developing the academy funding system

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Developing the academy funding system

Developing the academy funding systemMike PettiferDeputy Director of Academy Funding1We manage 54 billion a year2We want you looking outwards not upwards

3We have travelled a long way already Pupil Led(80%)Institutional(20%)4Pre 16 national funding Factors45

EnquiriesAnd our service is improving year on yearFinance and GovernanceInstitutions are expected to have internal systems and processes to robustly set and manage budgetsGood governance means better schools; make sure you have a strong accountability frameworkUnderstand your responsibilities within the terms of your Funding AgreementThe EFA works very closely with academies to identify where there are potential financial concerns

Get to know the Academies Financial Handbook


If you or a colleague decided to spend an 8 hour day on funding and funding related matters

How much time from that day would you spend on each of the following activities?In schoolIndependent studyOn-line learningBrand new provision8In year opener9Established academy/free school10Providing the best possible service in a modern, systems-based way

All our data and financial information together in one place, making it easier for you to do business with usPersonalised, relevant information and servicesEncouraging self service giving you a more accurate, efficient and convenient way of workingWill include an online calendar, knowledge centre and facility to submit online forms- Automated system- Self service - Independent institutions11But is there a flaw in the plan?12Customers dont like doing it themselves, they like people doing it for them, somebody at the end of the phone, a friendly face, etc.Or do they?

Automation: isnt that a bit risky?13

Lets hope notIn summarylooking outwards not upwards

You are seizing the challenge of innovation with responsibilityYou are seizing the challenge of driving up standards with accountability We are demonstrably getting better at what we do year on yearWe are listening to you and trying to make our approach centre around you as often as possibleWe ALL need to become more efficient and continually offer better value for money for the tax payer 14Chart140905942

AFD Staffing

Sheet1AFD Staffing2011/12402012/13902013/14592014/1542To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.



Sheet1AcademiesAllocation Enquiries2011/1234540002012/13161722002013/1427155502014/154000To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.


Allocations by end MarchSubsequent Revisions%

Sheet1Allocations by end MarchSubsequent Revisions2011/1291692012/13100212013/1410072014/15 target1002To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.


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