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<ul><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 1/17</p><p>DAVE'S SHORTWAVE RADIO FREQUENCY LIST</p><p>Dave's Shortwave Radio Frequency List is based on shortwave radio loggings made by DaveJeffery at his listening post in Niagara Falls, New York, USA.</p><p>Reception of any given station will depend on what kind of shortwave radio receiver you areusing, what kind of antenna you are using, where you are listening from, and current propagationconditions.</p><p>Take into consideration that for any given station, not all frequencies may be available due tocurrent propagation conditions, where you are listening from, and/or seasonal considerations.</p><p>Take into consideration that a number of stations share the same frequency, on many occasionsat the same time. If you come across such a conflict while using this list, it is strongly suggestedthat you have available to you a copy of the latest edition of the PASSPORT TO WORLD BANDRADIO so you can use the blue pages of the book to track down other stations using the samefrequency at the same time [the PASSPORT TO WORLD BAND RADIO, published by</p><p>International Broadcasting Services Ltd, is a book published once a year (aroundSeptember/October) which includes shortwave broadcast schedules, detailed time/frequencylists, shortwave radio receiver reviews, and shortwave radio articles of interest. The PASSPORTTO WORLD BAND RADIO, which runs about $23.00 in the United States, is available throughmost book stores, and through speciality mail order outlets such as Universal Radio(http://www.universal-radio.com)].</p><p>If you do not have the PASSPORT TO WORLD BAND RADIO, there are free resources on theInternet that can, in a pinch, offer almost as much help as the PASSPORT TO WORLD BANDRADIO. These resources are:</p><p>&gt; www.eibi.de.vu (offering very complete time and frequency documents that can bedownloaded).</p><p>&gt; www.primetimeshortwave.com (offering English language time and frequency documents thatcan be downloaded).</p><p>This version of Dave's Shortwave Radio Frequency List has everything included in onedocument.</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 2/17</p><p>NOVEMBER, 2008 UPDATES:</p><p>TIME: STATION: FREQUENCIES:</p><p>================================================================</p><p>1300 Radio Australia 6020</p><p>2000 BBC World Service 12095</p><p>2000 Radio Canada Int'l 136502000 WWCR 12160</p><p>DAVE'S SHORTWAVE RADIO FREQUENCY LIST</p><p>0000 UTC - 2359 UTCThis frequency list is based on loggings made by Dave Jeffery from January of 2000 onward. Forlanguage, location and target information, please refer to the PASSPORT TO WORLD BANDRADIO [available through most book stores, published on a yearly basis].