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  • PURDUE Hyperloop Team

    Air bearing levitation Pressurized tank supply

    Sustained levitation 90s for 552 lbs 50s for max payload

    Provides 0.0394in [1mm] air cushion AlumiRes (RC-3) urethane, cast in-house



    Lightweight skin of bi-directional, double ply carbon fiber.

    Mounting brackets machined from 2024 aluminum Nomex core for loadbearing structural elements Floor Deck Chassis



    Flow Visualization

    Optimized pod shape using Bezier control points

    Design to reduce drag Analyzed with ANSYS Fluent

    Type of Battery: ANR26650M1-B LiFePO4 Cylindrical CellsBattery Specs: 3.3 V, 2.5 Ah, 8 Wh, 50 A continuous


    Emergency Operation Mode: 12 V

    System Power Requirement

    Emergency Wheel System

    288 W

    Braking 1056 W

    Total ~1344 W

    Normal Operation Mode: 12 V

    System Power Requirement

    Avionics and Altitude Control

    1500 W

    Braking 1056 W

    Levitation 288 W

    Total ~2844 W 90 batteries Rechargeable 49.5 V per pack Buck converter steps

    down to 12 volts Each system has its

    own converter

    Project Manager: Paul Witsberger Assistant Project Manager: Megan SmithFaculty Advisors: Dr. Alina Alexeenko, Dr. Guillermo Paniagua

    Attitude Control

    4 magnetic thrusters Rotating Halbach

    arrays Stepper motors tilt

    the mechanism for Stabilization Thrust Braking

    Minimal deflection during normal acceleration periods

    Crumple zone at front edge of pod mitigates crash damage

    Parameter Value

    Lift Coefficient,






    Braking and Propulsion

    Propulsion Compressed air propulsion 19.3 lbf (86N) of thrust for 10 seconds Single nozzle is integrated into SpaceX Pusher interface Reduces track time by approximately 5%

    Braking Two braking regimes High to low speed, magnetic Low speed to stop, friction

    2.4 Gs of constant deceleration Utilize center rail for both regimes

    Central air supply

    Machined channelsGap Height,

    in [mm]Pod Speed, ft/s [m/s]

    Required Mass Flow, kg/s [lbm/s]

    0.0394 [1] 328 [100] 0.414 [0.1878]

    0.0591 [1.5] 328 [100] 1.281 [0.5810]

    0.0394 [1] 0 0.3369 [0.1528]

    0.0591 [1.5] 0 1.137 [0.5158]Air bearing pressure distributions for different slot and hole orientations

    Avionics Network

    Dimensions: 120 length, 38 height, 36 widthMass: 552 lbm (250 kg)Travel Time: 19.3 secOperating Pressure: 0.02 psiBudget: $30,000Payload Capability: 15.3%Unique Features: -Air bearing levitation-Low mass and power-Passenger seat


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