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Decorating Tips for Fireplace MantelsFireplace mantels are often the central area of the rooms they occupy in. See how to make the most of them with these fireplace mantel minds. Like with any expose, a mantel show requires a certain amount of balance and proportion. Don't just randomly place items. Careless of what you put on it, hold these tips in mind. Use items of different forms and sizes. Start with taller items at the back and apply smaller items as you work your way forward. Don't be afraid to layer items before of each other. In fact it's a good estimate because it makes depth. Call back, it's not a photo and people won't always be looking at it straight-on. Items in the highlight had better overlap those in the back. If you're a lover of symmetry, the tested way that always works is to arrange one large item in the middle (like a bowl of flowers) and then flank each side with matching particulars (make a mirror image). When using multiple items always use odd numbers. For instance, three candlesticks rather than two, or five bud vases instead of four. This holds just about everything in decorating: when it concerns about groups, odds are better than evens. For a formal look, anchor the mantel with matching items on each side. Attempt not to apply a whole random classification of items. Find items complimenting each other either with color, style or theme. The objects had better connect to one another someway. Balance doesn't have to signify matching. Many lightweight items on one side may be equal with one visually heavy item on the other. To really make focus and call attention to a piece, put one large item in the center. Do not overcrowd! Don't place so many items on that the mantel appears cluttered up or crowded together. Give the items breathing room or they will get lost in the mes