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1 3 9 6 5 L O N G R I D G E R D . L O S G AT O S , C A 9 5 0 3 3 P H O N E ( 4 0 8 ) 8 2 8 - 2 4 5 1 E - M A I L D AV I D _ M C C A L L _ F O S T E R @ H O T M A I L . C O MD AV I D M C C A L L F O S T E RSUMMARYProfessional computer graphics artist in charge of preproduction, production, and postproduction of architectural visualizations and animations, including all modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, filming, compositing, and animating.EDUCATIONSanta Clara University, Santa Clara, CA Bachelor of Arts, June 2006 Major: Studio Art Minor: EnglishPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEJune 2006 Present City, CADES Architects & Engineers, Redwood Graphic Artist Translate architectural documents and designs into 3D models, working in all aspects of an environment from a shots conception through to post production Organize and maintain very complex, detailed files of 3D models for quick revisions and adaptations of building designs Utilize Photoshop to create textures and materials and for postproduction on still images Animate camera passes, surrounding objects, and people to give context or perspective to the design Storyboard animation project including shot description, camera movement, sketches of camera movement, and lighting Film and composite live action footage into 3D environments Render architectural visualizations, managing a myriad of controls and settingswhile rendering, and diagnosing and fixing problems that arise while rendering Photograph building sites to document projects and to build a portfolio of reference pictures for the recreation of sites in 3DCOMPUTER SKILLS PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS3D Studio Max Vray Photoshop After Effects Illustrator PremiereTrained in the principles of black and white photography Self-trained in the zone system Medium format camera, manual One degree spot meter Developing film and prints Darkroom techniquesFound new and better ways for team to do things.digital elevation model, team wasnt using it which affected previous animations whose background looked just like a flat plain except the site.better way = DEM, made it look like terrain, was able to assemble actual topography complied from government Architectural aesthetics.architecture (long line of architectural renderings) small niche of .there is a style to these renderings, he had to learn this, and he had to pick up on it