</p><p>KEY:</p><p>================================================================</p><p>AFRTS Armed Forces Radio &amp; Television Service</p><p>BS Broadcasting Service</p><p>Int'l International</p><p>ssb Single Sideband</p><p>WS World Service</p><p>TIME: STATION: FREQUENCIES:</p><p>================================================================</p><p>0000 AFRTS 6458 ssb, 12689 ssb0000 All India Radio 9470</p><p>0000 BBC World Service 5975, 9410, 12095, 15280, 15360,</p><p>17615, 17790</p><p>0000 Central People's BS 15300, 15380, 17550, 17565</p><p>0000 China Radio Int'l 6020, 11850, 15100, 15260, 17720</p><p>0000 Deutsche Welle 15275, 17860, 17875</p><p>0000 Ecos Del Torbes 4980</p><p>0000 Egyptian Radio 15285</p><p>0000 Family Radio [Taiwan] 15060</p><p>0000 HCJB 17660</p><p>0000 High Adventure 17775</p><p>0000 KWHR 17510, 17655</p><p>0000 Numbers Station 15016 ssb</p><p>0000 Pirate Transmissions 6955</p><p>0000 Radio Australia 15110, 15240, 17795, 21615, 21680,</p><p>21740</p><p>0000 Radio Austria Int'l 7325</p><p>0000 Radio Brasil Central 4985</p><p>0000 Radio Bulgaria 9400</p><p>0000 Radio Cairo 9900</p><p>0000 Radio Canada Int'l 15205</p><p>0000 Radio Cora 4914</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 3/17</p><p>0000 Radio Cultura 17815</p><p>0000 Radio Exterior de</p><p>Espana 6055, 15385</p><p>0000 Radio France Int'l 15200, 15535</p><p>0000 Radio Japan 6145</p><p>0000 Radio Mauritanie 4845</p><p>0000 Radio Medi Un 9575</p><p>0000 Radio Nacional 6185</p><p>0000 Radio Netherlands 6165, 9845, 17570, 17590</p><p>0000 Radio New Zealand Int'l 15720, 17675</p><p>0000 Radio Prague 11665</p><p>0000 Radio Sawa 9645</p><p>0000 Radio Tarma 4775</p><p>0000 Radio Thailand 9570</p><p>0000 Radio Voz Cristiana 11745, 15375, 21550</p><p>0000 RDP International 9410</p><p>0000 Voice of America 5995, 6130, 7405, 9455, 9775,</p><p>11695, 15150, 15290, 15395,</p><p> 17765, 17820</p><p>0000 Voice of Korea 15180</p><p>0000 WBCQ 7415, 93350000 WBOH 5920</p><p>0000 WHRI - World Harvest</p><p> Radio 7315</p><p>0000 WYFR - Family Radio 9505, 9715, 15215, 15400</p><p>0000 WWCR 3210, 4760, 5070</p><p>0005 Voice of Croatia 9925</p><p>0015 Radio Austria Int'l 7325</p><p>0030 Radio Austria Int'l 7325</p><p>0030 Radio Thailand 5890, 13695, 15395</p><p>0030 Radio Vilnius 7325, 9875</p><p>0030 Sri Lanka Broadcasting</p><p> Corporation 15425</p><p>0045 Radio Austria Int'l 7325</p><p>0100 AFRTS 5446 ssb, 6458 ssb, 12689 ssb</p><p>0100 BBC World Service 5875, 5975, 9410, 9525, 11835,</p><p>12095, 15360</p><p>0100 Central People's BS 17605</p><p>0100 China Radio Int'l 9570, 9790</p><p>0100 Deutsche Welle 6075, 9545, 9640, 15105, 15275</p><p>0100 Ecos Del Torbes 4980</p><p>0100 FEBA Radio 15425</p><p>0100 Foni Tis Helladas 94200100 KWHR 17510, 17655</p><p>0100 Radio Anhanguera 4915</p><p>0100 Radio Australia 17580, 17715, 17795</p><p>0100 Radio Brasil Central 4985</p><p>0100 Radio Budapest 9590</p><p>0100 Radio Buenas Nuevas 4799</p><p>0100 Radio Canada Int'l 9755</p><p>0100 Radio Difusora 4924</p><p>0100 Radio Difusora Roraima 4875</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 