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  • 1. Henry E. Lackey High School Online CatalogTo access, type: from any school computer Or use the Destiny icon found on your desktopDestiny Click here

2. Getting StartedClick on Henry E. Lackey Click here 3. Student IDFirst name 4. Email usernameEmployee ID 5. Basic SearchChoose the catalog tabthe strangerType in searchterm (this is notcase sensitive) andchooseappropriate searchbutton 6. Search Results AvailabilityCall number 7. Title Details Tell a friend about a book. Place an unavailable book on holdSummary 8. Narrowing Your SearchChoose abuttonClick drop downarrow for options 9. Using WebPath ExpressResults include library materials and web sites Type in search termChoose Click to see library books and materialsClick to seeweb sitesResults for search ofUse these boxesMona Lisato narrow your search results 10. Using Resource ListsUsing Public ListsLists can be accessed by choosing the Resource List tab from the Catalog search page.ChoosePublicLists Click here Sample results for Coming of Age and Growing UpChoose a category to view 11. Using Resource ListsCreating Your Own Personal List When doing a search, you can create your own personal list of titles and websites by clicking Add to this list in the book or site record.To view your list, choose the My Lists tab and click on View.Click onView the books inResourceyour listLists 12. Personal list samples of web sites and book titlesTo view your list, first choose thetype of material you wish to see.Citation information is provided.Click here to see and edit thecitation.Click here to create a citationor bibliography list