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  • Date Received:_________ Photo Received:_______ Cont #______________

    Age Divisions (you must compete as your age on Nov 18, 2016Crowning after each session ) Nov 18th (session 1) Girls 3yr, 4yr, 5yr, 6yr, 7yr Little Miss (Friday night)

    Nov 19th (session 2) Girls 0-11 mo, 12-23 mo, 2 years & Boys 0-18mo, 19 mo 3, 4-7 yr, 8-11 yr Mister & Wee Miss (sat AM) Nov 19th (session 3) Girls 8yr, 9yr, 10yr, 11yr, 12yr Pre-Teen (Saturday PM)

    Nov 20th (session 4) Girls 13yr, 14yr, 15yr Teen (Sunday AM) Nov 20th (session 5) Girls 16yr, 17yr, 18yr, 19yr, 20-21yr, 22-23yr MS 24+ with or without children, (Sunday) Mrs. Anyone married up to 39yrs Kentuckys Woman Married or single 40 60 Modern Miss : Dress size 14 + Ages 16-26 Modern Woman : Dress size 14 + Ages 27-55

    Contestant Name:__________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________ City:_____________________________ ST__________ Zip______________________ Phone:____________________________ Birthdate______________________________ Age: (on pageant day) _____________________________________________Age Division:___________________________ Email: _____________________________@_____________________.______________ Eyes:______________________________Hair__________________________________ Hobbies:_________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Favorite Movie____________________________________________________________ Future Ambition___________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ One interesting fact about yourself:____________________________________________ The most exciting thing to ever happen to you:___________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ School:_________________________________ Grade___________________________ Parents:_________________________________________________________________ Sponsored By:____________________________________________________________ Festival You Are Representing________________________________________________ (the first prelim you won is the pageant you represent, The judges do NOT know the placement you have received at any prelimAT State you start fresh ! ) Parent or Legal Guardian (or contestant 18+) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date______________________________________

    You must complete the above entry form in full, and submit your required deposit, and picture

    for the program by October 29 Postmark. You must use this entry formany submissions on separate

    papers will not be accepted. Type or print clearlyEveryone will have the same opportunity to tell

    about themselves. We suggest keeping a copy for your records. Younger children still fill out in full.

    In signing this entry form I understand the entire contents of this packet and agree with all rules and regulations of the pageants system. I understand there are no refunds. AmeriFest LLC Kentucky Festival Pageants, Facilities Held, Judges, Staff, or other parties affiliated with Kentucky Festival Pageant Association / AmeriFest are NOT responsible for injuries during, traveling to, or from the event. As well as lost or stolen items at the pageant, hotel area, traveling to or from the event. We reserve the right to decline any advertising we see not suitable for our audience or our association. We reserve the right to combine age divisions with 2 or less contestants. If there are less than 25 boys competing the bond may be reduced for Grand Supreme. We reserve the right to substitute any gifts or prizes for those of equal or greater value. I agree that any photos submitted or taken during the event may be used for advertising purposes on the website, print, or social media. I agree that if a Teen or Miss winner becomes pregnant during her reign , the next highest score / title will take over. I agree that if I acquire a title that prohibits me from representing Kentucky Festivals to the fullest, my title and duties will be passed down to the next highest score/title winner. If winning Grand Supreme I am required to attend functions and the following year to crown my new predecessor. I certify all Information listed on the entry form is correct and accurate. If we see behavior, language, photos, or videos we deem immoral your title will be void and taken. If you do not accept your national bid by January 5th, your spot will be offered to someone else in your division. Parent or Legal Guardian (or contestant 18+) ________________________________________________________________________________________ Date______________________________________

    Parent or Legal Guardian

  • _X_ Registration Fee $25 Includes Contestant Welcome Gift At Registration

    ____ Registration Fee VIP Upgrade $50 Upgrade your registration fee for VIP access Admitted into registration 30 minutes before scheduled time, Contestant welcome gift, Meet and Greet with Cinderella and reigning Miss Kentucky Festival Royalty. Registration Fees are Mandatory & cant be earned through sponsorship.

