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  1. 1. The breakout messaging service for gamers Gabriel Velez
  2. 2. 151 Million Gamers* PROBLEM: GAMERS LACK CROSS-PLATFORM CONNECTIVITY All console gaming communications are limited to that CONSOLE ONLY. *source: Essential-Facts-2015.pdf Our Target Customer Our target gamer is a mid-core gamer who spends 6.5 hours a week playing games with others. Who own 2 or more gaming consoles.
  3. 3. Any Chat. Any Gamer. Anywhere. Unified Contact List See What Your Friends Are Playing See The Console They Are On. Contact Them From Mobile Directly Into Console Discover New Gamers To Play With Carrier 100%8:08 AM Log In to Connect Xbox Live PSN START CHATTING!
  4. 4. THE TIME FOR GAMECHAT IS NOW 2015 Consoles all work within their own networks ONLY.. Gaming Closed Are just starting to recognize that gamers want a more unified experience. Sony Opened Platform 9965 Gaming IndustryMusic Industry At 99.3 Billion, gaming is now bigger than music industry* Gaming is becoming more diverse. Rates increasing. There is opportunity for connectivity to happen Integrating Xbox Live with PC for a singular experience. Microsoft Now Open *source:
  5. 5. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES How Gamechat is Different 95% 02 01 03 04 Messages show on gaming platform Presence - know what your friends are playing at anytime One place to communicate with gaming friends Deep integration with gaming consoles Competitors
  6. 6. MONETIZATION STRATEGY How We Make Coin In App Purchases 01 02Virtual & Physical based on games and products. Sticker Packs Connecting Advertisers directly To the gamer market. Advertising Video game characters interact with users. Messaging Bots 04 App skins of popular & independent games. Custom Themes 03 TO BREAK EVEN: Every Month 5% click on 2 ads vs 4.5% industry average (according to Smartinsights) User Monthly Spend of virtual goods to be $10 (5% of market) vs Average of $58 (according to IGN) Gamechat Cost per Acquisition is $2.83 vs Average of $3 (according to Fiksu) Must maintain 40% Average Monthly Growth - current Gamechat Average Monthly Growth is 69%. Must reach 23,435 users (@$2.83 CPM) to break even. TO BREAK EVEN:
  7. 7. TRACTION Customer Acquisition 1700+ SUBSCRIBERS* LIVE EVENTS QA TESTING TWITCH.TV SPONSOR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT *prelaunch Monthly Growth Rate over 20% in last 9 Months!
  8. 8. WHATS BEING SAID Gamechat has amazing potential to be the de facto standard for in-game communication. You have a winner. Ariel Michaeli, Co-Founder/CEO appFigures Sending messages to Xbox friends from my phone is mind- blowing! Gamechat - simple idea, but major benefit! James Quick, Microsoft Technical Evangelist The Gamechat founders are extremely intelligent & hardworking. This team will do big things in the near future. Mike Fishbein, former StartUpNext NY Director
  9. 9. MEET THE TEAM Michael Piggott | CEO Zachary Boyd | CTO PJ Williamson | iOS Dev Gabriel Velez | Design RIT Grad in Information Technology and Entrepreneurship Project Manager/Data Analyst at UBS, HSBC, & SocGen General Assembly Grad specializing in Immersive Web Development Co-Founder of charity called Chips for Charity, Inc. Currently a Technical Specialist at Columbia University Department of Psychiatry and New York State Psychiatric Institute An analytical thinker, building iOS applications with Swift. Over 15 years of freelance experience creating lasting brand strategies Winner 2013 Summer Startup Weekend NYC & 2013 Visa Global Security Summit Developer Challenge FELLOWSHIP
  10. 10. CONNECT WITH US Thanks so much for listening! Feel free to contact us at any time @getgamechat @gabevelez @gamechatim @gamechatim 30 John Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-661-3842 SPECIAL THANKS: