developing leaders to promote secondary student success

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Developing Leaders to Promote Secondary Student Success. George I. Sanchez Charter School 713-926-112 [Houston]. John De La Cruz Principal. George I. Sanchez charter School. George I. Sanchez charter School. Challenges. Vision. No clear mission No long term vision - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Big Question?

Developing Leaders to Promote Secondary Student SuccessGeorge I. Sanchez Charter School713-926-112 [Houston]

John De La CruzPrincipal

George I. Sanchez charter SchoolDemographicsEnrollment650GradesPK, 7th 12th TypeAlternativeLocationHouston - UrbanGeorge I. Sanchez charter SchoolCategoryGISStateAt Risk84.6%47.2%LEP24%16.9%Low Income81.1%59%


VisionNo clear mission

No long term vision

No alignment to community needs

Teacher/Staff CapacityNumber of teachers/staff certified

Number of teachers highly qualified

Discipline over pedagogy

Ownership of responsibility

Professional growthProfessional DevelopmentInstructional delivery




Instructional PracticesVertical alignment

Horizontal alignment

Data driven

Research based

Campus CulturePunitive


Low expectations

Limited buy in

Community InvolvementLack of community involvement

Low parent engagement

Negative community perceptions

Limited partnerships

Students Significant gaps

Low self-motivation and low expectations

Limited parent involvement

Lack of ownership in the education process


VisionAnalyze campus data to assess the success in serving the learning community

Bring community and campus members together to create a common vision

Align programs to meet the future needs of the community

Bring in the personnel to implement the components of the new vision

Teacher /Staff CapacityProvide opportunities for teachers/staff to be certified and highly trained

Match HQ teachers with HQ needs

Create incentive programs that focus on academic achievement

Implement systems that focus on instructional pedagogy

Develop PLCs and campus based leadership opportunitiesProfessional DevelopmentAnalyze data to determine appropriate PD for staff

Create PD calendar that optimizes opportunities

Bring in systems that track data and train staff how to use those systems

Expect to see evidence of PD implemented in the classroom

Create trainer of trainer model

Instructional PracticesAllow for common planning time

Develop a common campus dialogue

Common template for lesson plans

Use data to drive instruction

Research based PD implemented campus wide

Campus CultureChange the alternative campus mindset

Bring collaborative practices

Raise expectations

Build leadership across the campus

Community InvolvementCreate meet and greets

Seek input and maintain communication

Share the Vision

Seek out and develop partnerships

Create systems to maximize community involvement

StudentsImplement instructional programs that help students close the gaps

Implement Positive Behavior Systems

Emphasize the positives and use the support systems

More choices and more focus on future opportunities


VisionEducation as the core of the non-profit organization

Aligns with NCLB and college career readiness

Allows for a comprehensive education that meets the needs and wants of the community

SMARTer than before

Teacher/Staff CapacityNumber of certified staff: 2010 vs. Present

Systems in place: 2010 vs. Present

Incentive and leadership opportunities:2010 vs. Present

Staff and teachers: 2010 vs. Present

PLCs: 2010 vs. PresentProfessional DevelopmentData software systems now in place

Trained staff that now uses data to drive instruction

PD plan that builds on and extends previous PD

Inspect what you expect attitude campus wide

Tap into the best/most motivated staff to create trainer of trainer model

Instructional PracticesCollaboration at all levels

Consistent practices and expectations

Data sharing

Best practices: innovation, relevancy, rigor, and reflectionCampus CultureComprehensive opportunities making GIS a a school of choice

PLCs and a larger community presence

High expectations for staff, students, and parents diverse

Numerous leadership opportunities for the entire campus communityCommunity InvolvementParent and community involvement increasing rapidly

Greater parent input and more resources

Positive impressions Positive results

2010 vs. Present

New systems, new programs, new staff

StudentsSystems: 2010 vs. Present

Merits and recognitions

Data and surveys: Parent and student satisfaction levels

New classes and new opportunities in 2011

Turning the CornerPBMAS




Questions?About the challenges?

About the process?

About the results?

About our campus?

About us?

Thank You!Our Students Are Transforming Today For A Better Tomorrow

John De La Cruzjdelacruz@aama.orgPrincipal

Giselle Eastongeaston@aama.orgDean of Instruction

Terri Koubatkouba@aama.orgTeacher Facilitator

Bianca Arriazolabarriazola@aama.orgTeacher Facilitator

Roger Ramirezrramirez@aama.orgTeacher

Math Rosasmarosas@aama.orgLead counselor


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