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    Ravisankar Paramasivan (Ravi Parama) Name

    184094 Emp No

    C3B / Associate Consultant Current Grade

    Delivery Manager Current Role

    36 # Months Spent in Current Role

    Marks & Spencer Account / Project Name

    7.9 # Years of allocation in

    current account / project

    +91 97902 48989 Contact Number

    Chennai Depute Location

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    Integration development centre owned, Infrastructure development and vertical projects


    Delivery Manager Role

    42 (7 Onsite & 35 Offshore) shared resources Team Size

    72% OFL

    ~ 1M USD Revenue

    52% GM

    Positive Customer Feedback

    Green RAYG

    Responsibilities &

    High level activities

    25+ In flight serviced projects and owing e2e for Migration projects

    Demand estimation HLD review, Design review with Governance

    team Status reporting to M&S and TCS, Reporting all

    the Integration delivery including portfolio & large programmes.

    Risk identification & mitigation and also managing customer escalation.

    Leverage Dev resource to help support team on solving critical issues during peak

    Involvement in resource planning / allocation & project plan

    Work closely with customer to identify pinpoints and resolve them

    Integration portfolio shared service has delivered more than 200+ projects in last 4+ year.

    I have played a Programme Manager for integration owned projects / programmes.

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    Revenue / Financials (Y on Y)

    Delivery Statistics (Y on Y)

    Team Growth / Management (Y on Y) Years Revenue (GBP)

    2011-12 1,571,830

    2012-13 1,940,850

    2013-14 2,452,113

    2014-15 1,276,048

    2015-16 371,051

    Years No of Projects

    2011-12 20

    2012-13 35

    2013-14 40

    2014-15 73

    2015-16 37

    Years No of Resource's

    2011 30

    2012 40

    2013 45

    2014 55

    2015 63

    2016 42

    Key participation on M&S road map BFP Release 1, 2 and 3 were the first large development projects in M&S in 2009 to 2012, played a Integration PM for Release 2 & 3.

    Completely owned Enterprise EDI messaging project in 2012 and very good client feed back on those projects.

    Delivered XB62 upgrade projects before 2014 peak, which was major success and save M&S from Peak issues in connectivity.

    Have delivered Critical projects like DS Grid 11.3 Upgrade and Legacy Migration 1 Achieved significant reduction in costing due to Licensing & Contract after legacy platform migrated to new strategic platform 2 Achieved significant performance improvement after GRID migration and resource utilizations are very effective

    1 Part of critical business delivery projects like GM Planning, New WH setup, International Franchisee setup, etc 2 Working on AIX to Linux & AIX to AIX migration proposal

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    Customer Customer feedback is very positive in all current and past projects. CSI received 9.2 out of 10 for in Infra & Services owned project; Managing mission critical and challenging projects, and have

    been with M&S landscape for 7.5 years. Have earned good reputation in delivery from clients and have sustained good customer feed back even in challenging and

    critical projects. Process

    Set up daily tracker (DELTA D10) to capture daily effort spent by each associate to plan the future and also used to collect the metrics like plan vs. actual, pending task, future effort, etc

    Introduced the fortnightly meeting with integration groups to discuss on new initiatives, demand approval, production issues which helped in effective planning on future releases, capture lessons learnt, etc

    Having weekly discussion among Development & Support team on changes planned / implemented in production to perform an environment sync up to avoid conflict for inflight delivery & future production deployments, which have resulted significant reduction in incidents due to incorrect config / code overwritten.

    Proposal / Support Contributed to Sainsbury & John Lewis for integration set up, and leveraged integration knowledge on platform stabilisation

    for JLP on WMB technology Helped in .Com proposal for Waitrose, UK on integration setup on Master data. Actively participated on P&G account for delivery review and involved in milestone delivery on distributed technology

    Others Active member of M&S Plan A initiative (To help protect the planet by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping

    communities) Have actively participated for Maitree organised event and also TCS M&S yearly outing. Have owned TCS Asset Management for M&S account, as part to (BYOD) Bring Your Own Device initiative. Lifetime STEM ambassador and have visited schools in UK to create awareness/importance on Science, Technology,

    Engineering & Mathematics.

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    121,318 175,497


    150,151 120,817 100,083

    Q ON Q REVENUE 2014-15 & 2015-16

    Q1 '14 Q2 '14 Q3 '14 Q4 '15 Q1 '15 Q2 '15 Q3 '15


    16 16



    8 7

    Q ON Q PROJECTS EXECUTED 2014-15 & 2015-16

    Q1 '14 Q2 '14 Q3 '14 Q4 '14 Q1 '15 Q2 '15 Q3 '15


    48 36 39

    25 32




    2 3




    Q1 '14 Q2 '14 Q3 '14 Q4 '15 Q1 '15 Q2 '15 Q3 '15


    No. of Releases Failed / Incident

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    Competencies PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Certified Scrum Master with agile practice ITIL 2011 Foundation Certification PMCD E2 Bigdata / Hadoop E0 PMP preparation (On Course) UK Managerial Effectiveness Programme ILT TCS Business Domain Academy: Certificate in Retail Management The Technical Documentation Process Effective Technical Writing

    Capabilities Have wide knowledge in Integration / distributed area, and will be taking up challenging program delivery in coming year, also

    flexible enough to handle multiple programmes in parallel with M&S experience Having knowledge in AGILE and also certified in SCRUM model which will help in executing the agile based delivery. Having experience in distributed technology which is added advantage to own the multiple portfolio delivery along with

    Integration. Good in handling people across the vertical / horizontal team, and having good coordination experience with other vendors on

    project delivery

    Aspiration My next immediate step to take up the very critical end-to-end programme delivery as a Programme Manager and look after

    handling multiple area / account delivery. Develop the various skills which describes / help to be effective manager to handle the multiple stakeholder, application & end-

    to-end delivery Next would be to become a Delivery Owner for entire portfolio and execute small account.

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