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ITALIAN DESIGNER HANDBAGS WHOLESALE SOURCESMake A Fortune Selling Designer HandbagsBy: Manuel Ortiz Braschi

2009 Manuel Ortiz Braschi. All Rights Reserved.

Table Of ContentsIntroductionChapter I: A Brief History Of Designer Handbags. Chapter II: Why Designer Handbags Are So Popular. Chapter III: The Truth About Designer House Brands. Authentic vs. Counterfeit, And Getting The Best Possible Quality For Your Money. Chapter IV: Fake Designer Handbags - Learn How to Spot A Fake Designer Handbag. Chapter V: Authentic Designer Handbags Wholesale Sources. Chapter VI: Additional Wholesale Sources Spain, UK, Argentina & Costa Rica.

IntroductionWelcome to the Italian Designer Handbags Wholesale Sources Directory and thank you for purchasing this e-book. You will not be disappointed. It is a well known fact that designer handbags are extremely popular and that you can also make a ton of money if you can find the perfect source to get them at real wholesale prices. The designer handbag industry is extremely lucrative. Designer handbags are one of the hottest and most sought-after products by women in stores and on the internet. However, you are also aware that finding legitimate wholesalers of designer handbags is not easy, and very hard to get, to say the least. If you have spent time all over the internet then you probably know that there are scam artists out there that claim to have the real authentic handbags that you want. Maybe you were able to find a few wholesalers who claimed to sell authentic merchandise, yet you were burned time and time again in the end when they did not deliver on their promise. If you are in search of real Italian designer handbags sources then you have made the right decision by getting this directory. It will save you a lot of time and money. I have worked with dozens of real designer handbag manufacturers, wholesalers, authorized dealers and distributors personally throughout the years. I have contacted every single one of them to be certain that they are reputable and honest people. Every single company in my Italian Designer Handbag Wholesale Directory on this e-book has been thoroughly screened and approved as a legitimate seller. Now you can use this valuable information and hard earned contacts to start your own business selling one of the hottest products around: Italian Designer Handbags!

Chapter I A Brief History Of Designer Handbags

Handbags have been around since practically the beginning of time. Even ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs show people wearing bags around the waist. Handbags have come a long way since then, and are available in every imaginable shape, color, size, and style. They are considered a must-have item for women around the world. In Medieval times, bags were worn around the waist. Wealthy womens bags were bejeweled and quite ornate. Even back then, a fancy bag was a sign of high status. In the 16th century, bags became larger and began sporting straps that could be worn across the body. These bags were convenient for travelers. In the 17th century, bags became more varied, incorporating different fabrics, shapes, and colors. The bags were often smaller, and were carried by men and women. The handle bag became popular in the 1700s. These bags were called reticules. It was at this point in time that women began collecting numerous handbags for every occasion. The early 20th century saw the beginning of the use of the term handbag, which was used to describe carry-on luggage. Bag designers began modeling smaller ladies bags after this type of bag, and the term stuck. The early 1900s also brought forth the addition of various compartments in the bags, which were meant for carrying such items as cosmetics. This was another period with a fashion for light, skimpier dresses that weren't suited to pockets. It was also a period of growing independence for women, when women could go out on their own and travel without a man or a servant to carry things for them. The handbag was at once a fashion accessory chosen to match an outfit and a practical symbol of their new

independence, women could now go forth into the world carrying all they needed themselves, self-reliant and fearless. Handbags rose in importance as fashion accessories. Modern fashion design houses came into play in the late 1950s and 1960s, and handbags havent been the same since. Channel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton were the groundbreakers from those days, and are still making classy and sophisticated handbags today. There are numerous handbag designers, all with unique styles and trademark details. Owning numerous luxury bags is still a symbol of high social status, although designer bags are somewhat more attainable than they were in previous years. Today they can be bought, used, or even borrowed, making them more accessible to everyone.

Chapter II Why Designer Handbags Are So PopularToday the handbag has an almost iconic status in the world of fashion. A practical accessory that no woman can do without, over the last fifty years it has also taken on the role of status symbol, a badge of style reflecting a woman's self-image and the image she wants to project to the world. It seems that everyone is carrying a designer handbag these days. Formerly only carried by rich and famous ladies, designer bags are popping up everywhere. Teenage girls have been carrying them as status symbols, while up-and-coming career women consider a designer bag a must-have. A-Listers such as Paris Hilton are often credited with making designer accessories so coveted. People see them with a different bag every day, so they might feel that owning at least one luxury bag should not be out of reach. But thats only part of the picture.

Dressing for success is vital for young people fresh out of college and just beginning their careers. A designer handbag is a highly noticeable accessory that can accent any outfit. Those who cannot afford to buy a new designer suit for every job interview feel that a designer bag will be a valuable asset that can help them make a good first impression. Quality is a practical reason for carrying a designer bag. Many ladies are tired of buying an inexpensive purse that looks great on the shelf, only to have it become worn-out and shabby looking within a month or two. The top designers believe in putting their names only on quality products, so they make their bags to strict quality specifications. And it isnt just women who are carrying designer bags. discovered the luxury and quality of designer bags as well. models are geared toward men, with briefcase and luggage-type more masculine colors. Businessmen, and other men who are appreciate being able to carry their necessities in style. Men have Many new styling and on the go,

There are many reasons that designer bags are increasing in popularity. The fact that they are a symbol of status and impeccable taste is just one motivation for owning one. But the publics love affair with designer handbags goes much deeper than that; for some they are irresistible. Today, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is a handbag for every role a woman could wish to play, every image she ever dreamed of projecting. Our handbags can be our portable offices, complete with laptop, phone and papers; they can carry the beauty secrets that transform us from jet-setting professional to glamorous seductress; they are the trustworthy guardians of our identities, our pills and potions, even emergency rations. They can equip us for a weekend of activity with friends or bulge with the essentials of a young family.

Chapter III The Truth About Designer House Brands. Authentic vs. Counterfeit, And Getting The Best Possible Quality For Your Money.Let's face it; women and handbags go hand in hand, literally. And yet, with the unlimited possibilities available on the World Wide Web, there are now more and more ecommerce web sites and auction site sellers appearing out of nowhere with very tempting promises to sell you "world famous brands" like Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and number of other famous designer handbags at "unbelievable" savings, "huge discounts" and so on. Who are they kidding? Here is what you need to know about very famous Italian and French Designer Houses and their "Global Strategy" in selling handbags. World famous designer houses DO NOT sell their goods to the "independent entrepreneurs". There are no "close out" handbags sales, or wholesale distribution through the "secondary channels". Most of these authentic and very expensive handbags are produced in the limited quantities, and they are usually "sold out" during "current season". These famous authentic "brand name" handbags are sold throughout the world exclusively through the boutiques that are owned by these companies. If some "unsold" merchandise still remains at the end of the season, most of the time, it is simply destroyed by the famous brand owners in order to keep their very "hot" brands "on top of the world"! This strategy of "supply vs. demand" apparently is working very, very well due to the sometimes "drastic measures" taken to protect respective brand's pricing and their brand name.

The most exclusive designers are particularly keen on this marketing strategy. In the garment industry, there is a dislabeling policy in which the designers' names and labels are simply removed from the garments then sold to the discount stores. However, handbag labels are usually imbedded or attached to the handbag in such way that they can't be removed. Handbags are simply destroyed by the brand owner (BUT NOT SOLD FOR LESS). However, some very successful and very popular Designer houses do sell their authentic handbags to their licensed and authorized dealers. When such merchandise is sold to any "authorized dealer", the cost charged by the designer house is very, very high, and in most cases licensed dealers ar