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Destiny Quest

Destiny Quest

This is what the Destiny Quest interface looks like on a computer screen (vs. a smart phone or tablet)

Younger students really work better with this interface once they have logged in, they even have the option of changing the background theme

Features include the top ten most checked out books from my library (click slide)2

the last 15 titles to be added to my collection3

and the resource lists I have created for various purposes4

You can see the most current list Manifest Destiny was created from the 84 titles that I added to My List in the drag and drop box on the far right.


One Search on Destiny Quest looks very different from the main Destiny interface, but the functionality is basically the same.

When I first set up One Search I got super excited at all the free resources available I added anything and everything possible. When I tested my first search, it took a bit to load all the results and I had more than thirty online resources, many of which didnt even have information about the topic I searched too many to choose from. I thinned it out to include what I felt were the most relevant sites/resources and I settled on twelve. The beauty of it is YOU decide how many you want to appear in the results

I find that with my middle schoolers, too much information isnt always a great thing.


And yet again, Destiny Quest looks different on the tablet version of the mobile app, but you still have the same features.7

And this is what One Search looks like on a tablet8

If you would like to download the free app, (click slide)9

you can go to Google Play or the App Store on the iPhone/iPad.


Once youve downloaded the app to your device, you will need to connect to your Destiny server under the basic tab, youll just need to enter the url or web address where your library database resides11

If you belong to a consortium, like ours Napa Valley Schools you will see several districts12

And then youll find your school13

This is where it gets fun for students. I assign each student an account when the come in as a 6th grader. During library orientation in the beginning of each year, they are trained how to use Destiny Quest to its fullest.14

Students can see their accounts see what they have checked out, when items are due, etc.


This is the smart phone version of the mobile app so far, most devices seem to work16

If I begin a search on Mormon history, Ill see that I only have two print resources in my library (change slide) 17

But in One Search, I have many, many results this snapshot doesnt even show all of them18

The little drop down arrow on the right side of each result allows you to add it to your list19

One of our favorite features in DQ is the use of My List. Students can use their mobile device to add One Search resources to their list (Just like the standard view that Sandy talked about) and when they are ready to cite their work20

When its time to cite, they go to their list and with one click, the student has their MLA citation.

My students rely on this feature all the time. They add the books that, websites and One Search results theyve used. And21

boom! Awesome!