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  • 1. Day 3 Military Service & War Assignment #1 1. Assuming you just turned 18 in 2001, would you have joined the US military after 9-11? 2. Page 119 Contrast Ben Franklin with his son. 3. What does Patrick Henry mean by this quote? Hold on to this paper

2. Page 126 Show clip 3. Winning the Revolution Colonists sent Ben Franklin to Paris Why no help? Battle of Saratoga Spent millions to help colonists Spain helped too 4. #4 Compare and contrast Shays Rebellion (150) with the Whiskey Rebellion (207) #5. Was the new US government justified in using force? 5. What do we remember about the French Revolution? 6. Read pages 209-210 6. 5 reasons US should stay neutral 7. 5 reasons US should help French patriots 7. Right side: agree Middle: it depends Left side: disagree The new USA should have helped the French patriots overthrow their king. 8. Right side: agree Middle: it depends Left side: disagree A strong US military creates important job opportunities in the United States. 9. Right side: agree Middle: it depends Left side: disagree The USA should always support democratic governments in the world rather than monarchies (Saudi Arabia) or dictatorships (Egypt 1980-2011) . 10. Right side: agree Middle: it depends Left side: disagree The USA should overthrow the authoritarian government of North Korea. 11. Right side: agree Middle: it depends Left side: disagree The USA should always stop genocides around the world. 12. Page 212 8. Why was the Battle of Fallen Timbers important? 9. Draw a small map showing Americans and their new territory. 10. If you were a Native American living in that area what would you have done after the battle? 13. Military Assignment #2 1. Which war do you think the National Anthem about? 2. Do you think the US should still have military bases in South Korea, Japan, Australia, Germany, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia? Explain 14. Flags as symbols 15. War of 1812 Page 224 Star Spangled Banner Siege of Baltimore 16. # 3 OPTIC on graphic Source: London Newspaper 1813 John Bull Symbol of England 17. In your groups Read pages 225-227 Create a 3 minute scene based on the war Everyone must talk in group Cant use burned down the White House 18. End of Assignment #2 #4 page 226 movement question at bottom of page #5 Write 3 test questions based on the War of 1812 19. After 1776 1804 Haiti 1810 Mexico 1812 Venezuela 1815 Colombia Next Assignment: Texas #1 OPTIC on map 20. Mexico Mexican American War 21. 2. Who were the empresarios? 2. What were they supposed to do when they got to Texas? 3. How can you easily remember what the state of Texas looks like? Texas, Chapter 9 22. Mexico 1820-1846 23. 1830 Mexico 24. #4 In 1832. You are the advisors to Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. Santa Anna is also the head military general of Mexico. Stephen F. Austin, angered by your change in border policy and recent ban on slavery, has come to Mexico City to negotiate a settlement on the Northern Frontier (the state of Tejas). Austin has recently written a letter to Tejano leaders asking for independence from Mexico. #4 What will your group suggest the president does? 25. Texas Rebellion 1834 Stephen F. Austin arrested by Mexican government for treason (1835 released) 1836 Texas raises Rebel Army Houston General #5 How is it similar to American Revolution? #6 How is it different to American Revolution? Sam Houston 26. Texas Rebellion March 6, 1836 Alamo San Antonio Mexican victory 27. Texas Rebellion March 27, 1836 Battle of Goliad Mexican victory 309 POWs all killed #7 Mistake to kill POWs? 28. Texas Rebellion April 21, 1836 San Jacinto Texans victory September 1, 1836 Texas independent country USA refuses to annex (slavery issue) 29. #8 They all owned slaves and rebelled against Mexico to continue ownership. Should Texas celebrate them as heroes? #9 How would your state have viewed Texas annexation in 1836? 30. 10. BIG Texas Assignment 2 battles, 2 dates Design a postcard, showing 2 battles and 2 dates Song or rap about Texas rebellion 3 newspaper headlines + dates in Mexico City paper 31. Next Assignment Mexican-American War 1. Describe a time someone took something from you. 2. What is on the California state flag? 32. Brainstorm with your group 2. 5 positive things about life in the United States 3. 3 positive things about life in Mexico 33. Mexican-American War 1846-1848) James Polk (Pres- 1845-1849) Antonio Santa Ana Pres- (1833-1855) 34. How much to take?4.Decide at your tables how much to take? 3 pros and cons of your 2nd choice 5. What would your state have wanted? 35. 3 group What ifs? 6. What if the US never annexed Texas? 7. What if Mexico won the war against the US? 8. What would it take to improve relations between the US and Mexico? 36. King of the Hill 37. 8 ment/article/Texas-fighting-for-Santa-Anna-s- leg-5483826.php#/0 38. Last Assignment 20 points 2 paragraph letter to editor of Houston Chronicle newspaper 1st paragraph why you are writing and who do you think should have the leg 2nd paragraph two events that have caused either side to think they should have it (Texas, Mexico, Illinois)