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  • 174 Journal of Dentistry Vol. 10/No. 2

    Dr Bhaskar is to be encouraged to exploit the resources of the Continent without equal in the field of dentistry once more and bring forth a tenth edition. The substrate is there. It is the extraction process that is wrong.

    J. G. Clement

    DENTAL MANAGEMENT OF THE CHILD PATIENT. By Hannelore T. Loevy. Illustrated. 1981. Chicago, Quintessence.

    This book Comprises 14 chapters covering the field of dentistry for young patients. The opening chapter discusses the child in the dental surgery and gives sound advice on general demeanour of dentist and staff, presence or absence of parents and the problems that may be posed by handicapped children. A chapter at the end of the book discusses various aspects of practice management in relation to waiting area, surgery layout and equipment choice. Much of the information in this latter chapter would have been better incorporated in the opening chapter.

    There is a comprehensive chapter on Clinical Examination and Radiographic Examina t ion- - the FDI system and the United States Army system for numbering teeth is used.

    A long chapter on Facial Growth and Development covers in detail the various aspects of this problem from prenatal growth through to final maturation of the occlusion; this chapter is particularly well illustrated.

    The remaining 11 chapters in the book cover the whole range of topics on dentistry for children. As with any textbook the emphasis given to any part of the book is likely to reflect the author's own opinions and views. For example, the 6hapter on Developmental Anomalies of the Head and Jaw is thorough and possibly too detailed for the needs of many practitioners.

    The chapter on Preventive Aspects of Paedodontics, whilst covering the essentials, could benefit from expansion.

    In general, this book is good, being well written and beautifully illustrated with clear line drawings and many colour photographs.

    It is difficult to be sure of the market for this book, being insufficiently comprehensive for specialist practitioners. The cost at approximately s is probably proh~it ive to undergraduates. The book should be available in every dental library and placed on the recommended reading list for undergraduate students.

    Graham J. Roberts

    DENTISTRY THEN AND NOW, 3rd ed. By J. Menzies Campbell. 130 X 200 mm. Pp. 394.198 I. London, British Dental Association. s

    This is an entertaining and informative collection of the published papers of the eminent British dental historian, who died in 1974. More than half the book comprises meticulously weN-documented narrative biographies of well-known, lesser-known,'and notorious dental personalities of the eighteenth and nine- teenth centuries. These are complemented by realistic and sometimes lurid accounts of early dental practice. Other papers contain collated information not easily accessible elsewhere. In all these articles dental history is treated in the perspective of the life and customs of the period.

    Several chapters deal with the development of modern dental education and professional organizations. The remaining few papers are devoted to Dr Campbell's experiences in the United Kingdom and Canada.

    The circulation of this book was previously restricted to libraries and dental schools. To meet the demand for further copies, the author 's wife has prepared this new enlarged edition with an index.

    This is an instructive publication, which will be enjoyed both by the uninitiated and by those with some knowledge of dental history. It is also a useful reference for the serious dental historian, although some of the work has been superseded by modern research. In a compilation written at different times, repetition and variation in the quality of writing and content are inevitable; this is however tolerable and does not detract from the value of the book. It is ideal as a gift for a professional colleague or as a student prize.

    M. J. Shapiro

    ATLAS OF OPERATIVE DENTISTRY. By William W. Howard and Richard C. Moiler. 3rd ed. 278 210 mm. Pp. 292 + xx. Illustrated. 1981. London, Mosby. s

    With the advent in recent years of new and ever-improving dental materials, together with a more conser- vative and scientifically based approach to conservative dentistry, the need for a soundly based, updated