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<ul><li><p>The No Damage Formula to Mend Accidental Fuelling </p><p>While fuelling your car, care should be taken that you use the right fuel. Many a </p><p>times, in hurry or maybe not realizing the kind of fuel required, many of you may </p><p>have attempted accidental fuelling. The cases of accidental fuelling are on an all-</p><p>time high in the recent times. </p><p>Mostly people tend to mistake their petrol tank for a diesel one. So you would find </p><p>a lot of people filling diesel in petrol engine. A common yet bad mistake for the </p><p>engine! Yes, diesel is indeed a harmless fuel and, you would not find it damaging </p><p>your petrol engine much. But, then it is the wrong fuel and, in the long run it can </p><p>contaminate your engine completely damaging it. </p><p>The diesel takes time to burn. So, when you start your engine after filling the tank </p><p>with diesel chances are you wont realize your mistake till very late. The engine will </p><p>have to heat up a bit for the fuel to burn. It is only when the black smoke attempts </p><p>to move out of the engine when you realize that you have fuelled the tank with the </p><p>wrong fuel. At that very moment stop the engine and do not start it till you have </p><p>repaired your mistake. This way you would save your engine from getting </p><p>damaged. </p><p>The next step should be taking professional help and draining the wrong fuel out </p><p>of your engine. Once you have drained the fuel, you should find out if your engine </p><p>recalculates the fuel or not. In case it does, you next course of action should be to </p><p>refuel the engine with the right fuel and then start the engine. Stop the engine </p><p>immediately and repeat the process a few times. This way, if there is any diesel </p><p>remaining in your tank; it will get removed in the process. </p><p>You should always attempt complete removal of the wrong fuel. In case it does not </p><p>happen, a bit of mixture is always fine. Try avoiding the mixing of two fuels in any </p><p>way possible. Also make sure you dont fuel your tank with the wrong fuel. </p><p>http://www.wrong-fuel-recovery.co.uk/index.php/Main/DieselInPetrol</p></li></ul>