decoding digital dna in india - a strategic approach for all pr agencies

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    Decoding Digital DNAA Strategic Approach for PR Agencies in India

    A presentation by Piyush Aggarwal


    Beforewe go


    Lets go back


    Media Flashback 2013


    -5% +5% +44.64% -0.93%

    Source: IAMAI


    14.2 Million people booked rail tickets

    1.4 Million people booked air tickets

    59.2 Million people purchased online

    2.39 Million people uploaded matrimony profiles

    2.84 Million people uploaded resume online

    26 Million people joined Facebook

    Source: IAMAI

  • #1

    #2 #3 #4 #5

    #6 #7 #8 #9Source: Alexa 2013

    2013 Top Traffic Websites in India


    102+ Million 7.97%

    21+ Million 7.00%

    35+ Million 13.73%

    25+ Million 7.29%25+ Million 21.43%

    India Users % Share

  • DISRUPTIONhas begun!!

  • Heres some data that proves this



  • Not a single app of any digital publisher

    in Top 10 list

  • Our existing media models are continuously getting disrupted by technology


    Audience Trends

  • Audience attention time is getting segmented(TV to PC > PC to Mobiles > Mobile to Wearable)

  • Content Experience Level is becoming more Interactive + Engaging + Immersive

  • Conversation is moving away from how do I get more leads

    to how do we engage more qualified customers

    Traditional lead generation does not work in the age of eCommerce

    & instant gratification


    Advertising going Native!






    Social Media has become a Content Guzzler

    Social Media is killing the traditional media buy model as audience is no longer visiting websites, instead they are discovering it in real

    time in their social


    Key LearningContent consumption is rapidly shifting from websites to apps. Build Mobile First approach.

    Advertising needs to become content itself & vice versa.

    Content Marketing can replace Social Media in near future

    Audience is moving away from text to more engaging formats.

    Focus on building video & rich Media experiences

    Lead generation is now demand generation.

    Build captive audiences through powerful engagement messages.

    Key Insight

    Audience is consuming content across devices.

    Cross Channel + Cross Device strategy would be key.

    Customers Purchase Decision Life Cycle is getting dynamic

    Media Planning ways needs to re-invent for e-commerce.


    Market Analysis

  • 6.5% of total ad spend was from digital.

    It is projected to touch 7.9%* of total by 2014

    Source: GroupM Report

    Digital Ad Spend in India

  • Though share of display advertising is reducing but still significant enough from volume perspective.

    SOLOMO (Social Local Mobile) have shown significant increase.

    Video is the latest buzzword in brand space with its spends projected to touch huge proportions.

    Digital Ad Spend - by format


    Publishers (New Challengers)

    eCommerce (New Challengers)

    Ad Networks (New Challengers)

    Social (New Challengers)

    Ad Agencies (New Challengers)

    Publishers (Old Masters)

    Search (The Old Masters)

    eCommerce (Old Masters)

    Ad Networks (Old Masters)

    Ad Agencies (Old Masters)

    The Players - Then and Now


    Digital Revenue Channels & Services Ecosystem

    TechnologyCreative Content Media Data & Analytics

    Display Media

    Search Marketing

    Search Optimisation

    Social Media & PR

    Affiliate Marketing


    Social API

    Mobile Apps

    CMS Design

    Web/SEO Content


    eCommerce Content

    Video Content

    Social & B2B Content

    Mobile Content

    Web Design

    Campaign Design

    Communication Design

    UI/UX Design

    HTML5 Design

    Google Analytics

    Social Monitoring

    Market Research


    Media Research

    Digital Branding & Customer Lifecycle Management


    Mainline Media Agency

    Mainline Ad Agency

    360 Degree Digital Agency

    Interactive Agency

    Digital PR & Social Media

    Digital Brand Consultancy

    Content Marketing Company

    Digital Activations

    Creative Content Technology Media Data & Analytics

    Yes Yes No No No

    Yes YesNo No No

    Yes Yes YesYes Yes

    Yes Yes Yes YesNo

    Yes Yes No No Yes

    Yes Yes No No Yes

    YesNo Yes YesNo

    Yes Yes Yes Yes No

    Players vs Services


    How to build a 360 Degree Digital Agency in India?


    Building 360 Degree Digital Agency

    I. SWOT Analysis of a PR AgencyII.Building 360 Degree Digital ServicesIII.Revenue Goal SettingIV.Region Wise Revenue Break UpV. Digital - Team Structure

    I. Core Team Structure

    II. Regional Team Structure

    III. Ops Team Structure

    VI.Sales & BD Strategy

  • S WO T

    Strengths of PR Agency Marketing Communication & Strategy Content Strategy & Design Public Influence & Social Outreach Brand Consulting & Advisory Data driven approach Strong reputation across media & ad world Powerful track record in execution

    Weakness Lack of strong digital specific credentials Lack of technology expertise Limited digital offering & resources Late entry in the market Not offering digital as core service

    Opportunity Fast growing socio-digital landscape With Googles Pigeon Algorithm, original

    content would become precursor to any websites SEO.

    Expanding retail to open local marketing opportunities.

    Massive mid-sized business market. Lack of B2B expertise across agencies

    Threats Global PR companies offering stronger

    technology and execution prowess. Consolidation of digital accounts by

    large global media houses. Shortage of trained manpower in Digital

    & in particular Mobile.

  • Current Digital Services offered by PR Companies Digital Intelligence Online Reputation Management Digital Media Influence Social Media Management Content Marketing

    Estimated Market Size by 2017 INR 380 Crore

    + Creative

    + Media

    + Technology

    Estimated Market Size by 2017 INR 8396 Crore

    Estimated Digital Market Size

  • 360 Degree Digital ServicesPortfolio

    Creative Design Services

    Digital Experience Design Brand Storytelling Web Design Mobile UI Design Digital Campaign Design Intranet Design Landing page design

    Performance Media Services

    Account Planning Media Buying Affiliate Marketing Search Marketing Search Optimisation Lead & Demand Generation Email Marketing

    Digital PR & Social Media Services

    Digital Intelligence Online Reputation

    Management Digital Media Influence Social Media Management Content Marketing Native Advertising


    Digital Team Structure

  • Digital Strategy Director (India)

    Business Manager (North Region)

    Business Manager (West Region)

    Business Manager (South & East)

    Social Media Lead

    Lead SEO & SEM

    Lead Media Buying & Planning

    Lead - Technology Creative Head

    Digital Core Team Structure (Sample)

    BD, Strategy & Servicing Technology Creative Media

  • Digital Regional Team Structure

    Business Manager (North)

    Business Manager (West)

    Business Manager (South & East)

    Client Servicing Executive (North)

    Client Servicing Executive (West)

    Client Servicing Executive (South & East)

  • Media Planners

    Head SEO & SEM

    Manager - Media Buying & PlanningManager - Technology Creative Head

    Web / HTML5 Developers

    App Developers

    Web Designers

    App UI Designers

    SEO Analysts

    Copy / Content Wr


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