4/17</p><p>0100 Radio Exterior de</p><p> Espana 9535, 15067, 15160</p><p>0100 Radio Free Asia 15225, 17730</p><p>0100 Radio Free Europe/</p><p> Radio Liberty 15455</p><p>0100 Radio Havana 6000, 6060, 6140, 9550, 9820,</p><p>15230</p><p>0100 Radio Japan 17560, 17835</p><p>0100 Radio Marti 7365</p><p>0100 Radio Medi Un 9575</p><p>0100 Radio New Zealand Int'l 13730, 15720, 17675</p><p>0100 Radio Pakistan 17895</p><p>0100 Radio Rebelde 5025</p><p>0100 Radio Slovakia Int'l 6190, 9440</p><p>0100 Radio Sweden 6010 [Summer Season]</p><p>0100 RDP International 15295</p><p>0100 Russian Int'l Radio 7125</p><p>0100 Trans World Radio 15580</p><p>0100 Voice of America 6110, 6130, 7405, 15150, 15195,</p><p> 15250, 17670, 17765</p><p>0100 Voice of Croatia 99250100 Voice of Korea 15180</p><p>0100 Voice of Russia WS 7180, 9665, 17565, 17595</p><p>0100 WBCQ 7415</p><p>0100 WEWN 5488, 5810, 5825</p><p>0100 WHRI - World Harvest</p><p> Radio 7315</p><p>0100 WWCR 3215, 5070, 9980</p><p>0100 WWRB 3185</p><p>0100 WYFR - Family Radio 6985</p><p>0130 Radio Havana 9550</p><p>0130 Radio Sweden 6010 [Summer Season]</p><p>0130 Voice of America 9820</p><p>0200 AFRTS 6458 ssb, 10320 ssb</p><p>0200 All India Radio 9470, 15075</p><p>0200 BBC World Service 5875, 5975, 7120, 9410, 9525,</p><p>12095, 15470, 17615</p><p>0200 Central People's BS 11620, 11750, 17605, 17625</p><p>0200 China Broadcasting</p><p> Service 15290</p><p>0200 Deutsche Welle 6075, 15205, 15250, 15275</p><p>0200 Foni Tis Helladas 5865, 7475, 9420</p><p>0200 HCJB 15115</p><p>0200 KWHR 17510</p><p>0200 Numbers Station 4783</p><p>0200 Radio Australia 15240, 15515, 175800200 Radio Brasil Central 4985</p><p>0200 Radio Buenas Nuevas 4799</p><p>0200 Radio Cora 4915</p><p>0200 Radio Difusora Roraima 4875</p><p>0200 Radio Educacao Rural 4755</p><p>0200 Radio Exterior de</p><p> Espana 6125, 9535, 9630</p><p>0200 Radio Free Asia 15695</p><p>0200 Radio Havana 5965, 6000, 6180, 9550, 9820</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 5/17</p><p>0200 Radio Japan 5960, 15325, 17810, 17825</p><p>0200 Radio Litoral 4830</p><p>0200 Radio Korea Int'l 9560, 15575</p><p>0200 Radio Kuwait 15495</p><p>0200 Radio Mauritanie 4845</p><p>0200 Radio Medi Un 9575</p><p>0200 Radio Nacional</p><p> [Argentina] 15345</p><p>0200 Radio Nacional [Brazil] 4915</p><p>0200 Radio Nacional Da</p><p> Amazonia 11780</p><p>0200 Radio Netherlands 6165</p><p>0200 Radio New Zealand Int'l 13730, 15720, 17675</p><p>0200 Radio Romania Int'l 5975, 15180, 15340</p><p>0200 Radio Rossii 9480</p><p>0200 Radio Slovakia Int'l 9440</p><p>0200 Radio Tachira 4830</p><p>0200 Radio Taiwan Int'l 5950, 9680</p><p>0200 Radio Thailand 5890</p><p>0200 Radio Ukraine Int'l 7440</p><p>0200 Radio Virgen Del Carmen 48860200 Radio Voz Cristiana 6070, 11655</p><p>0200 RTV Marocaine 7185</p><p>0200 Sri Lanka Broadcasting</p><p> Corporation 15425</p><p>0200 UAE Radio in Dubai 15395</p><p>0200 University Network 6090</p><p>0200 