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Department of Printed Books

Acquisitions 1965-1975

English Books 1701-1800

By M. J. Jannetta

A R B U T H N O T , John, M.D. A Catalogue of thecapital and well-known library of books, ofthe late celebrated Dr. Arbuthnot, deceased;which will be sold by auction, by Mess.Christie and Ansell... on Tuesday, December21, 1779, and the two following days, etc.[London, 1779]. 8: A-O.

Arbuthnot had died in 1735, and theauctioneers' records have shown that a fairlyhigh proportion of the lots belonged not to theArbuthnot estate but to other owners. Usedwith caution, however, the document shedsnew light on perhaps the most learned memberof the Scriblerus Club. No other copy has beenrecorded.Munby and Coral, p. 77. C.i3i.dd.9.


or THl t*"TAl ftHD " ILL-KWOWS




Which witl be Sold by AUCTIOK,

By MclT. CHRISTIE and ANSELL,At iheir Grtat Room,



To be titwti eo Frid^r Ag f 7i, uid to tha Tim*ef Sile [SnniUT cx^ipinl], whicb wiJl begin

ucli Daf e i i ^ 7 at i i o'Clocii.

CATALOGUBS DWT ikin bt kid u ibnt.

, CaJiiiui if Sill ti K/M!.

[BERKELEY, George, Bishop ofCloyne.] Thequerist, containing several queries, proposedto the consideration of the public. [By GeorgeBerkeley, Bishop of Cloyne.] Dublin: G.

[I7351-37- 8: A^ B-G4 H^; A

The first edition of Berkeley's politico-economic essay, presented in the form of aseries of numbered rhetorical questions.Originally published in three separate parts,complete copies are extremely rare.

Keynes 47-50. C.i75.b.4.

BiBLiA or A practical summary of ye Old &New Testaments. Lond.: printed for R.Wtlkin, iji-j. 64: TT' A-R8 S (with anengraved frontispiece and title-page to eachvolume, and 14 other plates).

First issue of the first English children's Biblein miniature, later reprinted under the titleThe Bible in Miniature by Harris, by Newbery,and still later by others. Most of the survivingcopies have the original date in the imprintaltered to 1728.

Sptelmann 15A. C.i8o.a.5.

[BLACKWELL, Henry, fencing Master.] TheEnghsh fencing-master: or. The compleattuterour of the small sword . . . In a dialoguebetween master and scholar. Adorn'd withseveral curious postures. [The dedicatoryepistle signed: Henry Blackwell.] London:printed by J. Downing., 1702. 4": 77 A-H"*.

A fine, uncut copy of the first edition of thiswork. NUG records four copies, and the titleappears in Thimm's somewhat dated list of


works relating to fencing. His description, how-ever, seems to correspond with the B.L. copyof the 1705 reissue, in which are to be foundtwenty-four folding engraved plates, entitledThe art of defence, etc.'

T H E C A B I N E T - M A K E R S London book ofprices, and designs of cabinet-work in per-spective, on twenty copper plates; containingabove one hundred various designs, by theLondon Society of Cabinet-makers: fullyillustrating the methods of calculation adoptedin the work, etc. London: sold at the WhiteSman^and the Black Boyy 1788. 4^: a^b-*(b4)A-S"* (With an additional title-page, engraved,and 20 other plates).

Primarily intended, as the title indicates, tohelp regulate and calculate the cost of manu-facturing items of furniture, the work includesa collection of designs, most of which were

produced by Thomas Shearer. P. Ward-Jackson {English Furniture Designs, 1958) men-tions similar titles; NUC records two copies ofa work with the identical title.

C H I P P E N D A L E , Thomas. The gentleman andcabinet-maker's director. Being a large collec-tion of the most elegant and useful designs ofhoushold furniture in the gothic, Chinese andmodern taste . . . The second edition. London:printed by J. Haberkorn for the Author, 1755.fol.: 77-' a-b^ A-G^ (with 162 plates, includingan engraved dedication leaf and plate no. 25in duplicate).

The second edition of Chippendale's greatbook of furniture designs, first published in1754. Apart from a few minor corrections in thenumbering of the plates and the alterations tothe title-page, the letterpress and engravingsare identical to the first edition.


[CLELAND, John.] Memoirs of Fanny Hill.London: R. Griffiths, [1750]. 12: A^ B-M'^

This abridgement of the Memoirs of a Womanof Pleasure was made by Cleland for Griffithsafter legal proceedings had been taken againstthe complete text. Cleland cut all the details ofsexual encounters, sometimes ten or more pagesat a time, and recast the work in the form ofeleven letters. It was advertised on 8 March1750, but the Bishop of London, ThomasSherlock, protested on 15 March to the Secre-tary of State and a warrant was issued that day.




