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Developing any branding and company logo

Developing any branding and company logo By Amber Bush Brand Logos Existing Rimmel London

The logo here uses black block capital letters and red, with a picture of crown, on a white background, which is clear and gives a sense of importance to the brand. The use of the red for London and the crown on top of the R, this relates the brand to London and what it is known for. For example the Queen and royalty, this makes the audience make a link between the two and gives the brand a superiority. This doesnt just relate to people in the UK as London is seen internationally as a busy, vibrant and modern city, therefore people from other countries may be more persuaded to use this brand from this.

Maybelline New York

Like the Rimmel London logo, this uses black block capital letters on a white background. Also it uses a city in order to create a selling point for the brand. On both logos this is placed under the brand name under the last couple of letters. Here New York is used, this is seen as a place where everything happens, a very rich area and vibrant. All the logo is just in black, which is very simplistic, but again clear and easy to read and can attract most audiences of any age.


This logo uses black, bold letters, similar to Rimmel London and Maybelline. All the letters are separated apart from the L and the O which are linked together. This adds more of an interest to the logo, as there isnt much going on. The letters are on a white background, which draws more attention to the actual word.

Urban Decay

In this logo there is more going on, the colour of the text is purple and a more italic font, unlike the previous three logos I have analysed. At the top the initials of the brand are used UD which is in bold. Underneath the brand is wrote out in full, with even spaces and in capital letters, there is a slight extension on the letter R which adds interest, as I did in the Revlon logo. In this logo there is a tag line which reads beauty with an edge in italics. The logo reflects their tag line, as it is slightly edgy and different, compared to the other logos.


For this brand I found two main logos that are used, however they are very similar, the only difference is the colour of the background and the letters. The letters are all joined together and look slightly small but wide, and are either white with a black background (left) or black with a white background (right). On each side on the A at the top there are two dots, this adds something slightly different to their logo.

Sleek Make-Up

The font of this brand name is very smooth and casual looking almost hand written as all the letters are joined together except the S. The use of the pink helps it stand out compared to most of the previous logos, underneath it reads Make-Up in black capital letters. This combination of causal hand written font and the use of pink and black together relates to a younger target audience.