Vatican Radio 7305</p><p>0200 Voice of America 15250, 15395, 17670</p><p>0200 Voice of Croatia 9925</p><p>0200 Voice of Justice 9495</p><p>0200 Voice of Russia WS 6155, 15425, 17595</p><p>0200 WBCQ 7415</p><p>0200 WEWN 5810, 5825</p><p>0200 WJIE 7490</p><p>0200 World Harvest Radio 5850</p><p>0200 WTJC 9370</p><p>0200 WWCR 3215, 4760, 5070</p><p>0200 WWRB 3185, 5050</p><p>0200 WYFR - Family Radio 15255</p><p>0215 All India Radio 15075</p><p>0230 FEBA Radio 15555</p><p>0230 HCJB 9780</p><p>0230 Radio Japan 15565</p><p>0230 Radio Sweden 9495, 9560</p><p>0230 Voice of the Islamic Republic 15150</p><p>0300 AFRTS 6458 ssb</p><p>0300 All India Radio 15075, 15185</p><p>0300 BBC World Service 5975, 6110, 6195, 7120,</p><p>7160, 11675, 15310, 15575</p><p>0300 China Radio Int'l 6020, 9690</p><p>0300 Deutsche Welle 15105</p><p>0300 Ecos Del Torbes 4980</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 6/17</p><p>0300 Egyptian Radio 15285</p><p>0300 HCJB 9475, 15140</p><p>0300 KTBN 7505</p><p>0300 KWHR 17510</p><p>0300 La Voz Evangelica 4819</p><p>0300 Numbers Station 15016 ssb</p><p>0300 Radio Australia 15515, 17580</p><p>0300 Radio Cima Cien 4960</p><p>0300 Radio Difusora Roraima 4875</p><p>0300 Radio Free Asia 17880</p><p>0300 Radio Havana 5965, 6000, 9820</p><p>0300 Radio Japan 5960, 15325, 17685, 17825</p><p>0300 Radio Kuwait 15495</p><p>0300 Radio Mauritanie 4845</p><p>0300 Radio Nacional 4915</p><p>0300 Radio New Zealand Int'l 13730, 15720, 17675</p><p>0300 Radio Prague 9870</p><p>0300 Radio Sultanate of Oman 15355</p><p>0300 Radio Sweden 6010</p><p>0300 Radio Tachira 4830</p><p>0300 Radio Taiwan Int'l 59500300 Radio Thailand 5890</p><p>0300 Radio Ukraine Int'l 7440</p><p>0300 Radio Zambia - ZNBC 4910</p><p>0300 Sri Lanka Broadcasting</p><p> Corporation 15425</p><p>0300 University Network 9725</p><p>0300 Voice of America 6035, 6045, 7275, 7290,</p><p> 7340, 9575, 9885, 15575,</p><p> 17855</p><p>0300 Voice of Russia WS 7180, 17650, 17660</p><p>0300 WBCQ 7415</p><p>0300 WWCR 3215, 4760, 5070</p><p>0300 WWRB 5050</p><p>0330 Radio Budapest 9835</p><p>0330 Radio Sweden 6010</p><p>0330 UAE Radio in Dubai 13675</p><p>0400 All India Radio 15075</p><p>0400 BBC World Service 5975, 6135, 6175, 6195, 7120,</p><p>11765, 11835, 15420, 17760,</p><p>21660</p><p>0400 Broadcasting Service</p><p> of the Kingdom 15170, 15275</p><p>0400 China Broadcasting</p><p> Service 15060</p><p>0400 China Radio Int'l 97300400 Deutsche Welle 9565</p><p>0400 Foni Tis Helladas 9420</p><p>0400 Radio Australia 15240</p><p>0400 Radio Cima Cien 4960</p><p>0400 Radio France Int'l 11910, 11995</p><p>0400 Radio Havana 6180</p><p>0400 Radio Mauritanie 4845</p><p>0400 Radio Nacional [Brazil] 4915</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 7/17</p><p>0400 Radio Nacional</p><p> [Colombia] 9635</p><p>0400 Radio Netherlands 6165</p><p>0400 Radio New Zealand Int'l 15340, 15720, 17675</p><p>0400 Radio Rossii 15455</p><p>0400 Swiss Radio