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    ThDiaccrediting agency for education pro-grams preparing students for careersas Registered Dietitians and DieteticTechnicians, Registered. CADE es-tab







    ApFringMaincolenengrawioulevforNutetina Cto receive the mailing when avail-able, please e-mail your request or fax it to 312/475-1405. If you would like to con-






    DfoisbMPevAspLAS. Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000,Chicago, IL 60606;; 312/899-4829; or fax,



    2lishes and enforces eligibility re- sider sponsorship or exhibiting at the312/899-4812.

    009 by the American Dietetic Association Journal of the AMERICAN DIETETIC ASSOCIATION 2107from th


    DE Invites Program Accreditation Input

    credited dietetics education pro-ms are periodically reviewed to

    sure they uphold the standards setth by the Commission on Accredi-ion for Dietetics Education. Part of

    program review process is thesideration of third-party input on

    programs practices, procedures,d educational outcomes. Membersth concern as to a programs com-ance with the standards are en-raged to forward their comments

    CADE.list of programs under review for

    tial or renewed accreditation and aresponding site visit scheduled is

    ailable at Accreditation Standards are lo-ed at comments on substantive mat-

    s related to the quality of any ofse educational programs must bet 30 days prior to the programseduled site visit or by the desig-

    ted review date to: The Americanetetic Association, ATTN: Ulricung, PhD, 120 South Riversideza, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60606.

    est CADE Accreditation Decisionslished Online

    e Commission on Accreditation foretetics Education (CADE) is ADAs

    DA CALENDAR010 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoovember 6-9, 2010;oston, MA

    011 ADA Food & Nutritiononference & Expoeptember 24-27, 2011;an Diego, CAe associrements and accreditation stan-rds that ensure the quality andtinued improvement of nutrition

    d dietetics education programs.he accreditation decisions madethe most recent CADE meetingavailable at

    /xchg/ada/hs.xsl/CADE_824_ENU_ML.htm andinclude status of pro-ms which have received candidacyaccreditation, initial accreditation,tinued accreditation, probationaryreditation, and withdrawal fromreditation.

    nating Journals

    mbers often inquire about donat-their old Journals to a good cause,

    t dont know where to start. Theb site for the Health Sciences Li-ry at the University of Buffalo pro-es a list of organizations that ac-t donations of old journals andistribute them to developing coun-

    es, found at http://libweb.lib.buffalo.u/dokuwiki/hslwiki/doku.php?idok_donations. The Journal encour-es our readers to take advantage ofs opportunity to share our knowl-ge.


    ical Nutrition Management Symposium

    ril 10-13, 2010, Parc 55 Hotel Sanancisco, San Francisco, CA. Pioneer-

    the Future of Clinical Nutritionnagement: Innovative Leadership2010 and Beyond. Please join yourleagues in San Francisco to experi-ce a program that will provide sci-tific knowledge, frameworks, pro-ms, processes, and strategies that

    ll help you and your dietitians taker dynamic profession to the nextel. Brochures with registration in-mation will be sent to all Clinicaltrition Management (CNM) die-ic practice group (DPG) membersJanuary. If you are not currentlyNM DPG member and would likeiationPEOPLE & EVENTSposium, please contact Kim Bren-

    s, RD, LD, at 440/477-3029 no latern February 15, 2010.

    ernational Probiotic Conference0IPC 2010

    ne 15-17, 2010, Kosice, Slovakia.e International Probiotic Confer-ce 2010 (IPC 2010) program willus on current advances in the sci-ce and research of probiotics, prebi-cs, and their present and futuree in maintaining health and pre-ting diseases. New developments

    their selection, identification, pro-ction, application, and delivery will

    eadline for submitting materialr the People and Events sectionthe first of the month, 3 months

    efore the date of the issue (eg,ay 1 for the August issue).ublication of an educationalent is not an endorsement by thessociation of the event oronsor. Send material to: Ryanipscomb, Editor, Journal of themerican Dietetic Association, 120

    ell Us Your Issue . . .e care about the concerns of ADAembers and want to hear from

    ou. There are four easy ways toubmit your issues: 312/899-4790.Phone 800/877-1600 ext 5000.Contact your delegate.

    You will receive immediate confir-ation that your message has been

    eceived and action will be takenithin 2 months. For more informa-on, visit ADAs member home pagend click on Member Issues or

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    2108 December 2009 Volume 109 Number 12discussed, and safety, regulatoryues, and claim substantiation willalso addressed by internationallyowned experts from industry anddemia.n addition, novel strains and con-versial but scientifically solid ideasd approaches will be presented,d worldwide cooperation betweenentists and institutions facilitated.r more information visit:

    ernational Society of Hypertensioneting

    ptember 26-30, 2010, Vancouvernvention and Exhibition Centre,ncouver, BC, Canada. The Interna-nal Society of Hypertension (ISH)ites you to participate in their

    rd Scientific Meeting, ISH 2010,d meet with the worlds leadingentific and medical specialists todress the current state of knowl-ge and research in cardiovascular

    health and risk reduction. Keynotepresentations, industry- and investi-gator-initiated symposia, oral andposter presentations, public forums,and exhibits will focus on the risk re-duction theme and stress new inte-grative approaches to cardiovasculardiseases.The ISH 2010 Call for Abstract

    is now open. The deadline for sub-mission is March 15, 2010. Com-plete guidelines, instructions onhow to submit an abstract, and topiccategories can be found on the ISH2010 website at


    ADA Member Named Health andAging Policy Fellow

    Kelly Horton, MS, RD, has been se-lected as a Health and Aging Policy

    Fellow. The fellowship is supportedby the Atlantic Philanthropies. Thegoal of the program is to create acadre of professional leaders who willserve as positive change agents inhealth and aging policy, helping toshape a healthy and productive fu-ture for older Americans. Horton isthe first registered dietitian to servein this fellowship.


    Karla Johnson, June 2009, earneda bachelor of science degree fromMichigan State University in 2008and was a graduate student in dietet-ics at Texas A&M University, Kings-ville. Johnson worked as a healthscreen tech for the University ofMichigan Medical Center and was anintern with the Java Roasters ofBrighton, MI.