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Overview of Datacratic


  • Business Impact of Machine Learning James Prudhomme, CEO Datacratic
  • Objectives / Agenda About Datacratic What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning as a Cloud Service Key Trends Driving Adoption Democratization of Machine Learning
  • Will AI become our overlords? Do robots need to use keyboards?
  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine Learning as a Cloud Service
  • Trends Driving Adoption of Machine Learning
  • Big Data Needs Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Powered by Datacratic
  • Objective: Improve campaign performance by increasing click through rates and optimizing ad spend for an existing online consumer telecom campaign. Solution: Score users in 1st and 3rd party datasets based on their past behavioral patterns and their likelihood to click on the ad. Create audience segments using precision targeting to focus exclusively on the highest scoring audience members who are highly likely to click. Results: Exclusively targeting audience members who scored in the top: 37% - resulted in a demonstrated CTR lift of of 77% 26% resulted in a demonstrated CTR lift of over 90% Lotame Optimizer Consumer Telecom 77 to 97% CTR Lift
  • Machine Learning Powered by Datacratic
  • Copyright 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Case Study: Leading Software Retailer Increases ROI 118% With Look-alike Modeling Challenge A top software company was looking to efficiently increase sales and improve the ROI from their display advertising campaigns Solution To effectively segment audiences, they created look-alike models based on their top customers and targeted these consumers with their media buys Results Look-alike model targets had the best ROI; 118% Outperforming the campaign average by 64% & control group by 104% Datacratic look-alike models result in a 118% increase in ROI 118% Campaign ROI Look-alike Targets 118% Non Look-alike Targets 14% Total Campaign Average 54%
  • Disruptive Impact on Business
  • Democratizing Machine Learning
  • Thank You. @Datacratic