Day 2 of editing

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Day 2 of editing

Day 2 of editing

Rearranging video footage

As you can see here, we have a lot of footage and it can be quite confusing when we are looking for a particular clip. We changed the view of the clips from a written list to icons as shown in this picture. This is slightly easier, however we felt we could make it even clearer.

Reviewing clips

In this picture, Eli is watching our footage and checking which ones we will need. We done this so that we only have the clips we will definitely be using open on Final Cut Pro. Watching the clips also allowed us to see which ones which so we could rename them.

Renaming clips

Finally, we renamed our video clips. For example, the first clip in this picture is called walking mid shot. This enables us to be clear on what this video footage is, and when we need this shot we can easily find it.