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  • 1. Design tips for decorating a living roomIt is easy for you to have an impressive, blended living room. Thedesign of a living room often dictates the feel and function of thespace. The elements of color, texture, materials and arrangementall play important roles in both how the space will be used and howone will feel in the environment.Find inspiration home decors already in the living room that holdsspecial meaning. Using the color scheme of the home decor, youcan design the other elements of the living room. For example, aninspirational home decor could be a blue throw with yellow and

2. green highlights. The less prominent colors in the item (yellow andgreen) can lend ideas for the color of larger items in the room. Forexample, the color of the walls, furniture upholstery, floor rugs andcurtain can be taken directly from these shades. The predominantcolor in the throw (blue) can function as a contrast burst throughoutthe room on items such as pillows, wall hangings, vases andlampshades.It is important for you to choose a design style for a living room; youcan set the tone for the look and feel of the room before selectingits components. Some popular styles are French country, rustic 3. cottage, a taste of Tuscany, and romantic comfort. Each distinctstyle relates to a particular color scheme and style of furnishing. Forexample, a French country living room often employs a soft palettewith white as the primary color used. Soft grays, blues and creamsalso play an important role. Furnishings are inspired by antiqueelements that might have been previously used as other furnitureelements at a different time.Magazine pictures often serve as excellent resource guides toroom design. Selecting pieces based on the furnishings, colors,and accessories in the picture will create a room that blendstogether well. Items can be difficult (and often expensive) to matchperfectly; however, by following the size, texture and feel of theitems in the picture, you can create a similar look while keeping thedesign original. 4. Living rooms with prominent architectural features often makedesigning the room easier. Using the focal point as a basis forinspiration, you can employ the colors and textures of the item inother elements in the room. For example, a large marble fireplacecan dictate that white should be a prominent design color. The cold,icy feel of the marble can either be supported by the use of othersimilarly severe elements such as leather couches or glass tables,or it can be contrasted with the use of soft elements such asoverstuffed couches and cotton rugs.