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<p>David P. Cunningham5454 Tishomingo Road, Hillsboro, MO 63050314-943-1865 ( david@cunninghamcrew.usDavid P. Cunningham5454 Tishomingo Road, Hillsboro, MO 63050314-943-1865 ( david@cunninghamcrew.us</p> <p>~ 21 Years of Medical Experience U.S. Navy ~OBJECTIVE SUMMARYClinic Manager -Highly motivated individual/ results-oriented professional; seeking to fully utilize a comprehensive background in management, administration, and leadership experience as a Medical Clinic Manager.Experience Leadership Development program Personnel Supervision</p> <p> Human Relations</p> <p> Customer Service Expert</p> <p> Record Management Executive Communication</p> <p> Public Speaking Interpersonal Communicator Manager, Executive Medical Recruiting Innovative Trainer Strategist</p> <p> Team Builder Inventory Management</p> <p>Summary:</p> <p>- Held significant leadership positions throughout military career and as Senior Enlisted Leader advised, mentored, and led subordinates in career development.</p> <p>- Developed mentorship programs that resulted in high performance and morale of subordinates.</p> <p>- Developed teamwork and ownership of performance to personnel of upper management, peers, junior personnel and civilians. Excellent communication and mentoring skills.-Above average proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite.- Promoted leadership skills in junior personnel; maintained an open door communication that benefits those who had problems and was able to mentor and brainstorm positive outcomes and conclusions.</p> <p>- Worked exceptionally well with leadership, management, and patients in a calm and professional manner.</p> <p>- Currently hold a SECRET clearance expires: 2018 </p> <p>EXPERIENCE</p> <p>Manager, Medical Recruiter/Health Benefits Advisor- Senior Chief Hospital CorpsmanMarch 2013June 2016U.S. Navy Recruiting District St. Louis Managed, coordinated, and tracked the healthcare of 160 people ensuring they received high quality care from local Primary Care clinics across Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. Served as Executive Liaison with insurance company and clinics to ensure all healthcare and billing needs were processed properly. Managed/Supervised 10 Recruiters/Talent Acquisition Specialists in Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas to develop sourcing strategy for recruitment of high-quality Executive Medical Officer Candidates. Led team to #2 Medical Recruiting team in the Nation. Conducted daily production reviews of recruiting techniques and key sourcing strategies to ensure constant flow of new highly talented Executive Medical Talent. Provided training to address any and all gaps or shortfalls in talents of the team to ensure their highest level of success. Built relationships with executive level leadership such as local Commanding Officer, Senior Officers in Medical Recruiting Command, as well as attending regular Video Teleconference (VTC) meetings with the Admiral of Navy Recruiting. Sought out for and cited as having Best Practices in Navy Medical Recruiting nationwide. Built relationships with hiring organizations to develop additional sourcing opportunities. Clinic Manager- Senior Chief Hospital Corpsman</p> <p> September 2010March 2013USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier, Health Services Directorate Selected as Senior Enlisted Leader/Clinic Manager for Medical and Dental clinics with full ancillary services such as: Radiology, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Operating Room, ICU, Medical Surgical, Physical Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Audiology, Biomedical Repair, Central Sterilization, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Education and Training. Serviced 5080 Active Duty service members. Expertly led a team of 55 doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, and administrators in delivering the highest quality of care to patients we serviced. This resulted in receiving 3 consecutive Blue H awards for medical department excellence! Also, received 98% on Health Services Readiness Inspection which was the highest score in the carrier fleet in 5 years. Excellent managerial skills in administrative/programmatic aspects of administrative office procedures. Responsible for clinics budget of $20 million and monitored expenditures; oversaw equipment and supply purchases over $5,000 up to $250,000. Cognizant of clinics life expectancy cycle of equipment and supplies, provided expert leadership/guidance in preparing spreadsheets for these details.</p> <p> Analytical Thinker: Defined strategic objectives to optimize resource utilization and maximize service capability for all departments within the directorate according to the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED) Business Plans. Independently analyzed, investigated situations and provided problem solving techniques for diverse areas through health and dental clinics. Prepared recommendations/solutions to situations affecting management decisions and performance.</p> <p> Effectively demonstrated strong leadership in preparation of enlisted evaluations. Provided mid-term and disciplinary counseling when required. Worked closely with leadership on personnel administrative/leave issues providing superb guidance and decision making solutions.</p> <p> Served as Training Site Faculty/ Program Director for BLS Program. Managed 15 instructors in the certification of 5,000 Sailors and Marines.</p> <p> Possess excellent team work skills in mentoring new staff and provided administrative guidance/support in office and clinical positions within the directorate as needed per staffing.</p> <p> Provided expert administrative oversight in preparation of general correspondence, teaching materials, counseling, evaluations and award nominations. Prepared and submitted nominations for awards for military performance for end-of-tour and on-the-spot recognitions.