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  • 1. De La Salle University- Dasmarias

2. Content:1.St. John Baptist De La Salle2.Brother Gus Boquer3.Vision of DLSU-D4.Mission of DLSU-D5.The Lasallian students6.Features of school7.Seven colleges of DLSU-D8.Enrollment Procedures9.School Uniform10. The Alma Mater song11. Map of DLSU-D 3. St. John Baptist DeLa SalleJohn Baptist de La Salle was born into aworld very different from our own. He wasthe first son of wealthy parents living inFrance over 300 years ago. Born atReims, John Baptist de La Salle received thetonsure at age eleven and was named Canonof the Reims Cathedral at sixteen. Thoughhe had to assume the administration offamily affairs after his parents died, hecompleted his theological studies and wasordained a priest on April 9, 1678.Two yearslater he received a doctorate in theology.Meanwhile he became tentatively involvedwith a group of rough and barely literateyoung men in order to establish schools forpoor boys. 4. Brother Gus Boquer Brother Gus Boquer, a prime mover for various De La Salle Institutions, spoke during the event. A few days ago, a Lasallian brother was nominated for sainthood. The brother had no special qualities. He did not perform any outstanding feat. He just did ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Brother Gus continued, and so, if you use the talents God gave you and if you do it well, then you, too, could be a saint. 5. Vision De La Salle University-Dasmarias is a FilipinoCatholic University established and managed by theDe La Salle Brothers and their lay partners in thehistoric province of Cavite in response to the needsof the Church and the Nation for human and Christianeducation, particularly the youth at risk. Guided bythe Lasallian values of Faith, Zeal and Communion, theUniversity participates meaningfully in the process ofsocial transformation by forming God-centered, people-oriented, and patriotic persons whoserve as responsible and professionally competentstewards of Gods creation. 6. Mission To realize this vision, the University shall strive to become a leading institution nationally and globally in the integral formation of the youth by offering relevant, responsive, and community- oriented academic programs, research and extension services, and promoting a keen sense of history, arts and culture. Following the footsteps of Saint John Baptist De La Salle, the University shall continue transforming itself into a caring community guided by Gospel values, with a fervent spirit of service, love for learning and excellence through a holistic formation of its members. 7. Who are the Lasallian students?Lasallian students are unique and gifted individuals who: Strive to integrate the Gospel perspective and valuesin the conduct of their daily lives. Are committed to excellence in order to be ofgreater service to God and country. Takes progressive responsibility for their ownlearning and development. Express concern and compassion for the plight of thevulnerable and marginalized sectors of society andrespond to their needs. Work together creatively, constructively,enthusiastically to support the Lasallian mission. 8. Features of SchoolThe oval The rotonda 9. The grandstand Bahay Pag-asa 10. The fountain in front ofthe chapel The CBA building 11. The JFH building The chapel 12. Courses offered: DLSU-D offered various courses under its seven colleges:1. College of Business Administration and Accountancy2. College of Education3. College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology4. College of Criminal Justice Education5. College of International and Hospitality Management6. College of Liberal Arts7. College of Science 13. College of Business Administration and Accountancy1. BS Accountancy Marketing and Advertising2. BS Business AdministrationManagement major in: Agribusiness3. BS Business Office Business Management Administration major in Office Business Management ( evening Management class)4. Associate in Office Business Operations Administration Management Economics Entrepreneurial Management Entreprenuership Human Resource Development Management Management Acoounting Marketing Management 14. College of Education: 1. Bachelor of Elementary Education with concentration in: Early Childhood Education Special Education2. Bachelor of Physical Education3. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:Biological ScienceEnglishFilipinoMathematicsPhysical ScienceSocial Science 15. College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology1.BS Architecture11. BS Industrial Technology2.BS Civil Engineering 12 Two years Certificate in:3.BS Computer Science Automotive TechnologyComputer Technology4.BS Electrical Engineering Electrical Technology5.BS Electronics Engineering 13. Industrial Electronics major in6.BS Electronics and Industrial ElectronicsCommunications Engineering Technology7.BS Graphic Design andMultimedia8.BS Environmental andSanitary Engineering9.BS Industrial Engineering10. BS Mechanical Engineering 16. College of Criminal Justice Education1. BS Criminology ( Semestral Program)2. BS Criminology ( Trimester Program) 17. College of International and Hospitality Management1. BS Hotel and Restaurant Management2. BS Tourism Management 18. College of Liberal Arts1. Bachelor of Arts in: Broadcast Journalism Communication Community Development Development Studies Philosophy Political Science Psychology 19. College of Science1. BS Applied Math2. BS Biology major in Human Biology3. BS Biology with concentration un Environmental Biology4. BS Medical Biology5. BS Computer Science6. BS Information Technology7. Associate in Computer Science with Certificate in:Programming and CISCO Networking TechnologyProgramming and Internet Technology 20. Enrollment Procedures: Freshmen Requirements and Procedures (Filipino Applicants): 1. Requirements for applicationa. filed out application formb. 1 pc. of 2x2 pic and 1x1 picc. F- 138 ( for those who stopped after fourth year, present your original copy) 2. Requirements for confirmation a. form 138 ( fourth year high school card) b. Original certificate of good moral and recommendation letter c. 3 pcs. of 2x2 pics./6 pcs. of 2x2 pics. d. photocopy of NSO birth certificate e. photocopy of police /NBI clearance ( from criminology studentsonly) 21. Station 1AGregoria Montoya Hall- Submission of enrollment permitStudent Admission Office - Issuance of registration formCounter 18Station 1B Scholarship Grantees Counter 21 22. Station 2Animo ShopSantiago Alvarez Hall- Issuance/Measurement of school( between CEAT AND CBA bldg.)uniform. Station 3Gregoria Montoya Hall- Payment of feesCASHIER1. Full payment Counter 14, 15, 162. InstallmentOption 1:a. 40% upon enrollmentb. 30% on or before prelim examc. 30% on or before midterm examOption 2: a. 40% upon enrollment b. 20% three monthly payment 23. Chao dto mo ilagay ung pic ng app. Form..nd ko lng Station 3Bma-download ee..salamat.Gregoria Montoya HallRegistrars Office Counter 5 ( application of I.D)Station 4 Gregoria Montoya HallRegistrars OfficeCounter 5- Confirmation of enrollment 24. School Uniform:Male:Beige santana, polo barong withthe embroidered logo of theuniversity, while sando inside andchocolate brown slack. They areEnjoined to wear black closedleathered shoes with dark coloredsocks. 25. Female:uniform is white, blouse withschool patch on the left collar,emerald green slacks and closedblack leathered shoes, if sockswere to be worn, plain blackor skin tone. 26. The Alma Mater songHail, Hail, Alma Materhail to De La Salle!Well hold your bannerhigh and bright! Ashield of green andwhite! Well fight tokeep your glory brightand never shall wefail, hail to thee ourAlma Mater Hail! Hail!Hail! 27. MAP OF DLSU-D 28. De La Salle University- Dasmarias


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