Development and cooperation : beyond Open Access

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  • 1.Development and Cooperation:Beyond Open AccessThe Future of Information and Library AssociationsAn International NVB/IFLA Satellite ConferenceThe Hague, 8 - 9 August 2012Jos Damen, African Studies Centre, Leiden

2. Why Libraries?Preservation of knowledge 3. Why Libraries?Metadata: Opening up collections 4. Why Libraries?Art, fun, joy, browsing 5. Why Libraries?Study, contact & a meeting place 6. Instruction 7. Journals 17th century 8. Journals 21st century 9. E-booksGoogle Books, Internet Archive & more 10. Open AccessHINARI, OARE, AGORA, PLoS, JSTOR et al. 11. Saving archives 12. Timbuktu 13. In conclusion University Libraries: publications open access Libraries: preserve unique paper copies of booksand archives & advocate these collections Libraries: play a key role in educating patrons onhow to find the information they need 14. Jos DamenAfrican Studies Centre, Leiden