    __X__ Entry Fee $195 (Mandatory) FREE with 2 ad pages or 195 chances ! Includes Grand Supreme & ALL side awards ! (Most Beautiful/ Handsome, best dressed, prettiest hair, rising star, personality, & photogenic (bring photogenic photos to the pageant )

    Above are the only REQUIRED categories that you must enterall

    other categories are optional or just for fun! Please note the

    MANDATORY registration fee for ALL contestants

    choose $25 or $50 upgrade (see above)

    ________ Centerfold Contest $20 (full body shot)

    _______ Inside Program Cover Contest $20 (Headshot)

    _______ Themed Photo Contest $20 (ANY THEME or product)

    ________ All 3 For $50 (or earn it through ad sales free!) Photos due by 10/29 postmark Qualifies for nationals !!

    __________ Extra Supreme Titles ( All 4$50) Mini Supreme, Novice Supreme, Beauty Supreme, & Personality

    Supreme given in each of the 6 sessions!! (boys have their own) You can also earned free through ad sales. !!!! Photo Supreme will

    be offered at registration. All qualify for nationals !

    I Want To Use Credit Card

    Name on card:_________________________________________

    Email to send link to pay :_________________________________

    Texting Phone: _______________ Amount charged $_____+4% Signature to authorize____________________________________

    All credit cards MUST go through email for secure payment.

    _____ Top Model Contest $10 ( Showcase Your Model Potential Wearing Black and White attire or Black and White Photo Qualifies for Nationals )

    _____ FREE Kentucky Scholar Submit 1 page of all school awards & achievements/ One winner per age group , must be included with entry form by 10/29 typed with contestant name and age at the top. _____ Extra Photogenic Entries $10 ea. _____@10 = $______ (one photo included free, you may bring up to 6 additional photos to pageant for photogenic category. One winner per age group)

    _____ FREE A.L.I.C.E. Community Service Send in a two page service resume plus give 3 min. speech at the pageant (13 & up) little miss & preteen resume only. 13 and up are the only contestants to do the speech, should wear a black non sparkly

    Admission Passes ( Per Day or Weekend Pass)

    Friday 11/18 Adult $15 _____ Child $5 ______ (6-12yr) Total:______

    Saturday 11/19 Adult $15 _____ Child $5 ______ (6-12yr) Total:______

    Friday 11/20 Adult $15 _____ Child $5 ______ (6-12yr) Total:______

    Weekend Pass: Adult $25 _____ Child $10 _____(6-12 yr) Total:______

    _____ State Program Book @ $20.00 ___ = $___ You must reserve them now! They are printed by reservation only. You may pay balance @ door. If you reserve the book the order cannot be canceled. If you have earned one free through ads, you still need to mark it above. Separate books for each session.

    _____State Pageant DVD $25 Each Session X____=$____ (Video cameras are NOT permitted into pageant ballroom/ You may pay balance @ pageant)

    ____T Shirt order totals $_____ (see separate T-shirt order forms include total of all items ordered)

    _____ Cinderella Dinner Tickets $_______ (also attach dinner order form)

    Total Entering Both Columns $________ Deposits (at least half by 10/29 or ALL ads) $________

    Balance Due @ Pageant $________ No Checks accepted after 10/29money order or credit card only after 10/29

    Total Ad Pages Sold_____ = $_____ Total Chances Sold _____ = $______

    You do NOT have to pay for programs, shirts, passes, or dvds until the pageant. Your deposit should consist of 1/2 of categories entered or ALL ads sold by 10/29 Cinderella

    dinner tickets must be prepaid by 10/29 If you have questions please email or TEXT 859 625 8490

  • November 18th Friday Session One 5:30 pm

    Registration 4:00-5:15 Embassy Main Ballroom

    Divisions: 3yr, 4yr, 5yr, 6y