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  1. 1. WHY WORDPRESS WORKSAnd Why Thesis Is My Favorite Framework (This Week, That Is)
  2. 2. OUTLINE:A Bit About Me Benets of WordPress vs. Other Content Mgt. Systems Why Thesis Makes Sense as a Framework Thesis: Under The Hood 1.85 and 2.0
  3. 3. ABOUT ME PastLife: Magazine Editor, Self-Help Book Author, Marketing Writer (BA/ Comparative Lit; MA/ Communications Re-Invented: Cabrillo College for Dreamweaver, HTML, Photoshop, Illustrator Quit My Day Job: 8 years ago. 100+ sites developed.
  4. 4. Clients Can Actually Learn To Use It Im a Convert from Joomla: Cultural Council neverlearned to use Joomla successfully (Ask me to mailyou the 138-page document explaining in detail.) Its Free/Open Source: Written in PHP Excellent Documentation At Easy ToExtend (22,000+ plugins)
  5. 5. UNIQUE NEEDSEvery client wants to do something different
  6. 6. AND AMUSE THEMSELVESBlogging and Education, too.
  7. 7. TRAVEL: E-COMMERCEThey Can Run a Business Using WordPress
  8. 8. REGISTER 300+ PEOPLE SQL Database Allows for Data Collection
  9. 9. GREAT FOR FUNDRAISINGPerfect Solution for Groups/Non-Prots
  10. 10. SEE EXTENSIVE SHOWCASE Its easy to make Thesis Look Like Something Else
  11. 11. LIFE/NEEDS CHANGE Number of Columns Width of Website Column Order Easy Customization Fonts NewHeader Image BackgroundColors Javascript Libraries MultimediaBoxes ExcellentDocumentation/Forums Static Home or Latest Post
  13. 13. HOW-TOS EVERYWHERE Google Search: How to Change Everything
  14. 14. ADD SIDEBAR WIDGETSSo you can customize user experience
  15. 15. EXTEND WITH PLUGINSMinutes to Install: Hours and Hours to Fiddle With Them
  16. 16. UNDER THE HOODNow well go online for the rest of the show.