designing to persuade and engage

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Designing to Persuade & Engage Andi Galpern, UX & UI Designer @andigalpern I organize events for @cascadesf

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  • Designing to Persuade & Engage

    Andi Galpern, UX & UI Designer @andigalpern!I organize events for @cascadesf

  • 3 personality traitsLearn how to catch and keep their attention.

  • IMPATIENTPersonality trait

  • The tendency to be impatient; irritability or restlessness.


  • Moves quickly ! Sense of urgency! Restless! Wont try the demo! Wont read the documentation


  • Design Solutions

  • Make it easy to compare

  • Loss aversion

  • Use Scarcity

  • How do we keep their attention?

  • Show progress with breadcrumbs

  • Simplify the Experience

  • A simplified browsing experience helps us to easily understand product features

  • Show a preview of the product.

  • SKEPTICPersonality trait

  • A person inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions.


  • Finds unforeseen problems!Investigates everything!Doesnt accept things at face value!Lacks trust!Argumentative!Needs to experience things for themselves!


  • Get all of the facts to them up front.

  • Skeptics are untrusting by default.

  • How do we build trust?

  • They have nothing to lose.

  • Explain how the product is made.

  • 5 pairs, 5 days, 100% FREE

  • Make them feel secure.

  • Give them options


    Personality trait

  • Already made the decision in a knowingly irrational way.

    Stubborn or Predecided

  • Preconceptions are misplaced! Difficult to convince! Decision established in advance! Deeply attached to beliefs! Stubborn


  • These types often form an opinion without adequate


  • How do we get them to listen?

  • To build trust, associate your brand with quality brands.

  • Use facts.

  • Make it elite.

  • Spend $1,000 per calendar year to enjoy the benefits!of unlocking our premium membership level

  • Never appear desperate.

  • Use testimonials to build trust

  • Use social influence & the rating system

  • Convince their friends first

  • The Band Wagon Effect

  • Authority

  • Understand that peoples time is precious.

  • Present what you are saying with facts, respect and dignity.

  • Deliver the statements in small portions

  • Whatever you say is never the right thing to say

  • Summary: !Keep all of these

    personality traits in mind when designing.

  • Always have simple and clean design.

  • 2 Key Influencers

  • Abraham!Maslow

    American Psychologist known for creating

    Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

    April 1, 1908 June 8, 1970

  • BJ FoggPersuasive Technology Lab

    at Stanford University


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