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This is my presentation from UX Open 2014 translated to english. It's about using Design Principles as a tool to create better products and services. In this version I've also added some additional annotations to the slides.


<ul><li> 1. Design Principlesas a toolGabriel Svennerberg Designed for Humans |</li></ul> <p> 2. Gabriel SvennerbergUX DesignerDesigned for Humans | 3. Designed for Humans | 4. Design Principles FTWwww.designprinciplesftw.comA great resource to get inspiration from other peoplesDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comDesign Principles 5. What is a Design Principle?Designed for Humans | 6. Design tenantsDesign mantrasDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comDesignprinciperExperience principlesDesign criteriaExperience attributesDesign personalityHeuristicsThere are a lot of different terms for Design Principles andno definite definition. 7. FOCUS ON FOCUS ONProperties The experienceIve tried to categorize different kinds of principles in amatrix like this according to level of specificity and focus.Designed for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecificGeneral 8. FOCUS ON FOCUS ON Visibility of systemProperties The experiencestatus 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface DesignDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecificGeneral 9. FOCUS ON Zero/low interaction FOCUS ONProperties The experienceDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecific Design Principles for Android WearGeneral 10. Focus on theexperience, not on thefunction UX Axioms by Erik DahlFOCUS ON FOCUS ONProperties The experienceDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecificGeneral 11. FOCUS ON Discover the UnexpecteFdOCUS ONProperties The experienceDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecific HTC Hero PrinciplesGeneral 12. FOCUS ON FOCUS ONProperties The experienceYoull find the most useful principles hereDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comSpecificGeneral 13. What are they good for?Designed for Humans | 14. Designprinciples are likea north star tohelp you sail theship of design. Leah BuleyDesigned for Humans | 15. Acts as Guard RailsDesign Principles can act as guard rails to keep your designfrom getting completely derailedDesigned for Humans | 16. Create a consistentexperienceHelping in creating a consistent experience is especiallytrue when theres a lot of people involved in the projectDesigned for Humans | 17. How do you createyour own?Designed for Humans | 18. Headline: Short and memorableTHE ANATOMY OF A DESIGN PRINCIPLETheres always a next stepThe experience does not end. There is always anext step that the user can take to move on.A richer description of the principleDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.comExampels Finish with a clear call-to-action Link to deeper information Suggest to contact someone Display related informationSometimes some concrete examples of the implications can be useful 19. Designed for Humans | www.meetod.comTip Base the principles on your researchor the research of others Create them collaborativelyThey have a much greater impact with a shared ownership Get inspiration from the principles ofothersFor example from 5-7 principles are sufficientLess and you risk not covering the primary parts of yourproduct/service, more and they will be hard to remember 20. How do you use them?Designed for Humans | 21. Keep them aliveThey are no use just collection dust. Keep them accessibleto team members, either in digital format or in print.Designed for Humans | 22. Print posters an put up on strategic places or print a simplefolder that team members kan keep at their desks.Frn: UX Team of One av Leah Buley 23. Repeat, repeat, repeatStart every workshop or design meeting with a briefreiteration of the design principles. It keeps them top ofDesigned for Humans | www.meetod.commind. 24. Modify them as you goJust as our products evolve so must our principles. If aprinciple doesnt work anymore, change it!Designed for Humans | 25. Create great design principles, get them into the teammembers minds and your job as a UX-designer or ProductOwner will be much easier.Designed for Humans Image: Simple Unicorn av Marc Clancy | 26. These are myprinciples; if youdont like them, Ihave others. Groucho MarxAnd remember: If youre principles doesnt work the way youexpect them, you can always create new ones.Designed for Humans | 27. Designed for Humans | www.meetod.comThank you!Email gabriel@meetod.comTwitter @svennerbergWeb www.meetod.comPhone +46 (0)73-687 07 30 </p>