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  • December 2018 July 2019

    ANNUAL UPDATE Deadline Approaching

    People come and go. Unless villagers review and confirm or update their contact information annually, it is impos- sible to be sure who owns a home in MountainBrook, or if the contact information we have is current. Confirming homeowner contact information must be done for the website and the office independently,


    Homeowners are required to review and confirm or up- date their information annually if they want to be includ- ed the directories. This is done through the website. If help is needed contact Chris to assist you. Email: or phone: (480) 577-4309.

    The deadline to be included in the 2020 Directory is Thursday, August 15, 2019.

    All residents must be entered into the system separately to be included in the Directory. Women are the system administrator of each of the accounts, so when she re- news, the system will automatically renew the other homeowner with the same surname. Couples who have different last names may need to update individually.

    An email will be sent on July 15th with a reminder to those who have yet to confirm/update. Click on the green link in the email, it will take you to your account. Scroll down the page to see your Profile. If no contact edits are needed, click on the green Renew to 15 Aug 2020 button.

    If a change needs to be made, click on Edit Profile at the top of that section. Make the necessary adjustments and click on Save, return to the profile page and click on the Renew to 15 Aug 2020 button.


    Getting email blasts from First Service Residential, our management team is also important, so making sure they have your current information is critical as well. Please stop in the office and confirm or update your contact in- formation with Shannon or Susan at the front desk.

    If you are not in the village at this time, you may send an email message to either:

    Shannon at: or

    Susan at:

    Provide the following information for each resident indi- vidually:

    • First and Last Name

    • MountainBrook Address • Subdivision and Lot number • email address and phone number If you have a neighbor who doesn’t have a computer, please have them call Chris for website assistance. Thank you!


    2178 sf, 3 bdrms, 2 bths, 2 car extended gar! NEW ROOF in 2018!

    You will love this one!

    $339,000 Call Cathy

    HIDDEN CANYON BEAUTY! HTD POOL! VIEWS VIEWS! WOW! Open Floor plan, loaded with upgrades, Fireplace and 2.5 car garage, 2298 sf, 2 large

    master suites! 2 baths, redesigned Kitchen! BUILT-IN BBQ!

    $459,000 Call Lisa


    1925 SF, 2 baths, 2.5 car garage! FURNISHED! Exterior painted and

    new wtr htr in 2017, fully fenced back yard! lots more!

    $350,000 Call Cathy


    IN THE PINNACLES! 1444 SF, 2 bdrms, 2 bths, 2 car gar with

    cabinets! VIEWS TOO!

    $324,500 Call Dawn

    480-983-8383 Notary services available by appointment

    See all of our homes on virtual tour at





    8704 E Jumping Cholla ACACIA $339,000 Cathy & Lori


    4985 S Nighthawk ACACIA $440,000 Lisa

    7530 E Rugged Ironwood DESERT HOLLY $365,000 Cathy

    4839 Crested Saguaro JASMINE $325,000 Ronelle

    8789 Aloe Dr DESERT HOLLY $376,000 Zach & Shelly

    8784 E Golden Cholla Dr PALO BLANCO $340,000 Cathy

    5789 S Pinnacle LANTANA $320,000 Dawn

    5711 S Juniper Hills Dr ST ANDREWS $309,000 Sam

    7702 E Chuparosa DESERT HOLLY $339,000 Lisa

    6321 S Niblick Ct ACACIA $389,000 Ronelle

    5460 S Indigo Dr BELMONT $375,000 Cathy

    5826 Pinnacle Ln LANTANA $305,000 Lisa

    8101 S Bursage Cir ST ANDREWS $451,500 Gail

    4790 S Nighthawk Dr DESERT HOLLY $389,000 Lisa

    8420 E Golden Cholla DESERT HOLLY $256,000 Dawn

    5158 S Marble Dr 1608 sf JASMINE $290,000 Lori

    5505 S Red Yucca Ln 2015sf BRADSHAW $385,000 Cathy

    8648 E Jumping Cholla 1520 sf PINEHURST $220,000 Cathy

    5140 S Desert Willow Dr 1520 SF JASMINE $279,900 Cathy



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    Mountaineer July 2019

    Caring Corner Sandy Collard, Caring Corner Chairman

    Illness: Marie Valburg PV If you should hear of someone who has passed away or is ill, please email or call or text Sandy Collard at 480 227-7271. Thank you. I’m worried that Sandy is not being notified of MBV Illnesses and Memorials. Please pass this information on to her if you hear of anyone that needs our thoughts and prayers (see email and phone number above). After confirming the information, Sandy noti- fies the Mountaineer and Website and sends cards of get well or condolences from MBV. Thank you for your help, Diana Jensen, Editor