Int'l 9885, 9905</p><p>0400 Voice of America 9530, 9575</p><p>0400 Voice of Palestinian</p><p> Islamic Revolution 6910</p><p>0400 Voice of Russia WS 13655</p><p>0400 Voice of the Islamic</p><p> Republic 15260</p><p>0400 WWCR 5070</p><p>0430 Adventist World Radio</p><p> [Africa] 12080</p><p>0430 Radio Netherlands 6165</p><p>0430 RAI International 6120</p><p>0500 BBC World Service 6020, 6135, 6175, 11765,</p><p>11940, 11955, 154200500 Channel Africa 15215</p><p>0500 Deutsche Welle 5960</p><p>0500 Radio Clube Do Para 4885</p><p>0500 Radio Exterior de</p><p> Espana 6055</p><p>0500 Radio France Int'l 4890, 13610</p><p>0500 Radio Havana 9820</p><p>0500 Radio Japan 6110</p><p>0500 Radio Kuwait 15110</p><p>0500 Radio Nacional 4915</p><p>0500 Radio New Zealand Int'l 15340</p><p>0500 Radio Quito 4919</p><p>0500 Vatican Radio 15570</p><p>0500 Voice of America 4960, 15205</p><p>0500 Voice of Nigeria 7255, 15120</p><p>0500 Voice of Russia WS 15595</p><p>0500 WWCR 4760</p><p>0600 Afrique Numero Un 9580</p><p>0600 AFRTS 6458 ssb</p><p>0600 BBC World Service 6195, 11765</p><p>0600 Radio France Int'l 11710, 11725</p><p>0600 Radio Mauritanie 4845</p><p>0600 RFTB Int'l 9970</p><p>0600 Voice of America 6080, 9530</p><p>0700 AFRTS 6350 ssb0700 BBC World Service 9410, 15565, 17640</p><p>0700 HCJB 11755</p><p>0700 Radio Australia 15240</p><p>0700 Radio France Int'l 15605</p><p>0700 Radio Korea Int'l 9535</p><p>0700 Radio Medi Un 9575</p><p>0700 Radio New Zealand Int'l 9885</p><p>0700 Swiss Radio Int'l 9885</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 8/17</p><p>0800 Radio Australia 17750</p><p>0800 Radio Brasil Central 4985</p><p>0800 Radio New Zealand Int'l 9885, 11675</p><p>0900 AFRTS 6458 ssb</p><p>0900 BBC World Service 15360, 17640</p><p>0900 China Radio Int'l 15210</p><p>0900 Deutsche Welle 6160, 9510</p><p>0900 Ecos Del Torbes 4980</p><p>0900 KTWR - Trans World</p><p> Radio 15330</p><p>0900 Radio Australia 6020, 9580</p><p>0900 Radio Cima Cien 4960</p><p>0900 Radio Difusora Roraima 4875</p><p>0900 Radio Marti 5980</p><p>0900 Radio Nacional 9735</p><p>0900 Radio New Zealand Int'l 6095, 9885, 11675</p><p>0900 Radio Quito 4919</p><p>0900 Radio Senado 5990</p><p>0900 Radio Voz Cristiana 5960</p><p>0900 Voice of Korea 6070</p><p>0930 Radio Netherlands 9790, 13710</p><p>1000 AFRTS 6350 ssb, 6458 ssb</p><p>1000 BBC World Service 6195, 9740, 15180, 15485, 15565,</p><p> 17640</p><p>1000 Central People's BS 9380, 15480</p><p>1000 China Radio Int'l 6040, 11730, 15210, 15440</p><p>1000 Deutsche Welle 5905, 6040</p><p>1000 Egyptian Radio 15115</p><p>1000 FEBC Radio Int'l 9405</p><p>1000 HCJB 11755</p><p>1000 Radio Atlantida 4790</p><p>1000 Radio Australia 6020, 9710, 11880, 11945</p><p>1000 Radio Cima Cien 4960</p><p>1000 Radio Educacao Rural 4925</p><p>1000 Radio Japan 6120</p><p>1000 Radio Marti 5980, 6020, 6030</p><p>1000 Radio Netherlands 5965, 9785, 9790, 12065</p><p>1000 Radio New Zealand Int'l 9885, 15175</p><p>1000 