</p> <p> Proponent of Command Retention Team initiatives. Successfully retained/transitioned personnel to re-enlisting in the Navy, college enrollment, apprenticeship certifications, advancements, and meritorious advancements. This recognition enhanced and encouraged junior staff to exceed in education while on military duty and to prepare for additional leadership roles.</p> <p> Proponent of Equal Employment Opportunity and Sexual Harassment Free work environment.</p> <p>Assistant Department Head, (Manager)-Chief Hospital Corpsman September 2009September 2010Naval Hospital Pensacola FL., Medical Surgical-Intensive Care Unit Hand-selected to manage staff of 40 officer, enlisted, and civilian staff of high volume Medical Surgical Ward. Ensured delivery of excellent patient care to active duty, dependents, and retirees. Provided expert administrative oversight in preparation of general correspondence, teaching materials, counseling, evaluations and award nominations. Prepared and submitted nominations for awards for military performance for end-of-tour and on-the-spot recognitions.</p> <p> Attended and presented pertinent data at executive level meetings with Director of Nursing Services.Assistant Department Head, (Manager)- Chief Hospital Corpsman</p> <p> July 2007September 2009Naval Hospital Pensacola FL., Education and Training Department Flawlessly managed all training for yearly incoming physician residents in the hospital. Expertly managed all programs and aspects of training in the hospital such as: ACLS, BLS, NRP, Resident Training Program, Glucometer, Virtual/Online, and Operational/Pre-Deployment training. Ensured all required training was up-to-date as well as coordinating instructor availability. Responsible for all Operational Training and Deployment Readiness for entire hospital. Coordinated 1st Annual Operational Olympics that was a event culminating all skills acquired from weekly operational training. This was a station-to-station drill where teams would compete in events showcasing their skills such as ACLS, Security, Hostile Patients, Camp establishment, Medical support during combat situation Conducted bi-annual Mass Casualty Drills for hospitalSpecial Assistant to Surgeon, (Office Supervisor)</p> <p> August 2006-July 2007U.S. Navy, Group Surgeons Office 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Camp Lejeune NC Received Meritorious Promotion and hand selected to serve on Executive Level staff reporting Medical Readiness, Training needs, Equipment needs, and Budget needs, to the Commanding General. Expertly managed all aspects of training requirements for 520 Hospital Corpsman servicing 5000 Marines deploying to combat zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Horn of Africa, as well as Marine Expeditionary Units. Department Leading Petty Officer, (Office Supervisor)</p> <p> July 2004-August 2006U.S. Navy, Transportation Support Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Camp Lejeune NC Guided, developed and trained twenty-one personnel in providing proper medical care in a Marine combat unit. Conducted combat operations in Iraq, providing medical support during nightly convoys. Provided daily medical care to twelve hundred active duty Marines and civilian contractors while serving in Iraq. Conducted training with Marines on advance lifesaving techniques. Managed and coordinated equipment and operating budget of $320,000.Recruiter/ Talent Acquisition Specialist (Region Recruitment)</p> <p> September 2000July 2004U.S. Navy Recruiting District St. Louis Guided, developed, and trained 3 personnel in full-cycle recruiting of U.S. Navy officer and enlisted candidates. Analyze process procedures to improve team performance while developing new personnel for challenging work environment. Developed local strategy to identify sourcing markets and evaluated recruiting plans to attain team goals. Ensure field recruiters communicate opportunity effectively with gatekeepers throughout community. Communicate and execute strategy to locate and hire diversity candidates throughout local area. Provide performance results to senior and provide input for strategy adjustments to improve market.Other Duty Stations</p> <p>2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune NC 1997-2000Naval Hospital Millington, Millington TN 1995-1997</p> <p>Combat Medical Personnel</p> <p>Medical Assistant-Medical Surgical Ward/ICUEducation BLS Training Site Faculty/ Program Director Chief Petty Officer Leadership Course/ Facilitator</p> <p> Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor Course Medical Recruiting Academy Officer Recruiting Academy</p> <p> Enlisted Recruiting Academy</p> <p> Achieve Global Certified Sales Instructor/FacilitatorDistinguished Achievements U.S. Navy Medical Recruiting Division #2 in the Nation -2015 U.S. Navy Medical Recruiter of the Year (St. Louis) -2014 Health Services Readiness Inspection 98% -2013</p> <p> U.S. Navy Blue H for Medical Department Excellence (3 Awards) 2010-2013 Notable on Joint Commission Inspection (Naval Hospital Pensacola)- 2008</p> <p> Meritoriously Promoted from conducting operations in Iraq -December 2006 </p> <p> U.S. Navy Commendation Medal (3 Awards) U.S. Navy Achievement Medal (7 Awards) U.S. Navy Good Conduct Medal (7 Awards)</p> <p> U.S. Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation (3 Awards) Iraq Campaign Medal with EGA Device</p> <p> Fleet Marine Force Service Ribbon</p> <p> National Defense Service Medal (2 Awards)</p> <p> Global War on Terrorism Service Medal</p> <p> Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal Sea Service Deployment Ribbon Recruiting service ribbon (2 Awards, 21 Gold Wreaths)</p> <p> Expert Rifle Shot</p> <p> Expert Pistol ShotProfessional ReferencesDavid P. Lockard</p> <p>Scott A. Thrasher</p> <p>Director of Primary Care, Sacred Heart Health System</p> <p>Master Chief, Navy Medicine Training Support CenterPensacola, Florida</p> <p>San Antonio, Texas850-602-1428</p> <p>602-618-9632david.lockard@me.com</p> <p>scott.a.thrasher.mil@mail.milSteven J. Hurst</p> <p>Program Specialist PTSD TeamVA Medical Center, Marion, Illinois</p> <p>618-993-5311 ext 59370steven.hurst@va.govDavid P. Cunningham</p> <p> Page 1 of 3</p>