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  • 7/28/2019 Delhi Sightsdelhi sightseeing | sightseeing in delhieeing Tour


    Delhi Sightseeing Tour How to make the most out of it

    Delhi Sightseeing Tour Delhi, the capital of India is a perfect blend of centuries of evolutionary history,

    diverse cultural elements and modernization. As per ancient Indian text The Mahabharata, Delhi is 5000-

    year old, and it has been the capital city to several empires including Maurya Empire, Gupta dynasty,

    Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, Delhi was

    destroyed and rebuilt many times under the rule of various emperors. ADelhi sightseeingtour would be

    a great experience to explore the impeccable historical monuments, Delhis multifaceted culture,

    sumptuous food and glorious architect by Sir Edwin Lutyens and his colleague Herbert Baker.

    Read through the list of monuments and buildings in Delhi that your Delhi sightseeing tour will comprise

    of to make your expedition memorable.

    Qutub Minar: A masterpiece of Afghan architecture, Qutubuddin Aibak started building it in the end of

    the 12th century, but it was later completed by his successor. It is 72.5 meters high and at one point of

    time was the tallest building in Delhi. Qutub Minar is considered among the world heritage sites and

    witness millions of visitors across the world.

    Gandhi Smiriti: Dedicated to the Father of Indian Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, this memorial consists of

    visual aspects of his memories and the noble ideas he had educational features to represent the values

    of life he followed and taught. This memorial has his several photographs, paintings on him and his ideas

    from renowned painters, rock inscriptions and artefacts over the years Mahatma Gandhi spent here and

    fighting against British rule.

    Laxmi Narayan Temple: Known as Birla Mandir by renowned Birla Family, it is a Hindu Temple which

    was built in 1938 in Orissa style.

    Bahai Temple: Known as Lotus temple, this temple has distinctive lotus shape and was made of marble.Built in 1987 by followers of Bahai faith, this temple stands for equality of all religion and purity of life.

    While visiting these four above-mentioned places in South Delhi, youll drive past India Gate, Parliament

    House, several embassies and renowned five-star hotels.

    Red Fort: Situated in Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort was built by Emperor Shahjahan, last mughal

    ruler and the one who built Taj Mahal (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). Made of red stone, this

    fort was built in ten years from 1639 to 1648. Another fort, known as Purana Quila (Old Fort) stands for

    a unique style of mughal architecture and is very close to the Red Fort. However, keep in mind that both

    these forts are closed for visitors on every Monday. While going to see the magnificent Red fort, make

    sure to explore the oldest and the largest market in Delhi, Chandni chowk market which is famous all

    over India for sarees and lehangas.

    Humayans Tomb:Another glittering star in the list of Delhis historical monuments, this fort was buil t

    by Queen Haji Begum, widow of Emperor Humayun, in the 16th century. This is considered to be the

    prototype of the Taj Mahal at Agra.
  • 7/28/2019 Delhi Sightsdelhi sightseeing | sightseeing in delhieeing Tour


    Akshardham Temple: A recent addition made in the list of tourist attractions in Delhi, it has been built

    as a facsimile of Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar (Gujarat). This temple has been built on the banks

    of the tranquil River Yamuna and sprawls over 100 acres.

    Youll drive through Firoz Shah Kotla Stadium, Indira Gandhi Stadium and Shakti Sthal while visiting the

    above three places.

    To make most out of your Delhi sightseeing tour, make sure your guide introduces you to the vast

    history of Delhi and how it was formed out of seven different cities. Remember to savor on the

    scrumptious food Delhi offers.

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