If I'bavi painttd Vice in ils giiyffi Co-Uurs, if I birve deck'd it with Fineers,il bas btm foltiy in order to make theworthier, tht felemncr Saerijicc of it to^"lrt^Je.


Piinicd for R. G R I F F i T H s, in S t PmiJ'sC ' t J J

As a result of this swift action copies are veryscarce, and the work was hitherto known to

[ D E F O E , Daniel.] The the [sic] vision, a poem,[Edinburgh, 1706.] 4: A^.

Priority in the early printings is uncertain, butthe presence of a redundant 'the' in the title anda misprint 'withches' in line 2 (both corrected ina variant copy at Boston Public Library) sug-gest that this may be considered the first edition.Defoe's famous poem was written while he wasin Edinburgh on official business, concerningnegotiations for the Act of Union in 1706. Itis a satire in the form of a Pindaric ode on LordBelhaven's speech denouncing the Union.

Foxon D185. C.i75.i.22,Moore 123.

DoDDRiDGE, Philip. A course of lectures onthe principal subjects in pneumatology,ethics, and divinity, etc. London: J. Buckland,etc., 1776. 4: A-t a* b^ B-4G* 4H'.

This is a copy of the second edition prepared byDr. Andrew Kippis for the third edition, whichappeared in 2 vols., 8, in 1794. It includesextensive annotations and additions, both inthe margins and on inserted pages and slips, aswell as the text of the preface to the new edition.Kippis had given oblique notice of his intentionto produce this new edition in the note onDoddridge's Lectures he had included in hisown Biographia Britannica in 1793.


DuNDERDALE, David, AND CO. Desseins despieces de Fayence fabriquees a CastlefordPottery pres de Leeds, par D** Dunderdale &Co., etc. [Gastleford,] 1796. 4.

Yorkshire pottery has been enthusiasticallycollected since the nineteenth century, in

scholarship only by photographs of a few pages particular the distinctive cream-colouredof a lost copy known before the last war earthenware. Much of this creamware origin-{v. David Foxon, Ltbertme Literature, ^^^^ f om the Leeds Pottery, but some waspp. 52 ff.). made elsewhere, for instance at David Dunder-

.9. dale's Castleford Pottery, established in 1790.


As most of it is unmarked, an engraved patternbook of this kind is an essential document inidentifying pieces. A facsimile edition waspublished in 1973.

C.i23.g.26. ifacs. X.423/1927.)

AN ESSAY upon pastoral; together with somebrief reflexions on eclogue verse. Written by aperson of quahty. London: Benj. Bragg, 1708.

An anonymous pamphlet containing compli-mentary verses addressed to the author by one*T. B.'. The greater part of the essay constitutesa somewhat effusive evocation of 'the agree-ableness ofa Pastoral life' for both nymphs andshepherds. Of greater significance for studentsof the genre are the last four pages of'reflections', pubHshed in the year before thepastorals of Philips and Pope were issued to-gether in Poetical Miscellanies. The sixthvolume (1709).

C. 175.1.2.

FFELD ING, Henry. The history of Tom Jones,a foundling. London: printed for A. Millar,1749. 12: 6 vols.

Apparently a unique copy of the first edition,with only twelve cancelled leaves. All othercopies have a thirteenth cancel, sig. N8 of vol. 5.Here the leaf has been slashed for cancellation,but not removed.


GLASGOW. University of Glasgow. Academyfor Painting and Sculpture. A catalogue ofpictures, drawings, prints, statues and bustsin plaister of Paris, done at the Academy inthe University of Glasgow, etc. [Glasgow:R. and A. Foulis, 1758]. 2: TT-' A - D D'.With: A proposal for encouraging, by sub-scription, an academy for painting and sculp-ture, now instituted at Glasgow. [Glasgow: R.and A. Foulis, 1753?]. 2: 77 .

As early as 1831 W. J. Duncan, in his LiteraryHistory of Glasgow, provided an account of theFoulis-inspired Academy, and also reprintedthe catalogue from a copy in the possession ofDavid Laings, Esq. The proposal is also listedin Duncan's bibliography and dated [c. 1758].This dating is supported by a reference in theScots Magazine for January 1759, where theeditor comments that 'the academy has nowsubsisted five or six years; and about a twelve-month ago was published the proposal . . .which we here insert'. Gaskell records only asingle copy of the Catalogue in the MitchellLibrary, Glasgow, which also has the proposalbound between TTI and Ai ; Gaskell adducesother evidence for dating the proposal [} 1753].

Gaskell 352 and 257. C.175.dd.16(1-2).

[GRAY, Thomas.] An elegy wrote in a countrychurch yard. The second edition. [By ThomasGray.] London: printed for R. Dodsley; andsold by M. Cooper, 1751. 4: ^4 ^z

This fills a conspicuous gap in the Library'scollections. With the recent acquisition of a