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<p>By Mr. Siddharth Chandrasekar</p> <p>Social Diversitiescan take different forms in different societies :</p> <p> Belgium- people live in different regions speak different languages. Sri Lanka-linguistic and regional differences are prominent.</p> <p>Social Diversities Carlos Smith African American Peter Norman White Similarity Athletes who stood against racial discrimination</p> <p>OVER LAPPING AND CROSS CUTTING DIFFERENCES</p> <p>Social Division</p> <p>Catholics &amp; Protestants</p> <p>Cross CuttingNetherlands Catholics and Protestants are equally likely to be rich or poor. Result No conflicts. Easier to accommodate. Outcomes Politics of social division</p> <p>Ethno Political Conflict</p> <p>RESULT CONFLICTS</p> <p>1998-Peace treaty was signed</p> <p>Yugoslavias Disintegration &amp; Emergence of 6 Independent</p> <p>3 Determinants</p> <p>Advantages of Social Divisions in a Democracy... People can express their grievances. Government attends to it. People raise their issues in a peaceful manner for seeking votes.</p>


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