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<ul><li><p>PURDUE Hyperloop Team</p><p> Air bearing levitation Pressurized tank supply</p><p> Sustained levitation 90s for 552 lbs 50s for max payload</p><p> Provides 0.0394in [1mm] air cushion AlumiRes (RC-3) urethane, cast in-house</p><p>Levitation</p><p>Structures</p><p> Lightweight skin of bi-directional, double ply carbon fiber.</p><p> Mounting brackets machined from 2024 aluminum Nomex core for loadbearing structural elements Floor Deck Chassis</p><p>1</p><p>Aerodynamics</p><p>Flow Visualization</p><p> Optimized pod shape using Bezier control points</p><p> Design to reduce drag Analyzed with ANSYS Fluent</p><p>Type of Battery: ANR26650M1-B LiFePO4 Cylindrical CellsBattery Specs: 3.3 V, 2.5 Ah, 8 Wh, 50 A continuous</p><p>Power</p><p>Emergency Operation Mode: 12 V</p><p>System Power Requirement</p><p>Emergency Wheel System</p><p>288 W</p><p>Braking 1056 W</p><p>Total ~1344 W</p><p>Normal Operation Mode: 12 V</p><p>System Power Requirement</p><p>Avionics and Altitude Control</p><p>1500 W</p><p>Braking 1056 W</p><p>Levitation 288 W</p><p>Total ~2844 W 90 batteries Rechargeable 49.5 V per pack Buck converter steps </p><p>down to 12 volts Each system has its </p><p>own converter</p><p>Project Manager: Paul Witsberger Assistant Project Manager: Megan SmithFaculty Advisors: Dr. Alina Alexeenko, Dr. Guillermo Paniagua</p><p>Attitude Control</p><p> 4 magnetic thrusters Rotating Halbach</p><p>arrays Stepper motors tilt </p><p>the mechanism for Stabilization Thrust Braking</p><p> Minimal deflection during normal acceleration periods</p><p> Crumple zone at front edge of pod mitigates crash damage </p><p>Parameter Value</p><p>Lift Coefficient, </p><p>CL</p><p>0.262</p><p>DragCoefficient, </p><p>CD</p><p>0.518</p><p>Braking and Propulsion</p><p>Propulsion Compressed air propulsion 19.3 lbf (86N) of thrust for 10 seconds Single nozzle is integrated into SpaceX Pusher interface Reduces track time by approximately 5%</p><p>Braking Two braking regimes High to low speed, magnetic Low speed to stop, friction</p><p> 2.4 Gs of constant deceleration Utilize center rail for both regimes</p><p>Central air supply</p><p>Machined channelsGap Height, </p><p>in [mm]Pod Speed, ft/s [m/s]</p><p>Required Mass Flow, kg/s [lbm/s]</p><p>0.0394 [1] 328 [100] 0.414 [0.1878]</p><p>0.0591 [1.5] 328 [100] 1.281 [0.5810]</p><p>0.0394 [1] 0 0.3369 [0.1528]</p><p>0.0591 [1.5] 0 1.137 [0.5158]Air bearing pressure distributions for different slot and hole orientations</p><p>Avionics Network</p><p>Dimensions: 120 length, 38 height, 36 widthMass: 552 lbm (250 kg)Travel Time: 19.3 secOperating Pressure: 0.02 psiBudget: $30,000Payload Capability: 15.3%Unique Features: -Air bearing levitation-Low mass and power-Passenger seat</p></li></ul>