Radio Quito 4919</p><p>1000 Radio Veritas Asia 9520</p><p>1000 Radio Voz Cristiana 5960, 9635</p><p>1000 Trans World Radio 9865</p><p>1000 Voice of America 6165, 9590, 15160, 15230,</p><p> 15240, 15250, 15425</p><p>1000 Voice of Indonesia 95251000 Voice of Vietnam 9840</p><p>1000 WEWN 5850</p><p>1000 WHRI - World Harvest</p><p> Radio 5860</p><p>1000 WWCR 4760</p><p>1100 All India Radio 15235</p><p>1100 AFRTS 6458 ssb</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 9/17</p><p>1100 BBC World Service 5875, 6165, 9740, 15190, 15280,</p><p>15400, 15565, 17640</p><p>1100 CBC Northern Quebec</p><p> Service 9625</p><p>1100 China Radio Int'l 5960, 6040, 9440, 17680</p><p>1100 Deutsche Welle 9425</p><p>1100 HCJB 6050</p><p>1100 KNLS 9615</p><p>1100 KTWR - Trans World</p><p> Radio 9430</p><p>1100 La Voz Evangelica 4819</p><p>1100 Radio Australia 6020, 9475, 9580</p><p>1100 Radio Cima Cien 4960</p><p>1100 Radio France Int'l 15215</p><p>1100 Radio Free Europe/</p><p> Radio Liberty 15130, 15145, 17670</p><p>1100 Radio Havana 6000, 6180</p><p>1100 Radio Japan 6120</p><p>1100 Radio Litoral 4832</p><p>1100 Radio Marti 5980</p><p>1100 Radio Netherlands 6110, 61651100 Radio New Zealand Int'l 9515, 15175</p><p>1100 Radio Quito 4919</p><p>1100 Radio Rebelde 5025</p><p>1100 Radio Tachira 4830</p><p>1100 Radio Thailand 7260</p><p>1100 Radio Veritas Asia 9520</p><p>1100 Radio Voz Cristiana 11690</p><p>1100 University Network 6150</p><p>1100 Voice of America 9760, 11705, 15160, 15615</p><p>1100 Voice of Indonesia 9525</p><p>1100 Voice of Jinling 5860</p><p>1100 WBCQ 5110</p><p>1100 WBOH 5920</p><p>1100 WEWN 5850</p><p>1100 WJIE 7490</p><p>1100 WSHB - World Harvest</p><p> Radio 9495</p><p>1100 WWCR 4760, 5070, 5935</p><p>1100 WYFR - Family Radio 5950</p><p>1105 Radio Canada Int'l 7325</p><p>1130 Radio France Int'l 13640</p><p>1130 Radio Korea Int'l 9650</p><p>1130 Radio Netherlands 5965</p><p>1130 Radio Sweden 18960</p><p>1130 Voice of America 7260</p><p>1200 BBC World Service 9515, 9740, 15105, 15190, 15220,</p><p> 15485, 15565</p><p>1200 China Broadcasting</p><p> Corporation 15060</p><p>1200 China Radio Int'l 9440, 9550, 9855, 15410, 15415</p><p>1200 Deutsche Welle 15360, 17820</p><p>1200 FEBC Radio Int'l 9405</p><p>1200 HCJB 6050, 15115</p></li><li><p>5/23/2018 Daves Shortwave Radio Frequency List</p><p> 10/17</p><p>1200 KNLS 9615</p><p>1200 Radio Australia 6020, 9580, 9590, 11650</p><p>1200 Radio Canada Int'l 15190</p><p>1200 Radio France Int'l 15300, 17815</p><p>1200 Radio Free Europe/</p><p> Radio Liberty 15205, 15690</p><p>1200 Radio Havana 11760</p><p>1200 Radio Litoral 4830</p><p>1200 Radio Netherlands 5965</p><p>1200 Radio Voz Cristiana 17680</p><p>1200 Voice of America 7235, 9760, 9840, 11705, 15160,</p><p>15205, 15240</p><p>1200 Voice of the Islamic</p><p> Republic of Iran 15260</p><p>1200 WWCR 7490</p><p>1205 Radio Canada Int'l 7325</p><p>1230 Radio Sweden 18960</p><p>1300 BBC World Servic...</p></li></ul>