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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p> STUDY &amp; DESIGN OF 66/33/25KV GIS SUBSTATION DMRC NEW DELHI PROJECT REPORT BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF SHEERAZ KIRMANI ASST. PROFFESOR</p> <p> FACULTY OF ENGG.&amp;TECHNOLOGY JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA PRESENTED BY NEW DELHI-110025 DEEPAK KUMAR(11BE108) GANESH KUMAR (11BE116)</p> <p> INTRODUCTION GAS INSULATED SUBSTATIONSGAS INSULATED USES SULFUR HEXAFLUORIDE (SF6)WHICH HAS A SUPERIOR DIELECTRIC PROPERTIES USED AT MODERATE PRESSURE.</p> <p>IN GAS INSULATED SUBSTATION THE HIGH VOLTAGE CONDUCTORS, CIRCUIT BREAKER INTERRUPTERS,SWITCHES,CURRENT TRANSFORMER ,VOLTAGE TRANFORMER AND LIGHTINING ARRESTERS ARE ENCAPSULATED IN SF6 GAS INSIDE GROUNDED METAL ENCLOSURES.</p> <p>THE GAS INSULATED SUBSTATION IS PREFERRED FOR LOCATIONS SUCH AS LARGE CITIES AND TOWNS,UNDER GROUND STATIONS,AND MOUNTAINS AND VALLEY REGIONS</p> <p>2It consist ofBus BarsCircuit BreakersDisconnecting Switches Earthing SwitchesCurrent TransformersVoltage TransformersCable and BoxesGas Supply and Gas Monitoring EquipmentLocal Control</p> <p>Circuit Breaker </p> <p>Under short circuit conditions, however, the current may reach tens of thousands of amperes at a power factor as low as 0.1. It is duty of a circuit breaker to interrupt such currents as soon as possible to avoid equipment damage. Disconnectors </p> <p>Disconnectors or isolators are used for electrical isolation of circuit partsThey are slow acting and operating at off loadDisconnectors must be carefully designed and tested to be able to break small charging current without generating too-high over voltage, </p> <p>Earthing Switch </p> <p>Earthing switch is used to earth the live parts during maintenance and during testing. Duringmaintenancealthough circuit is open still there are some voltages on line , due to whichcapacitancebetween line and earth is charged. Beforeproceedingto maintenance work the voltage is discharged to earth, by closing the earth switch.Voltage Transformer </p> <p>Voltage transformer is connected to switchgear with the connecting flanges with a barrier insulator.</p> <p> primary winding is insulated with SF6 gas &amp; connected to high voltage terminal. </p> <p>The primary winding is wounded on the top of the core &amp; secondary windings.</p> <p>secondary winding is connected to the terminals in the external terminal box through a gas tight multiple bushing.</p> <p> Current Transformer </p> <p>In the single phase enclosed Core of CT is located outside the enclosure inside for three phase Gas compartment to reduce access of moisture and to suppress gas-tight bushings for secondary connections. </p> <p>Cables Compartment </p> <p>1. Optimized solution for plug-in type power cable connection. 2. Adjustable support structures for minimum requirements for the GIS floor. 3. Fixation to the GIS floor by cemented anchor bolts, no need for special foundation (steel beams.etc) </p> <p> TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONENCLOSURE TYPE : THREE PHASE ENCLOSURERATED VOLTAGE : 72.5 KV RMS</p> <p>RATED FREQUENCY : 50HZRATED CURRENT OF 2500 A RMS BUS BARRATED SHORT TIME : 40 KA RMS,3 SEC CURRENTGUARANTED SF6 GAS : LESS THAN 1% LOSSES PER YEAR SINGLE LINE DIAGRAM OF 66/33/25 KV GIS SUBSTATION</p> <p>AUXILIARY MAIN TRANSFORMER(66/33 KV,30/45 MVA)</p> <p>DESCRIPTIONUNITONANONAFRATINGMVA3045RATED PRIMARY VOLTAGEKV6666RATED SECONDARY VOLTAGEKV3333RATED PRIMARY CURRENT AT 66 KVA262.43393.65RATED SECONDARY CURRENT AT 33 KVA524.86787.30 TRACTION TRANSFORMER(66/25 KV,40/50 MVA)DESCRIPTIONUNITONANONAFRATINGMVA4050RATED PRIMARY VOLTAGEKV6666RATED SECONDARY VOLTAGEKV2525RATED PRIMARY CURRENT AT 66 KV A606.06757.58RATED SECONDARY CURRENT AT 33 KV A1600.002000.001366 KV LINE CKT BREAKER </p> <p>DESCRIPTIONUNITCALCULATEDSELECTEDRATED VOLTAGEKV6666RATED PRIMARY CURRENT AT 66 KV A1151.22200066 KV LINE ISOLATOR</p> <p>DESCRIPTION UNITCALCULATEDSELECTEDRATED VOLTAGEKV6666RATED PRIMARY CURRENT AT 66 KV A1151.222000PROPERTIES OF SF6SF6 does not harm to the ozone layer. Sf6 gas is chemically stableNon poisonousColourless &amp; heavier than airAlmost water insolubleNon inflammable</p> <p>Comparison b\w Gis &amp; Ais </p> <p> ADVANTAGESMain advantage of GIS over AIS is its phase to phase spacing decreases significantly. This is more effective in urban environment where land and its size is at a premiumGis have no risks for fire &amp; explosion.They generate no noise &amp; have no radio interferenceIt offer solutions including -In industrial areas where space &amp; pollution problems -Mountain areas where ice &amp; snow are major problems</p> <p>DISADVANTAGESGIS installations tend to be much more expensive that air-insulated installations with the same rating. VFTO during switching operations or earth faults and transient enclosure voltages and particle contaminationThe Damage Effect Will Also Be Severe Whenever Internal Fault occurs. APPLICATIONSHigh voltage installations.Urban installationsIndoor installationsFUTURE TRENDS IN GAS INSULATED SUBSTATIONSCompact design of switch gear.Use of SF6 circuit breaker cells in the medium high voltage GIS and fewer brakes per pole in high voltage circuit breakersOptimization of GIS design to allow easier maintenance CONCLUSIONGIS are necessary for EHV &amp; UHV some important areas to be studied include.more conservative designs.improved gas handling .Achieving &amp; maintaining high levels of availability requires a more integrated approach to quality control by both users and manufactures</p>


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