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Theory and Practice of Online Learning Chapter 10 The Development of Online Courses

Theory and Practice of Online LearningChapter 10 The Development of Online CoursesByDean Caplan and Rodger Graham

Ericka MiddletonDr. SmythEDET 755June 2011

Online Course DevelopmentTwo Basic CategoriesText-basedInternet

Centralizing the Online Development Unit1st on the scene Para Academics Project ManagerIT ExpertGraphic Designer

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

BlackboardMoodleDesire2Learn (D2L)

New Teaching ParadigmDevelop tolerance for ambiguityScaffoldingProblems that require student understanding and manipulationCreate opportunities of interactionStudent to studentInstructor to studentIntegrate formative assessment

Course Development Team

Subject Matter Expert (SME)Graphic DesignerWeb DeveloperProgrammerInstructional Designer

ConclusionPlanningCollaborationConcerted Efforts


Effective Instructional Materials

Satisfied Learners

Pros and ConsProsFacilitates easy manipulationCommunicationTeaching and learning dynamicConsPedagogical value is simulatedFaculty apprehensionPoor Pedagogical application


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