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Presentation OnTraining atDDK-PATNA

Submitted By:- Niraj KUMAR E.C. (C-1) BBDITHISTORY

Doordarshan = Distant + Show One of the largest broadcasting organizations in India in terms of the infrastructure of studios and transmitters. Doordarshan is a public broadcast terrestrial Channel run by Prasarbharati Broadcasting started in India in the year 19231st T.V Station was established in Delhi in 1959 T.V was separated from AIR in 1976 DD has 1500 Transmitters and 70 Production centers across the Country.


Broadcasting:Process of sending information to a distant place is called Broadcasting.

Means of Broadcasting in India: 1.Terrestrial 2.Satellite 3.Internet

Both AIR & DD make use of both Terrestrial & satellite.

OVERVIEW Some facts about Doordarshan!!!

1.Directly works Under Government Policies .Indias National TV Channel / wireless Broadcasting Media ( DD National/ DD News / DD sports Etc. )3. Free To Air Service provider.4.Not in the race of TRP.5.Program that comes have information as well as moral values.6.Always provide authentic news .

CONTENTS1.Television Standard2.Studio3.Camera

1.Television Standard2.Studio3.Camera4.Television Lighting5.Acoustic System6.Vision Mixture7.MSR8.Transmitter9.Earth Station10.Process of Transmission

Television Standard

NTSC-National television standards committee(US) (525 Horizontal & 60 vertical lines)SECAM-System electronics for colour avec memory (FRANCE)(625 vertical & 50horizantal lines)PAL- Phase Alternating lines(GERMANY)(625 horizontal & 50 vertical line)Television standards used in India is PAL PAL ENCODER & DECODER

Input is the primary colour (i.e. red, green, blue) into matrix circuit as Y, R-Y, B-Y.Y=0.30R+0.59G+0.11BU=0.477(R-Y)V=0.895(B-Y)Out of 625 horizontal line only 575 are active50 vertical lines


Atelevision studiois an installation in which televisionorvideoproductions take place by using several supporting equipments

Type Of Studio

Studio A (Main)

Studio A requires four cameras.

Studio A is used for recording of programmes and other activities.

Studio B (News)

Studio B requires two cameras.Studio B is used for News recording & regional transmission.


CameraLightingMicrophonesVision mixer and Audio consolesMSRVTRAcousticsPost production and video effectsSupporting services like AC, UPS


A TV camera consist of three section.

Optical part - To form optical image.Transducer - To convert optical image in to electrical signal.Electronic part - To process output of a transducer to get a CCVS (colour composit video signal).

CCD Camera are used for recordingTELEVISION LIGHTING

Doordarshan studio has three basic lights :-Key light This is the principal light source of illumination. It is hard light which provides shining on the front part of objects.Fill light It controls the lighting contrast by filling in shadows.Back light It separate the objects from the background .

Acoustic System

It is derived from a Greek word akoustos which means hearing.It is use to prevent sounds from its echo.In Doordarshan studio , all the sound must have to be done Acoustic treatment to preserve the originality of the sound along with extending maximum pleasure to the listener.

Vision Mixer

Avision mixeris a device used to select between several differentvideosources and in some cases mix video sources together and add special effects.It has many input sources such as cameras, VCR/ server, Graphics/Character Generators, etc.Out of these i/p, any source can be taken as o/p.Sources can be changed as cut to cut, dissolve, wipe and other special effects.

Typical video chain

1-Use PAL system (720*576) in 4:3 aspect ratio.2-For TV Transmission It uses VSM .3-It Uses C Band( DTH uses Ku band) and in the transmitter room it has two 10 KW Transmitters for Broadcasting.

MSR (Master switching Room)

It is the heart of the studio.Most of the switching electronics is kept e.g. camera base stations, switcher main frame, SPG, Satellite receivers, MW link, DDA & most of the patch panels.Signal is routed through MSR.Signal can be Monitored at various stages

Camera control unitCHARCTER GENERATORS CONTROL APPARATUS ROOMIncludes the power supply unit UPS room.VIDEO TAPE RECORDERConsists of recorded materials i.e. v.c.R


Atelevision transmitteris a device which broadcasts anelectromagneticsignalto thetelevisionreceivers.

AlsoConnect earth station to satellites

Earth station

Earth Station is a very important part of satellite communication system for broadcasting of signals. It is an uplink center from which the signals are fed to Satellite for distribution in a specified area covered by the Satellite.The signal is up-linked from the Earth Station and received by many down link centers in TV broad casting via PDA.



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