designing iphone user experience a user-centered approach to sketching and prototyping iphone apps

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  • Designing iPhone User ExperienceA User-Centered Approach to Sketching and Prototyping iPhone Apps


  • Designed by Cliff Williams and his team.Open brain storming and continuous refinement of the proof of the concept app. creating a giant library of screenshotChallenge: presenting a breadth of choices at the expense of a crisp, simple workflow.Usability Tests to make it easy use.Suggestions:Learning bounds of API and Capabilities of the Platform.If youre not developing the app yourself, learn to speak the same language as the folks who are.Reading Apples Human Interface Guide Lines.

  • Sonos

  • Designed by Rob Lambourne at Sonos.Identifying and understanding our customers. Sketched designs and made prototypes.Built a quick wireframe UI prototype in Adobe Flash and ran on a Nokia touchscreen device to get a sense of the flow of the inter-face.Challenge: presenting powerful functionality in a way that everyone in a home (not just the tech-savvy people) should be able to understand and use.Fat finger problems and confusing navigationsSuggestion: Focus on simplicity and dont try to overwhelm the users.

  • FlightTrack

  • Designed by Benjamin Kazez.Pencil sketches of various user interface possibilities and fitting flight summary on the screen by omitting data.Challenge: deciding information which is most prominent and animating other data around it.Suggestions:Getting external content to work with the iPhone.Staying in Touch with customers.Identifying and implementing widely requested features.

  • USA Today

  • Designed and Developed by Mercury Intermedia.Challenges: Making app look similar to Website and news paper.Usability while employing nonstandard approaches.Suggestions:If the nonstandard approach doesnt make the application easier to use or desired functionality quicker to access, its best to stick to the Human Interface GuidelinesStaying in touch with customers and taking their help when ever it is necessary.

  • Convertbot

  • Designed by Mark Jardine and developed by Poul Haddad at TapBots.Inspired by WALL-E movie and design resembles Eve from the movie.Designing by breaking app into interaction points like category, convert from, convert to, and value.Challenge: creating visually compelling app by diverging from the Human Interface Guidelines and getting it approved by AppStore.Dont diverge from HIG just for sake of it.