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As spam continues to rise so does the efforts of the ISP


  • 1. Navigating your way tothe inboxNew Deliverability Challenges and BestPractices Update

2. Agenda New inbox services Engagement Best practices Private domains Deliverability monitoring Compliance Whats ahead 3. New Inbox ChallengesHotmail and Gmail 4. Inbox Filtering Gmail Priority Inbox - Based on behavior 93% of Gmail user have Inbox Priority on*Hotmail Sweep Remove unread, unwanted email based onbehaviorOtherinbox AOL, Gmail, Yahoo Scans hourly and categorizesmail for you by content(receipts, newsletters, shopping, personal, etc) and behavior.* 2011 ReturnPath Report 5. EngagementKnow your subscribers 6. Engage! Segment engaged vs. non-engaged Move non-engaged to a monthly or quarterly schedule Up the volume to engaged and lower volume to less or non-engaged. Different offers to each group Sending to both will impede results since non-engaged will hurtreputation (Gmail) Use win-back campaigns cautiously since this is a group of non-engaged addresses - Small groups and less frequent Look at last time they bought, opened, click, replied Lifecycle Marketing Post sign up welcome series, how to, instructions, Post purchase reviews, re-order, cross sell, RFAF Birthday, abandon cart, browsing behavior 7. Best PracticesRise above 8. Best PracticesBest Practices Get permissions Make it relevant Get whitelisted Set expectations Make it easy to get off list Use brand name in subject line and From address Keep Weekly newsletter weekly Dont over send = creates complaints Secret to Success. Permissions + Relevancy = INBOX 9. Private DomainsThe New Reputation 10. Private DomainsISP Trends: Movement from IP to domain basedreputation Private domain( Bronto private ( Outbound messages have your companys branding Own and control your deliverability reputation Messages show your company domain Reply to Links Images Bounces Authentication (DKIM) 11. Deliverability MonitoringProfessional Services 12. Deliverability Monitoring Up to 5 deliveries per month to our emailseed list Personalized user account for monitoringdashboard Monthly report analyzing results andmetrics Monthly consultation with deliverabilityexpert Timely notification of any critical issues Proactive outreach to IPS(s) to remediateblocks 13. Deliverability Monitoring 14. Deliverability Monitoring 15. Bronto DeliverabilityDelivery Rates 2012 30 AOL 25 20 Gmail 15 10 Hotmail50 Yahoo JanFebMarchComcastOpen Rates 2012101 AOL100 99Gmail 98Hotmail 97Yahoo JanFeb MarchComcast 16. ComplianceUnites States, Canada, Europe 17. ComplianceCanadian Anti-Spam Law (C-28) MUST have explicit consent Assume all email addresses are Canadian Final version released March 2012, awaiting final comments Enforcement Oct 2012?International All must have consent EU pre-checked box is not ok. Must be affirmative consent.Safe Harbor EU Directive Prohibits transfer of PII Safe Harbor bridges gap from US and EU Web page seal (TRUSTe and Safe harbor) 18. Whats NextNew Challenges 19. Whats Next?2012Engagement part of Reputation Behavioral targeting Inbox filters (help manage for you) Domain Reputation steady Email still #1 Affiliate marketing hurting, not helping DMARC Images still off by default use alt tags, more text, assumeimage is off 20. Q&AThank you!Chris Kolbenschlag Director of Deliverability Bronto Direct: 919.595.2458