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Perfect Pair Of Earrings For Someone Special. Party Wear Earrings Jewelry


  • 1. Diamond Earrings Diamond earrings are apt to add grace and style to any outfit. The wide range of beautiful earrings includes studs, hoops and danglers which are available with French pins, push back, omega lock etc. By: Gemco Designs

2. Cameo revels different Historical subjects like Portrait of ladies, Soldier, Bacchantes , allegorical scene etc. Cameo jewelry can adorned with the semi-precious gemstone & small diamond in pave, prong & Bezel settings Cameo Earrings 3. Carving is a very old technique of engraving stone for giving beautiful shape to stone and create beautiful sculptures. Over the time advancement of engraving techniques this carving technique can be replicate on semi- precious Gemstone for creating Elegant jewelry like Pendant, earring etc. Carved Earrings 4. Floral ,ethnic or abstract motif expressions are carved on the gem stone that enhances the look of the wearer. 5. Gemstone is a group of precious and semi precious gemstones. That are multicolored and vibrating that has the aesthetics of uncut and faceted that goes with traditional as well as modern look. Gemstone Earrings 6. Gemstone beads are weaved together to create a designer jewelry which will suit to any occasion. Ruby, emerald, blue sapphire, aquamarine, turquoise beads have been used with the diamond studs complements a wearer . Tassel Earrings 7. Pave Diamond Earrings Diamonds or other precious gems are set close together in notches or tiny grooves in mostly silver or gold metal. The entire piece gets covered with diamonds; no metal is visible/gives the illusion of solid diamond or gemstone surface. 8. Thank You Gemco Designs www.gemcodesigns.com +91 141 4110511 sales1@gemcodesigns.com