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As shown in the data provided on the above map, the common trait shared between all time frames is the areas in which the space is most used – as a walkway between buildings (mainly MSD and Union House). That is, directly through the middle of the site or around the outer sides to get from one building to the next. In my final Project I incorporated the site map and “movement” through placing obstructions in the way of where most people would usually use the space, this created a mutation of the way in which people used the space.

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I used the method of stepping, subtraction and addition to the land in this design through carving thin foam board.

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ASSEMBLAGE SMOOTHING (composite mixture)

“The characteristics (spatial system and landform) are formally folded, pliant and supple allowing the incorporation of each (one to the other) with minimal resistance. This characterization should not imply flaccidity but a cunning submissiveness that is capable of bending rather than breaking. Smoothing is a nonlocalised heterogeneous mixture of elements and systems.”

I incorporated triangulation and the geometric hexagonal shape from the frame and grid spatial composition, and land forming designs, to create this piece. My intention was to create a design in which it was difficult to distinguish between each shape and form from each different angle, especially from a Birdseye perspective. I also incorporated a “smoothed” stepping into the design through slight variations of height in each form so that from a side elevation the buildings would represent a city skyline

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Day 40567

It was 17:05am, day 40567, as far as I can recall. I’ve lost everything. My wife, charlotte and daughter, Else were both taken from me into the capital during a district 3/4 raid. I am now safe, temporarily, as somehow I managed to escape during the raid and leave the district into the outbound zone – the penalties if I am ever found is an instant high laser beam of death. All of a sudden I hear a high pitch shriek – someone else is in the outbound. I begin to run in the opposite direction in fear of the authorities finding me. The scream is getting louder and faint words are being yelled out. In that instant I recognise the voice, and without thought chase it. “Papa! Come quickly!” I run as fast as I can. It’s Else; fluorescent blood dripping down her neck. Before I can speak, she whispers. “Papa, I’m not you’re true Else I have been cloned. I don’t have long before my battery blows but you must save her from the capital. The Authorities are using her as a model to rebuild and clone an entire empire, she is in great danger. The technology can only laser beam clones in the outbound, but I’ve now drawn attention to the zone. When I go, you must head straight for the capital.” She placed a GPS- like contraption in my hand and slowly faded into the daylight.

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Collage and visual representation of the previous short story, “Day 40567”.

This collage displays the uniformity of the capital districts and the natural untouched “outbound” in which members of the district are prohibited access. It explores the technology and strict regime of the process of cloning whilst showing the disturbing side effects – through loss of individuality within the capitols (top left and right of the piece) and the fear/ sadness experienced by the main characters of the narrative.

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Cloning, Mutation and Movement were the main focuses of this superposition, I explored the movement from the site visually through clumping of the hexagonal shapes. This was intended to represent how movement around the site is generally in uniform/ similar, with large groupings of people continuing along the same tracks. The spacing of the above circular forms represents the abnormalities of movement within the site, that is, the movement of outliers that didn’t follow the norm. In addition to this, the circular and misshapen hexagonal shapes can be seen as mutations of the uniformity that has occurred during the clumping and cloning of the hexagonal shapes.

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Foil was used to replicate the reflective properties of metal

The red and yellow small balls were crushed and used to not only provide a physical texture in which can activate the “touch” sense; but these were composed of the insides of iron tablets. I used this material as it activates the “smell’ sense as it releases a scent of iron/metal into the air.

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My final project was centred around the theme of Cloning and the inevitable mutation that often follows – along with the unknown. I have expressed this through all aspects of my final.

The full section of the design incorporates mutation through variations in heights and shapes of each form as well as each “hubs” purpose.

The partial section similarly incorporated the notion of cloning through the one use of materials in the section collage – metal. However, this also created room, alike all clones/ replicas for errors and individuality to shine through. This is represented in the different textures, tones and coats used in each material – whilst they are all a shade of silver/ grey metal each have individual, unique properties in which signified mutation.


In line with the previously shown narrative, the site is set in the future (hence students/lecturers flying abilities). Each structure can be used for any purpose required such as a study hole, battery recharge zone, coffee sitting area, a spa with the touch of a button, and many more.

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Mirrored, reflective card was used in the model on the lowest/ deepest point to enhance the theme of clones by making users of the space become aware of clonging through looking into the mirror and seeing their reflection or “clone” look back at them.

This plan encapsulates the notion of cloning through repetition of the same of “mother” hexagon forms in the middle of the plan to the outskirts of the design where the clones appear to look different to their “motherboard”. Through doing this the idea of the unknown in genetic cloning today is highlighted through the unwanted and highly probable event of mutation during the cloning process.