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    DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, GAYA (Under the Aegis of the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi)

    Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi – Affiliation No. 330530



    \Book Work

    (a) Mathematics candy page no. 88 to 95.

    (b) Learn all the rhymes from 'English and Hindi' rhyme book.

    (c) Hindi Candy page no. 86, 87, 92, 93.

    Project Work

    (a) Make a model of Igloo or snowman.

    Scrap Book (Pasting, Writing)

    (a) Paste pictures of any five living and non-living things and label them.

    (b) Paste stick puppet of five wild animals and label them.

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    1. Circle and colour the correct type of noun for each image :

    Person, Place, Thing

    Place, Animal, Thing

    Person, Thing, Animal

    Place, Animal, Person

    What is a noun? (naming words)



    Animal Thing

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    2. My five senses :


    I see with my ___________.


    I hear with my ___________.


    I feel with my ___________.


    I smell with my ___________.


    I taste with my ___________.

    3. Read the words in the box and fill in the blanks with correct words

    aeroplane, apple, desk, fish, house.

    (a) The _____________ is sweet.


    I live in a _____________.

    (c) A _____________ flies in the air.


    A _____________ can swim.

    (e) I do homework on my ____________.

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    4. Draw or paste pictures of action words :

    (a) Reading -

    (b) Jumping -

    (c) Playing -

    (d) Sleeping -

    (e) Eating -

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    5. Write the (opposite) words for the following pictures :



    ___________ ___________



    ___________ ___________



    ___________ ___________



    ___________ ___________

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    fgUnh 1- [kkyh LFkku eas ¼,s½ fy[kdj iwjk djsa ,oa fp=ksa esa jax Hkjsa &



    ___________ ud ___________ jkor



    2- dsoy ^,s* o.kZ ij dne j[krs gq, ,s’o;kZ ijh dkss ijhyksd igqpk,¡ &

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    3- fp= dks igpku dj 'kCn iwjk djsa &


    ______ ph


    ______ eM+h




    ______ Vyh



    4- uhps fn, x;s 'kCn ds vafre v{kj ls 'kCn lh

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    5- fn, x, ek=kvksa dks mfpr LFkku ij yxkdj 'kCnksa dks iwjk djsa &

    s S ks kS

    ¼d½ rjkd ¼p½ cj

    ¼[k½ euk ¼N½ x.k'k

    ¼x½ dV__jh __ ¼t½ dPk__³h

    ¼?k½ e__Vj ¼>½ r__fy;k

    ¼³½ e__Vk ¼¥½ Q__th

    6- fp= ns[kdj okD; iwjk djsa &



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    1. Arrange the following numbers in ascending and descending order in the boxes given

    below :

    Ascending order Descending order

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    2. Jingle bells Jingle bells

    It's Christmas time

    Help Santa arrange the Christmas tree

    and the gifts by writing the numbers

    below in descending order. 64, 63, 62, 61, 60 76, 78, 74, 77, 75

    26, 24, 27, 25, 22

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    3. Vertical Addition :









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    4. Subtract and colour the correct answer with crayons :

    (i) 6 - 4 = 3 2

    (ii) 10 - 3 = 7 9

    (iii) 8 - 4 = 3 4

    (iv) 4 - 4 = 0 4

    (v) 5 - 2 = 3 4

    (vi) 8 - 1 = 6 7

    (vii) 5 - 3 = 2 4

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    4. Count and write the number of objects. Then use the symbol >,

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    5. Write about "Myself" :

    (a) My name is ____________ ____________.

    (b) I am ____________ years young.

    (c) My father's name is Mr. ____________ ____________.

    (d) My mother's name is Mrs. ____________ ____________.

    (e) I study in class ____________.

    (f) The name of my school is _____________ _____________.

    (g) I love to study and play.

    6. See the pictures and circle the living things and colour the non -living things :

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    7. Match the animals with their young ones and write the names of animals and their

    babies :

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    8. • Join the words and write together :

    (a) bed + room = ____________________

    (b) bath + room = ____________________

    (c) dust + bin = ____________________

    (d) sun + flower = ____________________

    • Puzzle :


    • Big, Bigger

    (a) A big fish Draw a bigger fish


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    9. Colour the given picture :

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    10. Put finger prints inside the circles and colour the picture :


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    DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, GAYA (Under the aegis of the Delhi Public School Society, New Delhi)

    Affiliated to C.B.S.E., New Delhi – Affiliation No. 330530 School No. 65572


    DPSG/005/039/2019-20 Date: 28.12.2019


    "Each child is blessed with talents which are unique."

    Dear Parents,

    Please be informed that the Fancy Dress Competition for the students of Classes Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Prep and I

    is tentatively scheduled in the last week of January 2020. The exact date(s) would be informed in due course of


    In view of this, please start planning on what your child would like to emulate, fill the attached Participation

    Proforma and send it to the respective Class Teacher(s) on 11th January, 2020; so that she could help your child

    during the practice sessions in school. Please train the child to portray the character he/she is enacting through

    actions and words. Do note that none of the actions or words should depict any caste, creed or religion. Also be

    informed that if there is a particular piece of music / song the parents wish to play they may request the music

    teacher to do so with prior approval. Below are a few categories (Class wise) to facilitate you in deciding on the

    character. You may choose any one of these, or any other character, but please do coordinate with the respective

    class teacher(s):

    We invite you too, dear parents to participate in the Fancy Dress on the same day. If interested, you are requested

    to fill in the proforma of participation for yourself and for your ward and submit the same latest by 11th January,

    2020 to the respective class teacher(s), so that we can make necessary arrangements for a smooth conduct of this


    We look forward to your continued support in all our future endeavours.

    Best regards,



    List of suggested characters is given overleaf for your ready reference and the rules and regulations to

    be followed are as follows :

    Each participant will be given two minutes on the stage to enact his/her character.

    The entries will be judged by the Internal / External Judges on the following criteria:

    1. Creativity / Authenticity of the costume

    3. Confidence

    2. Originality of the character portrayed

    4. Presentation (Clarity and Content of Speech)

    The parents will be responsible for their wards' costume(s) and make-up and will bring their ward to the school

    fully ready for the show and on the day of the show, participants should report to their respective class teachers 30

    minutes before the scheduled time.

    Kindly keep the above mentioned criteria in mind while coaching your child. We would appreciate if all the

    children participate in this competition, as it will boost self-confidence and help eliminating their stage fear.

    Further details if any will be intimated later.

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    Class : Pre-Nursery:

    1. Characters from Fruits: Mango, Apple, Banana, Orange, Pineapple, Grapes, Strawberry etc.

    2. Characters from Green Vegetables: Cauliflower, Tomato, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Bottle-gourd, Lady-Finger etc.

    3. Characters


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