Developing Hybrid Apps : The Future of Mobile Application Development

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Have you identified the need to develop a mobile app for your enterprise? Check out this PDF to know about hybrid app Development for your business.


  • 1. Developing Hybrid Apps : The Future of Mobile Application DevelopmentEveryone these days seems to be interested in native mobile apps or HTML5 and arearguing about one approach over the other. While mobile giants such as Google and Appleare battling over this, some companies are preferring to go with the third option mediatingbetween the two approaches in what is known as the hybrid app approach.Hybrid app development utilizes native capabilities while serving as a stepping stonetowards acceptance of HTML5. A hybrid app is a downloadable, native app, that runs someor all of its user interface in an embedded browser component. To a user, the hybrid app isalmost identical to the native one. It can be downloaded from the marketplace or app store.It can be launched like any other app or can be stored on a device. But to developers thisapp is different, because instead of rewriting the app for each mobile OS, they write some oftheir application code in Javascript, CSS and HTML and they can be reused across alldevices.There are a wide range of possibilities for the term hybrid app development. Someapps like Facebook, Yelp iPhone apps and the Bank of America, as part of the app, simplyload some pages from the website. Other apps, include couple of embedded pages written inHTML, for example, the Tower Madness game. But there are some other apps, like LogitecsSqueezebox Controller or Harmonius (a graphical sketchpad), that have their complete UIimplemented in HTML.From the point of view of business, it makes a lot of sense to embrace HTML5 early on.HTML has been pointed out as the only viable cross-platform technology. Add to this therumor about Facebooks Project Spartan, which is believed to be a HTML5 based mobileweb apps store. Microsoft announced that developers will be able to use JavaScript andHTML5, to create applications for Windows 8. It just proved that sooner or later companieswill adopt HTML for app development.Adopting Hybrid app development is strategically important for all organizations.The hybrid app model allows a smooth entry into the new world of HTML5 and is also a costeffective solution, for wide range of downloadable apps.Content Source : Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd.A-83, 1st Floor, Sector-2, NoidaTelephone : +91 0120-6517460201301 India