    Come Dance With Us by Lynnel Cochrane

    When Martha and the Vandella's in 1965 sang:

    "Calling out, around the world Are you ready for a brand-new beat? Summer's here and the time is right For dancing in the street."

    they probably were not referring to MBV where any out- side dancing has been poolside!

    The dance committee, our co-chairs Debbie and Lynn and our Lifestyle Director Jennifer have continued to work behind the scenes to confirm a 'sizzling' line up of bands for the coming season. By special request, returning bands will include: That Cool Band, Eric the Entertainer, Imag- ine Band, and Outside the Line. In addition, making their first appearance at MBV we will welcome Come Back Buddy and Cactus Wine. Until the fall season gets under- way, we hope that wherever you may be 'dancing' this summer, you are having a great time.

    Help AZ be Number One !

    An interesting article appeared in the AZ Republic on

    June 24 regarding a study on hot dog consumption. Ac-

    cording to the study, Arizonans consume an estimated

    279 hot dogs per person annually. Wow, that is a lot of

    trips to Costco to grab the screaming deal of $1.50 for a

    hot dog and a beverage. Someone else is picking up the

    slack for me because you can count on both hands how

    many hot dogs I eat in a year.

    The article goes on to report that AZ is tied for 4th

    place in hot dog consumption along with North

    Carolina, South Carolina and Rhode Island. Rhode

    Island kind of made me scratch my head. How many peo-

    ple live in Rhode Island? Is that the only thing they eat?

    Now for the moment you have been waiting for. Which

    states beat out Arizona in hot dog consumption? The #1

    position goes to West Virginia. Really? The word is that

    West Virginians scarf down 481 hot dogs per capita.

    Think about this; 365 days in the year, 481 hot dogs. An-

    other wow. Then we move on to the #2 place which goes

    to Illinois who I thought would be number one. I suspect

    any Chicagoan is aghast to learn Illinois is number two,

    eating ‘only’ 317 per person. Something is wrong here, it

    seems that there are hot dog stands everywhere in Chica-

    go, Portillo’s reigns supreme through the suburbs. They

    have even opened a few Portillo’s here in AZ. When I

    worked in downtown Chicago a favorite lunch spot was

    Gold Coast Hot Dogs. Stand along the counter to place

    you order, if anyone ordered catsup on the hot dog the

    entire staff was on alert and the patron was verbally

    abused. Loudly! True Chicagoans do not eat catsup on

    hot dogs. Or so Gold Coast Hot Dogs wanted you to


    Drum roll please for #3: Pennsylvania with 289 hot dogs.

    I just don’t have much to say about this except if some-

    one from AZ would have eaten 11 more dogs Pennsylva-

    nia would have been sitting with the likes of the Caroli-

    nas and good old Rhode Island.

    The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council estimate 150

    million hot dogs are consumed on Fourth of July alone. It

    just so happens that July is National Hot Dog Month with

    National Hot Dog Day falling on July 17 in 2019. Mark

    that date on your calendar.

    So, here in MountainBrook we had some great practice eating hot dogs at the June 21 summer party. They were

    delicious and it was a great time. Don’t let the momen- tum die down, do your part to get AZ out of fourth place! Maybe we can talk Jennifer into another hot dog extrava-

    ganza before the cooler weather hits. I myself am considering a trip to Portillo’s in Tempe for National Hot Dog Day! Anyone else???

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    Mountaineer July 2019

    Board Highlights Submitted by Janet Christopherson

    We had a successful Board of Directors meeting in June. A policy and six charters governing the steering commit- tees were approved along with a change to the storage policy. Two benche