Diesel is a lubricant sort of fuel. So, it takes a </p><p>lot of time to burn. </p><p>The two ways of finding out that you have filled the petrol tank with diesel is the </p><p>smell of the fuel which is different and, when black smoke comes out of your </p><p>engine. When diesel starts burning it does not cause any trouble to the engine. It </p><p>just releases some black smoke which makes you realize your mistake. It might just </p><p>not allow the engine to work as it cannot give out enough energy for a petrol tank. </p><p>So, you will face a situation where your car stops mid-way. </p><p>When you see smoke coming out of your car, stop the engine then and there. After </p><p>that dont attempt to start the engine! You should first thing call a drain service </p><p>that would send in a professional help to recover the wrong fuel. These drain </p><p>services are a call away. Once you have made that call, you would receive service </p><p>within a span of minutes. </p><p>These people would drain out the fuel. To check recirculation of fuel, they would </p><p>then refuel the tank with petrol and start and stop the engine for a period of time. </p><p>Once they feel that there is no diesel present in the tank, they would give the </p><p>charge of the car back to you. This all happens at a very nominal price. So, recover </p><p>the fuel with mobile drain services at the earliest! </p><p>http://www.wrong-fuel-recovery.co.uk/index.php/Main/DieselInPetrolCarTankhttp://www.wrong-fuel-recovery.co.uk/index.php/Main/DieselInPetrolCarTankhttp://www.wrong-fuel-recovery.co.uk/index.php/Main/DieselInPetrolCarTank</p></li></ul>