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DCI public relations, communication specialist and social media 30-60-90 Plan


  • 1. DCI 30-60-90 PLAN AMANDA VRIEZE Public Relations Communications Specialist Creative Marketer Forward Thinker Change Agent
  • 2. BRAINSTORM WITH DCI EMPLOYEES Introduce myself and schedule a meeting with various different departments within DCI and discuss the following topics: 1) The vision for their department and DCI as a whole. 2) Goals they want to achieve or tasks they want to accomplish. 3) How are they currently trying to achieve that goal. 4) What issues or struggles they are having. 5) Relationships with DCI audience/target market. 6) Brainstorm ideas on achieving the goal. 7) Coming up with a game plan on achieving those goals.
  • 3. SELF PREPARATION Prepare and gather information for presentations and answers to questions. Begin creating the following: Film/ clip videos for media outlets, social media and websites Tip handouts (ex: Tips how to keep your kidney healthy) Information about services Inventions and awareness on social media and website for events or purpose workshops. Coming up with fun involvement for during health fairs
  • 4. mobile text, ect. Text
  • 5. REVAMP ONLINE AND SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCES Help brainstorm ways to revamp DCI websites and making it more interactive and visual to public audience. Gain social media followers and create interaction. Reward Advocates Provide private place for discussion Encourage feedback Make personal connections
  • 6. DEVELOP ONLINE PRESS KITS, ADS, PROMOTE ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS AND DONATION OPPORTUNITIES TO THE PUBLIC Create Social Media Ads Use online fundraising events by using Crownfunding tools such as FundRazr. Fact sheets and Quizzes Information on events, purpose workshops or opportunities. Create calendars or add events on website, social media, local magazines and news papers. Develop blog pitching strategy
  • 7. WORKING ON INVOLVEMENT AMONG THE COMMUNITY, ADVOCATES, PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIES. ECT. 1. Work with social workers to start support groups and community awareness or charities and donations. 2. Contacting families that have struggled with End-Stage Renal Disease. Encouraging them to start support groups and/or starting some community involvement. 3. Search for key public figures who have been personally affected by End-Stage Renal Disease. Ask for assistance or support in promoting DCI. Share there experiences or be a spokes person for the DCI.
  • 8. Keep focus on key events on specific and events : Kidney Awareness month and O camp Using Google Ad words and social media Ads. Infographics Media kits Adding widgets to social media Informing media outlets and local advocates. Create direct mail pieces that can be distributed to your target audiences.
  • 9. MEDIA OUTLET Leverage the media to provide editorial coverage of the issue and the ongoing programs . Develop a statewide media list that includes: Name and type of publication Editor/reporter contact information Preferred method of contact.
  • 10. REACHING OUT TO PHYSICIANS Reaching out and speaking with Nephrologists at conferences on helping them receive funds on research development. Providing them a simple online resources and educating them on different methods of treatments.
  • 11. DEVELOP PARTNERSHIPS WITH HEALTH LEADER OR RETAILERS, MANUFACTURERS AND COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Find companies that believe in DCI cause and work with their communications department to calibrate in raising awareness on donations, events, and involvement. Partner with companies and organizations that sell health products. Examples of targeted retailers and community organizations include: Goodwill CVS Pharmacy Faith based organizations


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