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  • 7/31/2019 Dessert - Parfait Vanilla Strawberry Mallow


    Strawberry marshmallow, iced vanilla parfait and spiced puree


    Egg whites 80g

    Caster sugar 190g

    Water 50mlGelatine 3 leaves

    Vanilla pod seeds 1 pod


    1. Soak the gelatine in cold water for 15 minutes to soften. Strain well and set aside.2. Place the sugar and water in a pan and heat to 121C.3. Place the egg whites in an electric mixing bowl when the sugar has nearly reached the correct

    temperature lightly whisk the egg whites.

    4. Slowly pour the sugar careful ensuring that the syrup does not hit the whisk. Continue whisking.5. While hot add the gelatine and continue to whisk.6. Now add the seeds scraped from the vanilla pod and whisk until cold.7. Pipe the marshmallow into domes and freeze.8. Once frozen scoop out the middle of the marshmallows.

    Vanilla parfait

    Water 30g

    Sugar 75g

    Egg 1

    Egg yolks 3Vanilla pods 2

    Double cream 300ml


    1. Boil the water and sugar until you reach 121C.2. In a food mixer whisk the egg and yolks until light and fluffy.3. While whisking slowly drizzle the syrup down the side of the bowl and continue until the

    mixture is cool and fluffy.

    4. Split the vanilla pods and scrape the seeds into the cream.5. Whip to a soft peak and fold into the egg mixture.6. Chill and pipe into the desired moulds.

    Spiced strawberry sauce

    Strawberry puree 500ml

    Balsamic vinegar 125g

    Peppercorns 5

    Star anise 3


    1. Put the puree and vinegar in a saucepan.2. Wrap the spices in a muslin pouch and add to the pan.3. Bring the mix to the boil.

  • 7/31/2019 Dessert - Parfait Vanilla Strawberry Mallow


    4. Reduce the puree by one-third and allow the spices to infuse for 30 minutes.5. Pass through a sieve and chill.

    Wild Strawberry Sorbet

    Wild strawberry puree 250ml

    Lemon juice 1tsp

    Sugar syrup 60g

    Glucose 20g


    1. Boil the glucose into the sugar syrup and add the lemon juice. Cool.2. Mix with the strawberry puree3. Churn.4. When set fill the scooped out marshmallows with the sorbet and return to the freezer until use.

    To serve.strawberries

    Crme anglaise

    Caramelised pink peppercorns

    1. Remove the parfait from the freezer 10 minutes before serving.2. Place the marshmallow on top of the parfait and very carefully colour with a blow torch.3. Make across on a plate with two spoons of the spiced coulis.4. Put the crme anglaise in a piping bag and make dots of descending size from the centre of the

    plate out to the edge.


    Sprinkle some lightly broken caramelised pink peppercorns around the edge of the plate.6. Cut about 3-4 small strawberries in half and arrange around the plate.7. Carefully place the parfait in the centre of the coulis cross and serve.