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1. Dayton's Nightlife - Yahoo Voices I'm not going to lie... I've grown up in the Dayton area since I was 3 and it's not the most happening city when it comes to a nightlife scene. But, don't be discouraged...there are several good places to grab a drink, have a dance, and meet new people in a cool setting. If you're hitting bars south of town, there's Vue. Set in a strip mall on 725 east of the I-675 interchange, Vue is one of the coolest treasures Washington Township has to offer. From the outside, you wouldn't even know it's a club...but open the door and it looks like you've walked into Austin Powers' pad of the millenium. Velvet covered couches and chairs line the upper deck of the bar, fireplaces in each corner, bumpin' music, and bright orange walls greet the bar hopper. Perhaps the most fascinating asset this bar offers is the fact that women can get drinks at the bar in the bathroom rather than waiting in line at the main bar. Sorry, guys... I hear they don't offer the same amenities in the men's room. The bar is labeled as a martini bar, and they do make some great ones in every imaginable flavor- -watermelon, peach, chocolate, chocolate raspberry, apple....the list goes on. The prices here are a little steep, but it's worth it just for the people watching. Across the street in another shopping plaza is Fox & Hound. Called an "English Pub," this bar has a great variety of beers on tap. If they don't carry it on draft, you can easily find it in bottles...the bartenders are friendly and make great mixed drinks-- I reccommend a cranberry and remy martin-- but you do pay for what you get. This is one of the few bars I've found where you can play ping pong, which is a nice addition to the shuffleboard, pool, darts, and multiple tv/video screens throughout the three-roomed complex. If you're downtown Dayton, have a Guiness at the Dublin Pub--set at the corner of the infamous Oregon District. Built to look like it's straight out of Ireland, the Dub Pub (as the locals call it) has a friendly feel, lots of live bands, and a great collection of irish whiskeys and beers on tap. They also have cigar smoking rooms toward the back. Again, prices are a little steep...but it's a great location and atmosphere for a change of pace. For those who like to get their groove on, Dayton has a few dance spots... three are all very close to one another. Near the corner of Second and St. Clair is Pearl and Hammerjacks...just down the road is the Foundry. 2. Pearl is small, but draws a decent crowd. They are also open until 3 or 3:30, which makes it a good place to hit after finishing up at the other spots in town. Hammerjacks is a good place, because it has something for everyone. Upstairs you'll find a chillin' lounge with a big screen tv, couches, a few bar tables and pool tables, as well as a smaller (yet, still full service) bar. Downstairs, two other bars, a few booth/tables, and a double deck dance floor for those wanting to dance. One definate plus to Hammerjacks- -they have a coat check...definatly a must in the winter months. The Foundry is a warehouse turned club and they are open very late for the hard core dancers. Drinks are average, and mid-level priced, the DJ's spin everything from hip hop to techno and house, and there are scattered tables, chairs and couches throughout the supersized club. Only drawback to the Foundry is the sound system. It's a decent system, but the sound reverberates terribly in the open warehouse. Definately a good place to rock out. There are numerous other small clubs and bars sprinkled throughout Dayton---some good, some have great drink deals, others are a good place to meet locals. Depending on what you want, the city has something for everyone.