developing community structures – safeguarding social inclusion 29 th november 2012

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Developing Community Structures – Safeguarding social inclusion 29 th November 2012. Setting the scene....SECAD. ECAD formed in 1995 Delivering LEADER & Local Development Programmes in various forms... ECAD to SECAD in 2008 with expansion of area (pop 150,000+) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Developing Community Structures Safeguarding social inclusion

29th November 2012

Setting the scene....SECADECAD formed in 1995 Delivering LEADER & Local Development Programmes in various forms...ECAD to SECAD in 2008 with expansion of area (pop 150,000+)Delivering national & EU programmes based on a local strategic plan

SECAD Operational Area

Current National & EU programmes Local Community Development Programme 2011-13 Rural Development Programme 2009-2015 Rural Social Scheme 2007 + TS 2011 + Rural Transport 2008 + Equality for Women ISEMOA European accessibility project

Strategic Plan 2011-13 (LCDP): ContextGoal 1Maximise the use of key community facilities and services in the 5 target areas to improve uptake of training, education & employment services.Goal 2(a) Increase access to post compulsory accredited and non-accreditededucation & training for LTU in the 5 target areas.(b) Increase access to recreational and cultural activities for disadvantaged youth with a focus on mental health & wellbeing.Goal 3Increase the number of LTU who are prepared for the Labour Market in the 5 target areas & Increase the levels of self employment among the LTU in the SECAD area.Goal 4Increase levels of engagement for those people who are most disadvantaged within existing structures & where notin place, work with local people to develop quality structures.

Purpose of WorkshopProvide insights into key features of well functioning community structures

Explore how disadvantaged groups can be represented on these structures.

Inform participants of statutory planning processes and opportunities for information sharing and community involvement


Welcome & Introduction from South & East Cork Area Development (SECAD)Dympna Murphy, Office of Community and Enterprise, Cork County CouncilDeveloping Areas to Integrated Services Interagency Group Information sharing and community involvementPadraig Moore, Planning Policy Unit, Cork County Council Community input into Statutory Planning ProcessesCatherine Corcoran, Community & Spatial planning @ Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) Focusing on representation of social inclusion interests and disadvantaged groupsWorkgroups on: (A) Participation and Representation (B) Community Resilience and Sustainable DevelopmentPlenary/Feedback

A light lunch will be provided

Input from Mitchelstown Community Forum on their experience in developing a Community Forum structure WorkgroupsSumming Up & Closing Remarks

Group work (morning)Group A:Participation & Representation

Group B:Community Resilience & Sustainable Development

Group work (afternoon)Group A:Stage 1 Moving towards a collective voice and community structure

Group B:Stage 2 Proofing and safeguarding social inclusion interests

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